Vampire Diaries First Look – Episode 21 – Isobel – Promo Pic

Huge thanks to @LilMissX for giving us our first look at Episode 21 that we now know is titled “Isobel”, thanks to Jessica of VampireStalkers.com. Here we see Elena with her mother Isobel. Getting anxious much??

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  1. Super anxious!! I knew Isobel was protecting Elena, prob even from herself just as she was protecting Alaric. (As selfish and spoiled as she might be, like Damon, there is always another side in there somewhere, LOL)

  2. i’m willing to bet that mama isobel seems all good and nice until ofcourse she tries to kill elena. just speculation ofcourse. but i feel like this chick is bad news. and either stefan or damon is gonna heve to off her.

  3. I don’t think she’s protecting Elena…
    Elena doesn’t really look happy with her moms hands so close to her troat…

  4. oh, I think Isobel is very spoiled and selfish, just like Katherine. I just can’t see her killing Elena, esp after giving Alaric that ring. But I think she will be nothing but trouble otherwise. Can’t wait for tonight :-)

  5. Is epi 21 the season finale? If so, then Isobel might be one of the OMG moments.

  6. No the season has 22 episodes, and the season finale is on May 13th and will be titled “Founder’s Day”

  7. i doubt that she is good. All it show is Elena about to cry when Isobel is holding her face. Those could very easily be tears of fear.

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