Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.14 – Crying Wolf – Episode Stills

Thanks to Nina Dobrev Network, we have new stills for episode 2.14 “Crying Wolf” that will air February 10th. Not too spoilery, but very sweet shots of Stefan and Elena. Sigh…

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  1. My heart melt at the first one!! New phone screen right here! I can’t wait for a Stelena packed episode, we haven’t had that many sweet moments between them this season…

  2. Nooooo!! I’m so sick of Stefan and Elena!! They are SO boring and im so over it…PLEASE give us some Delena for once!! D:

  3. love these pictures! stefan and elena make me melt into a puddle on the floor, love them together

  4. you know, maybe it’s just me.. but the more delena fans are freaaaking out about how their love is the greatest and will blow all relationships out of the water, the more i come to dislike it… i’m not into the whole main trio anymore, i’m just watching the show bc it’s the show. don’t care who she ends up with. there is so much more out there!! heck she should end up with Matt. Any Melena’s out there? lol!

  5. you know i feel exactly the same way about stelena fans. but everyone has the right to their opinion and to voice their opinion. we’re not always gonna like what the other has to say and just imagine how boring it would be if we all agreed. everything is more interesting when its more than one dimensional. that especially goes for relationships.

  6. I completely agree with Grace. I love Stelena but I also realize there’s more than one side to a story so I’m excited to see how the writers will eventually explore the Delena relationship.

  7. I’m kinda wondering if that is Katherine. Her makeup looks more along the lines of Katherine’s look and she has more of a Katherine look to her in the second picture. I know he straight hair usually means its not Katherine but it is just an idea but maybe…

  8. It’s not Katherine, the pictures are embedded with a code, that describes who are in the pics, and it says it’s Elena, plus in the synopsis for this episode it says that Stefan and Elena go to her family’s lakehouse for a romantic getaway. :)

  9. @Grace, sure. But i can’t find any of the Stelena fans, so right now. It’s all about Delena and Damon. But I do agree with having more than one-dimensional characters/relationships.

  10. I’m team stefan for the books but the show im team damon all the way im so sick of all these stelena scens i want more stefarine and delena scens. I want stlena to break up for a third time and stay broken up.

  11. It will always be Stefan and Elena :) It’s like a beam :) Nothing can stand between these two. Damon’s just a friend, a good one, with another ‘love’ than the one Stefan feels for Elena. Damon respects her, that’s the difference, I’d say. Damon has evolved since the previous season, he’s not that wild beast anymore, he’s calm and more serious.

  12. I was a Stelena fan at the beginning but I got sick of their relationship. it goes around in circles. I love Delena because it doesn’t have the same plot over and over again and its really interesting.

  13. Ah Stelena <3

    these pictures are just the sweetest!
    especially the first one, the way they look at each other just makes my heart melt

  14. I agree with lizzibizzi, even though I liked Damon and Elena in the books too. It all depends on who you are. Myself, I like darkness – in every kind of sense. So I automatically liked Damon since he reminds me a little bit of myself, so the first time I saw him I already loved his character and later start liking Delena, cause when they’re in the scene together, you never know what may happen and every single movement and look is so mysterious and there’s something really sexy about them. I just think that if there wasn’t Damon who obviously loves Elena, then I bet most of the people will get bored of Stefan and Elena, cause there isn’t anyone else who could tear them apart, even just a little. My opinion again. I agree to some earlier comments, that there are other things in this show and that’s why I like the show a lot. Every single character has an intresting past and brilliant storylines which makes every episode so good.

  15. I liked Stefen in the books because i found Damon to be abusive. I like him in tv series better.

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