New Vampire Diaries Season 3 February Sweeps Poster Via EW

Thanks to EW we have another February sweeps poster. Check it out! “Betrayal Burns” Hmmm…what do you think? Check out EW’s theories as to what the poster might mean.


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  1. I would like to hope Elena’s moxie continues to build and she takes control of the situation to do her own thing and get the upperhand with Klaus and the Originals without the Salvatores approval. Unfortunately I think it means Damon betraying his feelings for her with another woman, Stefan being miffed about the kiss and Klaus being Klaus.

  2. Melissa I agree with you Elena is getting stronger…….did Stefan not say so last episode……she is stepping up her game ………….now as to how she is going to defeat the originals….Bonnie is the only one that can help ..she will unravel all the secrets that are to come …….now mama witch is powerfull but did they not say that the witch that had the original family come across to the safer land was the stronger of all the witches ….I think she is Bonnie’s decendant??? what’s your take on that …………and ok what the hell happened to the pendant that belonged to the original witch has anyone seen that lately????????

  3. ok i think this is the end of the all season of the Vampire diaries coz in the end the family of Klaus apears and i don’t know what in the hell what is going to happend next coz is going to be very shocking episodes especialy when the mother and the brothers of klaus theyre are entring on the scene very shocking

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