TV Guide First Look: Torrey DeVitto on The Vampire Diaries + Wetpaint Interview

TV Guide has offered up the first episode still from “The New Deal” which airs January 5th, when the show returns from holiday hiatus. In the photo, you see Torrey DeVitto for the first time and Matt Davis. Details on her role:

DeVitto plays Dr. Fell, who is “intrigued by Alaric [Matt Davis] because he recuperated miraculously from what seemed like a fatal injury, and that sparks an attraction between them.” Can we expect liplocks? “Quite possibly,” she says.

View the full image at TV Guide.

Also, Wetpaint caught up with Torrey and she talked about her role and offered up some scoop.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You’ve already filmed four episodes. Is Mary still alive and well in Mystic Falls?

Torrey DeVitto: Yes. I haven’t gotten an official end date yet. That seems to be the guest star and recurring role path, right? It’s like, you know you have a death date when you join the show.

What’s your character like?

She’s a doctor and she meets Alaric and is intrigued about how he has survived an accident and is medically intrigued by him. Through that they develop a connection and a relationship. And so she’s intrigued by him in more than one way.

Read the rest of the interview over at Wetpaint.


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