Watch The Vampire Diaries Pilot?

Did you catch The Vampire Diaries series premiere?  Please feel free to comment with your thoughts about the show.  What did you think about the actors portraying the characters, etc…

Full recap from the VDO team coming soon!

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  1. Wow, I loved the show so much!!!!! I love this fansite soo much!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!! I think I saw on your twitter that you are going to get the song titles for us of the songs that played in the show tonight..THAT MAKES YOU A SUPERSTAR!!

  2. This was one of the best shows I have ever seen in my entire life! I thought I was Twilight obsessed! It has been years since a show even remotely as interesting as this has been on. I am SO excited to see the 2nd episode. I don’t usually write on these things but after seeing the first episode I was compelled to! People, if you are considering watching this but hesitant because of the Twilight craze please give it a chance, you will love it!

    All three of the main characters are divine actors. The emotion felt so real. This exceeded my standards by far.

  3. I’m little upset of how they casted Elena, and there is NO Meredith!! I read all of the Vampire Series and so far I think they have re-written the plot! Bonnie has curly red hair in the book! And Elena ha blonde hair and blue eyes in the book too! ALSO Elena has a little sister Margaret in the book not a brother named Jeremy! But all in all I love the show!! And isn’t Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder HOTTIES!!! They are exactly how I picuted the two Salvatore Brothers!!

  4. OMG! I’m totally freaking out! (in a good way) I couldnt stop smiling through the entire premiere. Though i must say i was confused in some of the changes the director did like Elehna having a brother & some other small detailes but over it was great :)

    P.S: Damian is so HOT & BAD!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow! It was pretty good. But it got even better when Damon (Ian) came in the last 20 minutes. But the chemistry between Stefan and Elena was definitely there. And MAN is Damon EVIL. They sure did a great job with his character. All in all, one of the better adaptations I have seen of a series of books in a while. Really good, and just as good as I expected and wanted!

  6. I loved the show!! Can’t wait for next week! The CW usually posts the song titles on the episodes don’t they? I’ll keep an eye out for it! :)

  7. I definitely LOVED it! I cannot wait until next week! I absolutely love the chemistry between Stefan & Elena! Damon is cast perfectly! The music was great & all timed so perfectly! One final fangirl moment – I loved Stefan’s abs :)

  8. I was a bit skeptical of watching the show at first. I heard the books were exactly like the Twilight Series, and I was less than impressed with the Twilight movie.
    But there was absolutely no comparison!. The actors were AMAZING, i loved loved loved the music selection. Even the special effects were good. Needless to say, this show has a permanent spot of my tv schedule.

  9. I was very impressed. I was a little sceptical while watching the previews, but I was pleasently surprised. I didn’t even mind all the changes that were made. So. Freaking. Fabulous. Paul Wesley has now topped my Freebie Five. :)

  10. OMG loved the show! I havent read the books yet but i think i just might pretty soon. Ahhh cant wait for the following episodes. Definitely my favorite show for this year!!! Totally fell in love with Stefan!!! =D

  11. Wow, Alot of similarities either to Twilight or the other way around. Im not sure which came first. Honestly, I havent read the books but I love the series. It feels way more realistic than Twilight does. The vampire characters are REAL vampires and they are so convincing. The actors are great!! They actually even have some of the same music in Friday Night Bites I think, thats supposed to be in New Moon. They were playing “Your a wolf” By Seawolf (amazing pacific northwest band!) and thats featured in New Moon. But The shows amazing, and I think theyll be alot of rivalry between fans of the Twilight Saga and this. However I feel each has its own individual awsomeness :D Im glad they chose more convincing characters for this series rather than Twilight because Twilight is only four movies and Id rather be addicted to amazing characters and an amazing plot for longer than four movies. :)! Cant wait for moreeeeeeee!

  12. i cant watch how come i clicked on the link and i cant open it can someone help me out i cant figure it out

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