The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale Reaction Post & Poll *Spoiler Alert*

Wow…what an episode! This episode in my opinion, was the best one to date! Tops any other episode of The Vampire Diaries hands down! Since there was not a preview to post…*sad face* I wanted to open up this post for everyone to discuss their feelings, favorite moments, etc. It’s going to be a long 5 months. The CW once again, will launch it’s Fall Schedule in mid-October. Let me know what you guys thought of the episode, what was the most shocking moment of the finale? Take the poll and discuss in the comments!

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  1. The fact that Stefan is Silas’ doppleganger totally blew my mind! I wasn’t expecting that at all. Delena…eh, I knew it was going to happen. I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that they’re going to be endgame anyway when the show is over. Doesn’t make it hurt any less that she chose him, though. Hopefully once Stefan gets out of that box (if he does get out), we can finally see him move on. I thought it was very big of him to say he was happy for Damon. He’s always been the better man, IMHO because I know Damon would never offer anything remotely like that up to Stefan if Elena chose him. Besides having to sit through another season of Delena love, I’m totally looking forward to seeing what happens with everyone else on the show. Should be interesting.

  2. I loved it by far the best episode to date.

    Klaus was super great and I didn’t think I was a Klaroline shipper but with lines like that I was totally sucked in.
    So we get Tyler back next season and Jeremy.
    Surprised that Bonnie is dead but It will be kind of neat that Jeremy can see her so next season I bet they figure out a way to bring her back.
    I was shocked that Elena picked Damon I was sure she was going with Stefan.
    Silas being Stefans doppleganger is wierd. I dont know what I think of that twist….. I guess we wont know til next season.
    I miss Ric already. But with Jer back maybe all these other characters can come back now and then because he can see ghosts. So kind of a neat way to bring all of them back at some point down the road.

    Graduation was actually really nice.
    Floored by Matt agreeing to go with Rebekah. Again was not a Ratt shipper but her face when he agreed to go was priceless and their scenes were fantastic together.
    Fantastic finale and can’t believe I am actually ok with everyones storyline.

    I love Damon and Stefan and their scenes were so great. I felt every bit of Stefans heartbreaking, and loved that even when his heart is broken he can still want his brother to be happy. If Elena would have chosen Stefan I was hoping he would turn her down. I love his character when he is not with her. And Delena will probably last all of 1 episode before that blows up LOL!

    Fantastic job by the writers. Think of when it returns in the fall and we get to hear all about what they all did for the summer….. And see Silas as Stefan, this should be interesting.

  3. Oh and the whole Katherine being human thing, can’t she just get someone to turn her again? This part was the least interesting to me.

  4. What surprised me most?……
    ALL of the ABOVE!!!!!
    Mostly de Stefan thing.
    Maybe now that Katherine’s human Klaus will finally forgive her, while using her as a hybrid making bloodbag… so he’ll take her to New Orleans and she’ll be able to be with Elijah!!
    Still have hopes for Klaroline!!!
    Happy for Delena!!!
    Maybe Bonnie and Anna will have a cat fight in the Other Side!! “crossing fingers”.

    sincerely, BookFreak773

  5. That episode left me speechless! There was some much going on! All i can say right now is that I definitely need to watch it again ASAP.

  6. Shocked by the fact that Stefan is Silas’ dobbleganger. Loved that Elena finally chose Damon!! And loved the scene between Caroline and Klaus! And I am really excited about Katherine taking the cure. Really wondering how that is going to work out. LOVED the final episode. Hope Stefan and Bonnie will be okay though…

  7. Stefan and Silas was a huge shocker. For a second I thought Katherine was going to steal Elena’s identity and lock her away somewhere, but then that ended differently and they had Stefan get Single White Femaled instead ;). I guess this is to make PW happy as He wanted to play a darker character and Stefan is Mr. Do Good. I really thought this ep was going to be my swan song with this show as I found the back half dull, but it wound up hooking me in again. Ironically the finale I was salvating over, Scandal, was disappointing and TVD blew me away. Actually all my shows but this one had fairly boring finales, I didn’t even realize Glee jad theirs it was so average, so the best finale prize goes to the Vampire Diaries.

  8. I loved the Klaus coming to the rescue scene with the graduation cap ninja style!! And loved when he freed Tyler for her and his explanation why was HOT…sexiest kiss on the cheek ever too. Silas and Stefan must be related somehow if he is his doppleganger. The storyline is strange but I will go with it I guess. I was hoping the Silas thing was done but they invested so much time into it all season I am not surprised it didn’t go away. Loved Elena and Damon..it makes sense for now. Heart broke for Stef. The whole dumped in the water in the safe…we know he won’t die. Perhaps someone on the Otherside saw what happened and can tell Jer…like Lexi?? Maybe she still was with Stef watching over him….and I was bummed to see Ric and Lexi leave us again. Bonnie being dead doesn’t feel permanent so I am not broken up about it. Jer coming back was nice but I would rather have Ric. Matt and Bex were great together. I am glad he is going with her. Elena being left to wander about looking for Bonnie and Jer with homicidal ghosts still around was just dumb. Her and Kat’s fight was cool…those lazy janitors always leave the handy bucket and wooden mop around for these purposes. My final thought… so now that Kat is human…can she be Klaus’s new bloodbag for hybrids? She is a doppleganger afterall????

  9. I LOVED this episode!!!!!!! Totally agree with the remarks already made…..I couldn’t go to sleep until way past midnight last night I was so pumped!!!!! TVD writers are the BEST ever!!!! I’m so excited to see Paul Wesley as Silas. He’s such a phenomenal actor. The pain in his face/eyes when Elena told Damon she was in love with him was right on…spotless! It takes a great actor to show that kind of emotion w/out a single word said. I love Paul!!

    I will greatly miss Ric and Lexi….Ric and Damon are the perfect pair. I miss them already. I love how the writers played out all the storylines flawlessly…Klaus and Caroline melted my heart….the Delena moment was perfect…Loved seeing Rebecca finally get the boy of her dreams….Katherine with the cure, nuf said…..The moments with Stefan and Lexi & Damon and Alaric….and Stefan as Silas. AWESOME EPISODE. It’ll remain on my DVR until Season4 is released on DVD. Hurry up Season FIVE!!!!!!

  10. I have a question, rebeka and matt will be together, did that mean that mat is going to the original’s spin off ? because rebeka is in the cast

  11. is anyone there to answer my question??pleaaaase
    is Elena really in love with Damon???this question is really killing me….

  12. @tvdlover, Matt and Bex were just taking a rod trip. He told her what happened over the summer stayed in the summer, his love life needed to be vampire light. So they will go there own ways come the fall. If we see Matt again, he will be in Mystic Falls. Maybe Jermy will room with him.

    @emma, yes, Elena loves Damon for real. They proved the sire bond was broken when Damon told her to take the cure and she refused. He commented that it was broken then.

    Here is my question, is Jeremy still a hunter? Alaric seemed human, but then proved je was a vampire by super speeding Vaughn over the cliff. Desth appsrently broke his Esther induced hatred of vsmpires, but he still was one. So is Jeremy still a hunter?

  13. Melissa i dont think jeremy is still a hunter…i dont know…maybe.but i know sth that i could wait till realising season 5….its too long…can we bear it????i cant

  14. Well it seemed Ric and Lexi could both be in the sun too which wasn’t possible when they were “alive.” And it was confusing at to why Ric didn’t come back at the Ric he was when he died. I was wondering if Jeremy is still a Hunter or not…especially since Silas isn’t dead. I was wondering about being “killed” agan and then just coming back to “life” so it was kind of funny when Vaughn popped back up again after getting his heart ripped out. LOL So I suppose sherriff Forbes will have a lot of expalining to do as to why old Jer is back in the land of the living…prob some BS about having to fake his death to protect him blah blah…Wonder if Kat will give Klaus a few pints in exchange for her freedom and beg Elijah to Turn her back to a vamp. I wonder if he would refuse her?? I wonder if she might want to stay human??? Ahhhh October is too far away!!!!!!

  15. @Katerina I second that on everything you just said!!!! There’s got to be some connection between Silas & Stefan, Katherine will definitely be the next human blood bank for Klaus, and Bonnie will.surely find a way back into the show. Kat will T-Totally turn herself back into a Vamp ASAP. The klaroline kiss was awesome oh and when he said he wanted to be her last love breath taking scene I think my heart literally skipped a beat there!!! There are sooo many other things I’d love to address, but don’t have the time..so until next time peace out chickas!

  16. This season has been my least favorite but I must admit that the finale episode blew me away.
    Stefan has always been and will always be my favorite character. The Silas doppleganger thing has me a bit worried but also excited to see it play out. We really need a clearer explanation on Silas’ background and now I know it will be dealt with next season.
    Delena – makes me wanna barf!!!! I am NOT looking forward to that.
    Matt+Rebekah, (someone mashed their name to Batt, how wierd) nice twist. Matt is such a sweet and respectful person, as Rebekah put it, beautifully human.
    The Bonnie and Jeremy scenes just broke my heart.
    Damon and Alaric, Stefan and Lexi, just perfect. I wish Alaric and Lexi could have stayed.
    Katherine finally got what she deserved. I loved her until she killed or helped kill Jeremy. I cannot forgive her for that. Her being human again is gonna be interesting and I don’t agree that she will just turn back to being a vamp because that would be too easy and not much of an interesting story.
    Season 5, bring it on!!

  17. @Elaine your so right I was kind of thinking that same the writers may make it work if you take the cure as a vampire you can just simply turn back into one again!? And I quote you on that statement season 5 “bring it on!!!”

  18. I am not looking forward to the Elena and Damon either. Hate them together.

  19. @Donna I hate them together as well especially looking back on the history of the damn show I mean come on she hated Damon for like 1 full season and just about half of the 2nd one right!? He was the town terror tried to compell her into kissing him killed Bonnie’s mother hell he tried to kill uncle john and would have succeeded if it wasn’t for that Dang mystical Gilbert ring he had on!!! And that’s just a few lil things that D did to her and her loved one’s. Okay I get it I understand he changed he became a better man he was there for Elena during some of stefans darkest hours, but making her fall in freaking LOVE and choose him instead of Stefan is just insane. Although the writers are pretty creative sooooo…I see how it all makes sense to them in the writers room. Damon brings parts of Elena out of her that she never knew was there or possible for that matter and blah freaking blah but come on seriously putting her wit D instead wasn’t too interesting for me I knew it would happen but hated and still do hate it! Barf! I think her picking Stefan while he wasn’t really Stefan (meaning he was really silas) would’ve been very very cool to watch go down.

  20. I have no idea about bonnie’s death, i can’t believe. If she’s death, how elena , damon,stefan,caroline and…. Can solve their problems without bonnie???? If bonnie’s death so, they don’t have any witch. This season drives me crazy. I can’t wait for season 5!!!!

  21. @Emily hey I was thinking the exact same thing they need a witch for just about every problem they come across and not just any witch it always seems to have to he a Bennett witch so…my theory is they either find a way to bring her back or use one of her family members like Lucy from season 2 she was Bonnie’s cousin that could work!?!?!? But Bonnie will truley be missed by me that’s a fact!!!!!!

  22. @Emily and @Samantha, how was Bonnie able to do magic while she was dead “on the other side”? Maybe she will still be able to help???

  23. @Elaine (team Salvatore) I believe it was bc she had dropped the veil dropped remember how at the end of the finale Jermey couldn’t feel her touch? That’s bc the veil was back up again sooooo…. I dunno if theyll be able to use her magic persay but we will definitely be seeing her on the show since Jer can see ghost and what not but as for her magic tricks not so much, although the writers Julie plec & Kevin Williamson are known to throw curve balls to us fans so we will see!!! Lol

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