OMFG Reaction Post & Poll: “Daddy Issues”

On many occasions, I’ve been asked to create a reaction post, something I’ve never done before, but really do feel I need one. So welcome to our first reaction post and poll! How many times have your caught yourself saying OMFG right after watching a Vampire Diaries episode? Well here is your chance to discuss and decide what was your favorite OMFG moment in tonight’s episode.


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  1. I wanted to vote for the Caroline & Brady scene the whole torture thing was kind like HOLD UP! but like after seeing poor Damon flat on his back (wiggle eyebrows not that kinda scene, lol) and Stefan stabbed I was like what the heck? Then double time over when shit came from Somewhere Over the Woods and it was hocus pocus Daddy Warlock. Totally didn’t see that coming.LOL but the OMFG moment was totally the Stefan and Caroline eye connection moment and that’s all I’m going to say on that. *looks around for Stelena fans*

  2. I had to pick the John and Katherine one.

    OHMYGOODNESS tonight’s episode was so good! The whole thing with Caroline and Tyler was so sad :( and disappointing. I dislike Jules and Brady… I say they get rid of them somehow.

    The Damon Bathtub scene was so good too… tragic and sad and scary and terrifying and just…soo good !

    But yeah..John and Katherine is just like…what the heck. Like why is John helping her? He’s anti-vampire, and she chopped his fingers off, tried to kill him, and tormented Elena for a while so……you’d think they were on opposite sides…. :/

  3. Since there is not an option for either the “Damon in a towel” or “Damon in the tub” I would have to say the whole Caroline bit. That kind of sucked. Started wondering if they were going to kill her off tonight. She’s a spunky vamp, I like her.

    I’m still having palpitations over the Damon naked scenes. This is one time when the DVR is truly my friend. :-)

  4. Very surprised that uncle john is working with Katherine, she cut his damn fingers off and almost killed him, forgiving much uncle john!! All in all, I can’t wait to see where all of this is going. The dagger, the moonstone, Klaus, Isobel, John, Katherine, I can’t stand having to wait a whole week.

  5. I love the ending…. becuase now i wanna know what Isobel,Katherine,and John is up to now?

  6. I’m must say…That was one Helluva heated episode! *Still clearing my throat*
    Quite the paralyzing start with Damon taking a shower and walking around his room in a towel… … …If I had a “replay button”; I would’ve raped it for that brief, but outstanding scene! I physically reached-out towards the screen, as if I could have brought it back!

    Reduced to my highlights, shortening post, and yes getting down to my flavor of nitty-gritty ;p:

    Intro New Were-Hotness! Brady…Hedonistic/Caroline, Mason, location of Moonstone

    *Caroline Shocker getting shot in the forehead, caged-up, enduring Brady’s torturous, repeated shots to her chest, shoulder, arms, leg etc… {Tyler ultimately released her}

    Damon at bar {standard} bourbon in hand, brooding {rarely, but with just cause}
    …walks up to him to Intro woman she was with…
    Damon interrupted, saying “I know you…“news lady” right?”
    “Can I buy you a drink Damon?” she asked sweetly
    “My glass is full…” {rudely blew off a girl? Would’ve lost big on that bet.}

    Stefan wants to trade Tyler for Caroline from Jules…Damon beside him minutes later
    Damon to Jules: “Give us Caroline…It’s not a full moon, we will take you”
    Jules whistled for the whole pack to come out and be seen
    Gang-fight ensues, awesome to watch! Teamed-up, Stefan & Damon conquer together at go-time! Again, everything passed too quickly to absorb to my satisfaction…
    *Applauding great action scene!* Excellent choreography carried-out to perfection!

    Both down: Stef stabbed & Damon shot…about to get staked, *Until Shocked that all the aneurisms on the weres began…not showing where or why; but obviously witch-work! There stands Daddy Warlock, telling Stef, Damon & Caroline{all now standing} they need to leave; also stating he’s “upholding promise between Elijah and Elena”…to Tyler…”when your friends awaken; give them a msg that they gotta get outta this town”

    [Brief sporadic notes at Damon’s with John…I REALLY want to see Isobel again!]
    John reveals method he got from Isobel on how to truly kill a werewolf. [?a knife dipped in blood?…missed details]
    John to Damon: “If Isobel accomplishes what she’s attempting, Klause will never set foot in Mystic Falls”

    On Stefan’s second visit checking on how Caroline was doing; he brought Elena and Bonnie with him to Caroline’s for support via a slumber party! *Props to Candice!!!*
    Typical S/E moment mouthing “I love you” before parting ways

    John and Katherine conspiring on anything…Say it isn’t so/?

    {Halt All-Brain Zapped} BUBBLE-BATH!!!??? Ooohhh… … …Weeeeeeeee… … …Yay Me! Wait! Dammit, no pause button! Two hot wet bathroom scenes in one episode? Really? Trying to promote high-blood pressure, strokes, and random heart-failure of today’s youth? LOVIN IT BTW VD HIT-SQUAD! But what’s with the assassin-sniper-attacks; as Damon simply appears {from our dreams’ like idyllic magic} on-screen in his tub, sexy and exposed without any warning? For shock value –yeah? Achieved and exceeded…with enthusiastic appreciation I bow!

    *”Oh, the bar chick” wasted two seconds of my attention*
    Focusing on the evolving “Mr. Damon Salvatore” expectantly; because whether pilot 1.00 or tonight’s 2.13, his ever-classic, raw, style is at hand. {Which hand?…Has us crawling the walls!}

    Knowing his pillow-talk must be quite the beguiling prelude to his biting…and whatever else I wouldn’t need compulsion to indulge him… Umm, from some of the morsels I heard or managed to capture:
    D: I like a woman who knows what she wants.
    A: So what do you want Mr. tall, dark, and handsome?
    … … …
    D: I need a distraction…Miss sexy reporter girl…I’ve got a problem. I’m in love with a woman I can’t have… …What’s driving me crazy is I’m not in control… …I’m bad Andie. I do bad things. I kill people. [His compulsion prefaced his gentle reassurance, “Don’t worry. You’re safe.”]
    A: Why do you kill people?
    D: Because I like it. {My 2nd favorite quote of this Epi} …It’s in my nature… …But because of her… … …So then I can’t be who I am.

    Then…My skin burned from the branding quote of his last three words…In a silent free-fall into him; feeling my soul screaming his name shamelessly OMFG! HMFY I’ll Be! Whenever, wherever, forever!

    His sultry signature ways instructed… “Just stop talking. Kiss me. Be my distraction.”
    Taking a deep kiss, finds the curvature of her neck, fangs erected, drinks of her…

    Ummm…Did anyone happen to experience an oddity or a switch; that may or may not have triggered any actions that by some may be considered borderline banana-sandwich-coo-coo-bird? …Just curious…

    Again…I’m just sayin’…That was one GDMF-Helluva heated episode!!!
    *Standing Ovation…to the Collaborative Brilliance of the Entire VD Hit-Squad!!!*

  7. Last night episode was good! I’m sorry but as much as I like Caroline/Tyler, I did not feel sorry for Caroline. You should have been upfront from jump. her claiming she was protecting him was some bull. Give him all the information and let him decide. It was not her decision to make for Tyler. No wonder the boy is so damn confused. And as she claiming he should stick up for his friends….who…Stefan, Damon. They could care less about Tyler. If Damon had his way he would kill him and even her so please. I don’t know what to think of Jules but Brady just wants revenge. He is a hothead just like Damon but Brady is hot. :-)

    Elena asking Damon to be the better man….uh did she forget who she was talking too. No need for him to try to even pretend…be the lady killer you are Damon.

    I love the John and Katherine scene. I did not see that coming. I look forward to seeing what he is up to. Makes me wonder id that knife and powder willl do what he saids it will do the Originals.

    Jonas was a badass! I like to know what his true motives are becasue helping Elijah can’t be the only one.

  8. Omg what an episode. All I found myself saying was omfg omfg the entire time!!! I’m so upset about the whole caroline tyler scenario! I found myself hating tyler by the end of the episode. After everything Caroline did for him does he really believe that she wanted to lie to him! And when lucas dad came out I was this show is hands down the best show I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t expecting that at all… But its going to get crazy with uncle john back and trying to help katherine. He’s just proving time and time again that he can’t be trusted. In a way I feel elena keeps taking advantage of damon and she is in ways like katherine because she has damon and stefan at her feet. But I loved what stefan did for caroline that was so sweet and it was the perfect moment when elena said she loved stefan as she was hugging caroline. It was epic.

  9. i think elena knows exactly who she’s talking to. she is talking to the guy that has saved her life i dont know how many times, risked his life i dont know how many times, found and gave her necklace back after elizah ripped it off her to make sure she stays safe, didnt kill caroline’s mom after she was about to kill him and stefan cause he said that even after all that she was his friend which to me would indicate he has somewhat changed from when she first met him. and before its mentioned yes i’m sure she knows she’s talking to the guy that snapped her brothers neck in a fit of rage and confusion just like when she’s talking to stefan she is talking to the guy that killed and sucked his father dry. lets not act like one is not as bad as the other then again jeremy’s situation wasnt permanent. and lets be real, the reason elena keeps saying to be a better man and all that shit is cause she knows he will do it for her cause she damn well knows how he feels for her and i think she kinda gets off on it. seemed to me she liked when damon blew that girl off then said that was rude. he knows she knows he does his best to be a better person for her cause i think she likes having that sort of affect on him but then acts like “i’m your friend” when she knows its more to him atleast and maybe to her too once she realizes he’s not gonna give her that power over him anymore. dont use his feelings as something to stroke your own ego.

  10. Mostly surprised was I by John and Katherine. When we saw Kat I knew what was coming up but I was surprised by John’s idiocy. Doesn’t he likes his fingers?

  11. I see a twinkle in Stefan’s eye when it comes to Caroline. I can see them together frolicking like only vampires can do – giggling,laughing, playful and carefree – anywhere and everywhere :-) Elena brings out too much of Stefan’s serious side. Of course, I’m team Damon all the way . . .

  12. Boy, Oh Boy! Febuary 3rd was a great episode! Vampire Diaries is KICK-ASS! First off, Damon is SEXY! (All CAPS)!!!! Second, I do think Stefan and Caroline would be really cute together. I think Katherine is awesome but, I still hate her for all thats shes done to everyone! I love Bonnie. Bonnie & Jeremy(: ♥ all the way! And I can’t wait for the next episode!!!! Last but absolutely NEVER least, (: Damon & Elena♥♥♥♥♥♥! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TEAM DAMON, TEAM Dalena, & TEAM Steroline!!!!!♥


  13. I like everyone in the show. They do such a good job I just couldn’t pick a favorite. I think Elena wants to be nice to everyone and yea I think she knows that Damon would pretty much do anything she ask, but she wants him to be happy. I would really like to see Katherine become good and end up with stefen and i would like to see Damon w/ Elena. Caroline, well she is just so awesome I would really like to see her stay w/ Matt, we have forgotten a lot about matt but I think that he will eventually find out whats going on….. He is already suspicious, I just think he will be looking for something else, it will be a surprise, but then again look at Vicki. And where the hell is his mom!! I know “Nikita” thats a good show too…. Ok and then Bonnie and Jeremy that is just sooooo cute… I love it. I don’t really know about uncle john or daddy john but he is still suspicious. i would like to see tyler side with the vampires. I would also like to see a good side of Isobel… Ummm Alaric and Jenna, ummm well not if Isobel comes back esp if she really does love him, would love to see that…. EEEKKKKKK this show gets me sooo excited, cant wait til thursday…………..

  14. Next time could you say there’s spoilers in the post? Cos im from australia and started looking at it and found everything out before the episode aired :(

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