New Vampire Diaries Season 2 Cast Photos

Thanks to Natalie from Blood Falls for these! Brand new promotional photos of the full cast and the trio! I’m dying here, they are gorgeous! And I think that group photo tells a story, what do you think? Click for larger!


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  1. Gosh, I LOVE Nina’s hair in the trio shot! I’m soo jealous :P The boys are looking good as usual :)

  2. Well Jenna and Alaric are a couple and they are situated kinda together. Then Elena is caught between Damon and Stefan. Caroline and Jeremy are standing together and then Bonnie and Tyler or Bonnie and Matt? So maybe these characters will eventually get together?? Idk. There is no telling with this show lol. I am so ready for next week.

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous picture. If you enlarge the photo, please notice Elena’s body language….even though she’s holding Paul’s hand, she practically on top of Damon. Oh, and he doesn’t look like he minds…..LOL! I’m saving this one:)

  4. It’s also interesting to note who stand on who’s side….On Damon’s you have Alaric, Caroline and Jeremy…On Stefan’s you have Matt, Bonnie & Tyler….also, please note Jenna halfway hidded behind a column…my guess is because she is blissfully clueless to all the supernatural mischief going on all around her….it is interesting, when you enlarge the photo, that she is glancing at Alaric.

  5. @vampire lover You are so right! Body language says it all. Elena & Damon pressed so close into each other with her facing towards him , well it speaks volumes. Elena’s back is to Stefan with only their hands touching. Also, interesting Bonnie, Tyler, Matt over on Stefan’s side, and Alaric, Caroline, and Jeremy on Damon’s. Jenna looking at Alaric from behind the column shows her blissfully unaware of anything supernatural going on. Her focus is Alaric. A picture can say a thousand words. Gorgeous picture…love it.

    One other thing, notice that Mason is not in this picture.

  6. A picture can say a thousand words and this one difinitely does.
    Absolutely Stunning!

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