More Stills From The Vampire Diaries “Let the Right One In”

Here are 3 more stills from “Let the Right One In” courtesy of VDW, of our sinister vamp Frederick, portrayed by Stephen Martines. You can follow him on Twitter, btw.


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  1. OMG, is he in the Salvatore residence with his bottle of blood? Cant be pool @ Mystic Grill.

  2. i don’t like this vamp.. think the actor who is playing him is doing a great job.. but i am ready to see him leave….

  3. I agree, Frederick is a terrible character (must have been a bad dude when he was human, too LOL). But I am sure they are going to take him out and I really want to Stefan get a “little bad”, oh, so good ;-)

  4. oh, btw – Even though she is outrageously powerful and a serious thorn in their sides, I think/hope Pearl will be around for quite a while (running her new apothocary) – could be fun keeping Damon & Stefan on their best game. But Frederick HAS to go.

  5. Hey, did I read correctly, somewhere, that jeremy is going to be written off? (Someone is suppose to die by the season finale)

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