Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.08 – We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street – Episode Stills


Check out these photos from the December 6th episode 4.08 “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”. That’s right! We are flashing back to 1942 New Orleans. Salvatores in uniforms, our first look at new character Charlotte….and LEXI’S BACK! Enough said…thanks to TV Overmind for posting!


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  1. ok so who is the dude at the bar….the face has no meaning to me….any takers?????? and what does it mean that Stefan is suspicious of Elena ???????? what the hell has she done now….everytime the Salvator brothers go back in time it means something very bad is going to happen!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. omgggg lexie is back!!!
    I really thought damon would’ve had a better taste if it came down to women.
    I’m really curious what her role is in all of this..

  3. ok going out a limb here with a spec. What if Elena does actually have a sire bond to Damon? They have spoken on one occasion on how rare it is…. What if Elena is sired to Damon and Stefan notices that something is up. The way she just killed Connor because “Damon told her to”, how she is so totally drawn to him since she was changed?? And maybe they go back to Bourbon Street because this happened in their past and they go back to investigate.
    Just a thought cause I defiantely think that Damons “heartbreaking decision” has something to do with Elena….. and I can’t imagine what else it would be,,,,, So maybe he has to break the bond with Elena and it knows it could mean he loses her forever.

    I suck at specing and am usually sooo far off but just my thougts. LOL.

  4. LOVE LEXIE ~ Wish they would bring her back from the dead she would be a great character on the show.

  5. See I never read the books which makes me love this series even more cause I have nothing to compare it to….lol
    But it doesn’t seem a sire bond would be mentioned at all if it wasn’t going to come into play somewhere down the road.

  6. Kate you are a geneouse I totally agree with what you are saying makes total sense….keep it coming….

  7. WOW I think I got that !!! Charlotte(or whoever) I think Damon turned her and she sired from Damon. falled love with him … maybe that’s my idea

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