OMFG Reaction Post & Poll: “Crying Wolf” & Giveaway! *SPOILER ALERT*

Wow….what an amazing episode tonight. Definitely full of many OMFG moments!

SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t seen the episode.

What was your favorite OMFG moments of tonight’s episode? I’ve listed 4 of the most shocking here in the poll, but feel free to mention your own in the comments!

Also, one commenter will win a free Tweet Me if you love TVD T-shirt sponsored by @mrodgers76. We will do a random drawing during Romancia’s TVD After Dark Show Saturday night which will air on Ustream at 9:30PM EST.

Poll after the jump!

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  1. This episode was insanity! There were so many twists and turns to the episode. Jeremy and Bonnie’s kiss was awesome and I was so excited that it finally happened! But something that really caught me by surprise was Tyler “manning up” to Matt! That scene was incredible and so well done! I cannot wait for next week’s episode!

  2. Loved this episode! Especially when Elijah showed up to snatch a few hearts and crack a few neck. LOL! That was my scream out loud scene. I am totally on Bonnie and Jeremy’s team. That kiss was amazing. I honestly didn’t want Tyler to leave. I was secretly hoping he’d hook up with Caroline. :oD
    Looking forward to the next episode.

  3. That was an awesome episode. Finding out that the Gilberts had a vampire torture chamber at their lake house and tyler getting in the car with Jules after everything that happened were the two big shockers for me.

  4. Tyler leaving Mystic Falls with Jules was a total shocker to me. What does this mean? Is he now off the show?

  5. Tyler leaving Mystic Falls was definitely something I did not expect to happen in this episode. After watching the promo for next week’s episode, I am so excited, I cannot wait!

  6. Just letting you guys know, don’t worry about multiple commenting as far the giveaway goes, since this is a discussion thread. But only one comment will count as an entry.

    I agree with you guys about Tyler. I was relieved though, because I was afraid he was going to be killed off, so that was a complete shock to me.

    @Jacqueline I’m not sure whether he is or not. We will have to see. Zap2It has an interview they are posting later, so I’m wondering if it might be with Michael Trevino. So maybe that will shed some light.

    I’m glad you guys are liking the reaction post & poll! :)

  7. My favorite omfg moment is the whole episode, the plot the acting, everything keeps you glued to your seat :)

  8. This episode was crazy AMAZING OMFG is right! The heat in tonights episode was off the charts, that KISS between Jermey and Bonnie was long overdue and so FREAKING HOT. If it were a cartoon you would see the steam coming out of their ears lol. Even HOTTER, Eligah saving Damon and ripping out those werewolves heart, can we say STEAMY! But even better then that was Elena kicking werewolf ass and Stefan ripping hearts out ( I thought that was Damon’s speciality lol ) Not gonna lie, kinda glad to see Tyler leave, he is making some real bad decisions and an apology every time just does not cut it. Let him go away for awhile and come back thinking that he’s bad ass so Damon can kill him. (He’s getting on my nerves) All in all I don’t know what they gonna come with next week but I do know that my jaw will be on the floor for nearly the whole episode.

  9. @Megan you could not describe it any better :))
    This episode was amazing! but I think it could be much better if it had a little of Damon and Elena :)))

  10. It’s not really an omg moment, but it was my favorite scene in tonight’s episode. I loved it when Tyler told Matt that he loved Caroline and asked him to take care of her. Tyler has really matured over the past few episodes. He is no longer that selfish, misunderstood douche that nobody liked. What he did was so selfless, and it was for everybody he loved in Mystic Falls. And when he went to Caroline’s house just to get one last glimpse of her, it was official, I’m officially a fan of Tyler.

  11. 10 things I loved about last nights TVD episode:
    1) Jeremy and Bonnie kiss
    2) Tayler helping Stefan and Elena
    3) Elena running around with a knife-scary but girl’s got spirit to fight and that brings the caracter to a whole new level
    4) Bonnie doing the whichy thing w/ Luka
    5) Tayler convincing Matt to get back together w/ Caroline
    6) Elijah killing the wolfs… thouh 1 got away to keep Tayler company :)
    7) Caroline giving dating advice to Bonnie
    8) Damon getting ready to kill Elijah
    9) That the show was aired!!!
    and 10) That it was aired on TVD Thursday!
    :) ^ ^

  12. This show is so amazing and I can NEVER predict what is going to happen. I have omfg moments constantly. Last night’s most shocking moment to me was Tyler leaving his hometown, mother, friends, school etc with Jules SO SOON. Too many loose ends to tie up. I know he is a douche but he should stay with what is familiar. Wait until he finds out he gets to massacre and eat people. Very sad that Trevino had to go when he was just getting some great storylines. Hope he comes back. I am certain that Kevin and Julie have something that is worth the wait!!

    Another moment that was very interesting was Uncle John toying with Jenna to question Alaric’s honesty. I can’t believe he would go there. That will play out interestingly. The show NEVER disappoints

  13. FYI…I read an article with Michael Trevino and he was as surprised as anyone with the way Tyler is heading. Apparently, Julie and Kevin explained that it is being left open at this point(could’ve killed him off) but everyone has the vibe(including Michael)that Tyler will be back this season. We still have at least one more full moon!

  14. @ Brandy Dorsh, thanks for the heads up, I don’t like Tyler but I do like Michael Trevino and I wouldn’t want to see him go just yet. And I was not satisfied with the first transformation so i’m looking forward to the next full moon, crazy things happen on a full moon!

  15. i just wish damon had the chance to kill jules.but i’m sure before the end of the season she’s gonna get whats coming to her and i hope damon is the one to give it to her not only for what she’s done to him but for what she did to rose. payback is a real bitch and so is jules.

  16. My heart aches for Tyler. He made some bad decisions (in my opinion). But, he redeemed himself and remembered the importance of true friendship. And then…the scene with Matt (uncontrolled sobs). Remined me of when Damon said he does not deserve Elena, but Stefan does. Tyler leaves only a note for his Mom (whom he loves), yearns to say good-bye to Caroline yet knows he shouldn’t, then climbs in with Jules. NOOOOOO! Don’t trust her, Tyler. Who9se heart would not ache after all that?

  17. This episode was insanely awesome. One moment you’re crying, and the next one you’re all FUCK YEAH Elijah to the rescue!

  18. This episode was insane!! :D My favorite scene was definitely Elijah coming to the rescue! Elijah is such a badass!! I also loved that Taylor-Matt part..

  19. My fav Omg moment from last night’s episode was the beremy kiss and also tyler leaving town I was so excited when beremy kissed I was so happy and I cant believe Tyler left but Im also happy he left cause hopefully that means maroline will get back together.

  20. OMGsh!!! I knew this episode was gonna be epic!!
    I really can’t believed Jeremy & Bonnie finally kissed.
    Gosh i felt bad seeing Damon being tortured.

  21. I thought this weeks episode was by far the BEST yet!!! I love how so many things were happening at on time

    LOve Jeremey/Bonnie kiss I have been dying for that to happen
    LOve Elijah saving Damon and Tyler helping Elena and Stephen
    Love love Carolyn as a Vampire it brings more out of her
    I still cant believe that Tyler left but happy he has his talk with Matt but I am sad he didnt say goodbye to Carolyn. I felt bad for Stephen when he found out Elena knowing that in the end she may die in the end.

  22. This show was incredible! I was like :O :O :O WOW, when Elijah saved Damon from the wolves. It was amazing. Then Bonnie and Jeremy’s kiss I was grinning like a fool to myself :’) Then Tyler left town :( His scene with Matt was sadddd. I hope he returns!
    LOVED this episode!

  23. Everything in this episode is so shocking!
    Didn’t expect anything like this. The writers are
    just freaking AMAZING! They never fail to amuse us.
    I’m really looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

  24. My favorite moments of the evening were how Damon can look smug even when
    A. getting his ass kicked
    B. getting his ass saved

  25. I just loved the whole episode however the best OMFG moments…I have 2…The kiss with Jeremy and Bonnie which I thought was so unexpected but glad it finally happened!!
    The other was Tyler leaving!!! What ia up with that..just as the story line was beginning it ends…really surprised me with that one!!!
    Oh one more…Damon of course…the sweet way he talks to Andie Star and kisses her at the door like have a good day darling I’ll miss you…lol

  26. i don,t know about u guys and i m new guy here and i want u to know that i m shock out with this episodes on the vampire diaries season 2 and i wish to see more seasons of the vampire diaries like i hope to see news of season 3 that,s all thank u

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