Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.09 – Katerina – Episode Stills

We now have episode stills for episode 2.09 “Katerina”. Thanks to Natalie at Blood Falls for sending them our way. Unfortunately, no shots from the flashbacks. But still some really cute shots of Bonnie and Jeremy, and our first look at guest star Bryton McClure, who plays new student, Luka. Then we have some interesting shots of Damon and Rose (played by Lauren Cohan) and Stefan and Caroline. Really looking forward to this episode!

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  1. awww… bonnie and jeremy would make the cutest couple!! :)
    i don’t like the look of that other guy with bonnie :(

  2. I have to say…….Bonnie & Jeremy FTW! LOVING this pairing more and more every day. They’re even wearing similar coloured clothes in these stills, a sure sign they’re meant to be! I am full prepared to hate this Luka dude at first sight simply because he’s going to get in the way of those two for a few episodes. Endgame: Bonnie & Jeremy please! Rose could be a very good addition, I’m willing to wait and see what happens with her.

  3. the actor that plays Luka, was an actor on the Young and the restless. he played Devon Winters.. Love him.. can’t waite to see where this leads.. Bonnie looks good with Jer.. lets see how that works out. so so excited

  4. i LOVE Bonnie and Jeremy!
    but Elena is nowhere in any of these pictures – where is she?!?

  5. i love bonnie and jeremy!! ah so excited! but one thing i dont like is the girl with damon…rose…ugh! she freaking kidnapped elena! kill her dont date her!

  6. any body else notice that “Rose” does not have on a ring or necklace? so how is she able to walk around in the sunlight?

  7. Am I the only one who sees that Bonnie’s not even smiling with Jeremy? C’mon ppl….
    I know a lot of ppl will obviously ship her with Jer because they want Delena to happen *rolls eyes*(I was kinda expecting that kind of reaction) but c’mon! It’s obvious that she’s not very fond of Jer in a ‘relationship’ (not friendship) and I do think Luka is best suited for her*this season only* simply because she seems more ‘happy’ or she’s smiling for him a lot…let’s see what happens

  8. Please do not tell me that Stefan and Caroline are hooking up. That will break Elena’s heart.

  9. hey, so i just watched the episode titled “rose”, and when bonnie did the witch thing to find elena with jeremey’s blood, she said they were ” blood related”, but elena was adopted…?? ooops, looks like a mistake :(

  10. @allicura not a mistake; Uncle John is Elena’s father and Jeremey Uncle so they are blood related. we found this out on Founders day party, season 1..

  11. Correction allicura,

    Elena is the biological daughter of John Gilbert who is Jeremy’s uncle so they are cousins related by birth. No mistake made.

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