OMFG Reaction Post & Poll: The House Guest *Spoiler Alert*

What an awesome episode! Full of many OMFG moments. So much going on in that episode, I ended up having a headache afterwards. What was your favorite OMFG moment? Let us know in the poll below!


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  1. super awesome and also very interesting i wish to see more season of the vampire diaries cause this is getting very shocky and more shocking that i,ve ever imagine so i wish to see more shochink seasons and new ones thank u

  2. What about Matt getting stabbed in the neck with the broken bottle!?! I actually gasped! Poor Matt and Jenna, they don’t know wtf is going on.

  3. Marrlina> matt is a life for part of caroline,s blood and matt doubting to what happend to her sister and caroline explained to matt all of it to him to getting in calm with him self and in the next episode arribed Isobel said to Jenna that she is her mother and Jenna getts in shock by Isobel but that is in Episode Knew thy Enemy in Abril 5 Knew thy enemy that is the next episode of next two months

  4. omg i dont want to wait till april :(
    the most shocking moment was when lucas dad grab bonnie

  5. How about the entire episode… The entire episode had me on the edge of my seat. It was like wow!!!!!!!!!!! This is the greatest show EVER!!! Nothing has ever had compelled me quite like this show does! Simply amazing!!

  6. The OMFG moment was truly when they said april 7th was the next episode. I freaked out!!! This show is so good with the suspense and it keeps u on ur toes during the entire episode. Its insane.. Katherine kicking butt taking names was pretty awesome and all the caroline and matt moments were so romantic and adorable. Isobel being at the door wasn’t a surprise I knew it wud be her before they opened the door because it only made sense for her to show up. Awesome episode loved it. I miss tyler though lol

  7. I’d say Luka’s death. I was expecting a lot of people dying (Matt included), but both Martins dying in one episode, that was… mmm… refreshing! I was glad that Jonas gave Bonnie back her powers (and probably some of his) that was cool. The only thing I found annoying in the episode is how little they thought of Bonnie losing her powers, it was passed over as if it was normal. But in the end I’m still wondering why she is keeping her power a secret. That can’t be good. But everything else was pretty much expected. But John, Isobel and Katherine all together, that is AWESOME!! They are seriously the best villains I’ve seen in a while and Katherine is hilarious!! I love her to bits.

    And I guess it won’t end well for Matt, probably another case of memory wiped! And I miss Tyler! :(

    Great episode!

  8. what was an omg moment was how they both fell for it in the beginning.. Katherine’s good! i’m so glad she’s out, wonder what she and Isobel will cook up. i was sad that Luka left, i didn’t hate the guy– just didn’t want him there… Didn’t see Mr. Bigtime Witch dying either, thought Katherine’s plan was funny though. Felt bad for Damon, this time she truly meant to choose Stefan over Damon. but he has Elena, which could so be told when he turned Katherine done, ha! Poor Matt, that was crazy!!! And Jenna? Dang, just when Alaric tells her that his wife is dead, she shows up.. !

  9. Hopefully Katherine will change, Stephan will warm back up to her and he can have her while Damon has Elena. Then all brothers are happy!

  10. I just hope Damon doesnt change for the worst and starts hookin up with Katherine cos he cant have Elena…. Loved Candice Accola’s (carolyn) voice- did not expect her to get up and sing… I jumped when Matt got stabbed cos he is a big part in the books… thought he was gna die…for a moment i thought he did die and Carolyn turned him cos she told him theyd be together forever… lol it was funny cos just before Jenna answered the door i said to my partner ‘wouldnt it be funny if it was Isobel’ lol i was shocked cos i was right… hmmm i really dont want to wait til April!! so not fair!!!

  11. wooops i didn,t know that rachie is an author sorry Rachie for my reaccion i truly sorry

  12. omg why did luka and his dad need to die???????????????????????

    i was going to start crying!! i hope they come back even though it seems unpossiblie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I find “OMFG” to be slightly offensive…

    …but Luka being burned to death! :-O

  14. ok u guys look, what i m interested is that i wana see theyre plans of season 3 of the vampire diaries

  15. @Cyber-X
    I’m usually pretty up to date with show cancellation, but so far, nothing as come out for The Vampire Diaries, except that TV specialists think the show has high chance to be renewed for a 3rd season!! If I stumble upon any confirmation anywhere, I’ll post it here! :D

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