New May Sweeps Vampire Diaries Poster “Soon the Last Drop Will Be Drawn”

As we tweeted yesterday, there is a new May Sweeps Vampire Diaries Poster with the tag line “soon the last drop will be drawn”. Let me know what you guys think of that line in the comments! I have my theories!


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  1. i was pondering over this for a while, and then all of a sudden had the biggest cartoon lightbulb appearing over the head theory!!!
    My first idea was that who spills the most blood on the show?…. Klaus! so then i thought, does he die?
    But then i thought who’s blood is spilt most on the show?….Elena! being Klaus’s so called ‘human bloodbag’ and all. So, how would the last drop of her’s be drawn? Well, first back to the if Klaus died idea, but then i thought what if she pulled a Katherine?? or perhaps someone else pulled one for her! Afterall, Klaus wouldn’t be able to use her in his master hybrib plan if she was a vampire!! and what a finale twist that would make!
    And at the Paley Fest panel, Julie didnt say no when a fan asked her if Elena would turn into a vampire!
    What do you think Ruthie?

  2. I know right! I’d love a season 4 with vampire elena! imagine all the crazy vamp sex she could have with damon! (before the writers move the story on that is) and how it would affect her again blossoming relationship with matt? ooo the possibillities! and then how stefen feels and reacts to it, with her not bringing up turning for him the past 2 seasons! i’m getting to excited! i think i need to channel it into trying my first fan fiction!

  3. No where to post this yet, I won’t spoil for this on the west coast, but OMFG, best episode EVER!!! Not just the Florence and the Machine montage that JP teased, the last thirty seconds too. Wow!

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