Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.13 – Bringing Out the Dead – Episode Stills

Check it out guys! Thanks to TV Overmind, we have brand new episode stills from next week’s episode, to air February 2nd, “Bringing Out the Dead”. Yep, that’s right, as we mentioned before, there will be no episode this Thursday, January 26th. Spoiler Alert for those that have not watched last week’s episode.

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  1. Elijah not playing nice with Damon. Klaus having a snack.

    Can anyone tell if Klaus is holding Stefan’s hand in the fire or if he is trying to keep Stefan from grabbing something out of the fire?

  2. Melissa – I think he’s forcing him based on second picture where you can see Klaus’ knee holding Stefan’s arm behind his back.

    I hope the episode will live up to The ties that bind, which I think was one of the strongest episodes of the season 3 so far. We’ll see.

    I hope that by the end of the season we will see Bonnie and Abby fighting together. I just hope that the compulsion thing is over… Though, it would be AWESOME if Jamie and Abby were still under compulsion! :) (I’m evil)

  3. Ok, I just saw one of the tags for this post Elijah’s new hair… it’s HILARIOUS!!! I love you guys! XD

  4. haha Thanks Marie! I love you guys too, and thanks for always commenting! Yeah…I got a little slap happy with the tags. ;) ~ Ruthie

  5. I just can’t understand why the new episode airs on 2nd February not on 26th January :S I mean the just had a big break and now after three episodes they have another one? I mean WTH is going on?

  6. Your all lucky your watching the new episodes .Here in the uk we have to wait till end off fed
    ..Not happy :0(

  7. You can watch the episodes online for free og you can downloud the episodes.
    I think its hard to wait a friday more¨, but its so cool that the episodes still are so exiting. Vampire diaries is the best show I have ever seen. Not even Lost was that good! True blood can`t compeed with this either.

  8. So Stefan dont like the beginning love between Damon and Elena. As a Delena fan I hope not it will destroy Damons chances with her. But off cause it is always more interessting when they both have feelings for her, and still need to fight together against Klaus and Elijah.

  9. @zoe
    honey i’m in iran here we have no vampire diaries but it is government problem people are not with government , so some guys here upload vampire diaries every week just after few hours ,if u want i can post u links ?!?!if u want send me mail or comment here i always read comments ?!?! love u guys

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