The Vampire Diaries – Episode 9 – History Repeating – Promotional Stills

These pics contain some slight spoilers. You have been warned.


Okee dokee, here are some stills from episode 9 “History Repeating” thanks to the ever reliable SpoilerTV. Matt Davis is looking mighty fine as Alaric and from the looks of these pics he and Aunt Jenna seem to be hitting it off.




  1. The Vampire Diaries is an awesome show. Can’t wait for you guys to come back to Covington.

  2. i hope if elena hasnt already decided to be with stefan in the previous episode then she decides in this episode. I just saw this promo commercial for the “haunted”&whole series on E! and there was this one snippet of elena’s voice saying “i cant lose how i feel about you” so now im jittery and im just waiting for her to say it already!–though i have a feeling it might not be for awhile.

  3. I think that they won´t get together in haunted, she might say ut, but then followed by a ´but this i sto dangerous and I can´t be with you´ our something like that.

  4. HMM..
    as long as i know they belong together!
    it wont be a while…


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