More Episode Stills Released For Episode 3.14 “Dangerous Liaisons”

Check out these gorgeous episode stills from next week’s episode “Dangerous Liaisons”, featuring more shots of the newest Originals! Thanks again to TV Overmind!


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  1. i <3 the pic where theyre all together :))…so cute <3…ahh, id like that February the 9the hurries up a little ://…I <3 TVD n i <3 this site…Want more spilers :DD :))..Klaroline..<3

  2. I’m still sad about Finn’s hair! What is wrong with these Originals and cutting their hair?! LOL

  3. I’ve been waiting for this episode for three weeks now..Can’t wait for the 9th!

  4. YAY Rebekah! I´m glad that she´ll be back! Was a bit mad at Elena for staking her! Rebekah is awesome! She´s a lot more fun than Klaus IMO! Season 3 is kick-ass amazing thus far but I´m disappointed that Germany has to wait a bit longer than fans in the U.S and the UK!

    Kevin W. and Julie P. have to make Claire Holt aka Rebekah a series regular!

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