Vampire Diaries Pilot Trailer – [insert fangirl squee]

Lord. Have. Mercy. Here is the official trailer for The Vampire Diaries. I have complete faith that this series is going to be a HUGE success. I wish the summer was over and it hasn’t even started yet!

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  1. i was half asleep while watching smallville and the trailer came out…. I thought I missed it so thanks

  2. i love the vampire diaries … but i remember elena being a blond, blue eyed girl. and i dont remember a 15 year old brother named jeremy. i remember a 4 year old sister named margaret. is the tv show following the series at all or just taking what they want and making the rest up as they go? dont get me wrong i’ll watch it, but they should get the facts of the book right.

  3. The TV show is based on the books, not a straight out word for word version.

  4. wow surprisingly i liked it. i actually thought they all looked good.

    i am defitnely going to be watching this, but just one problem.
    when does this show air?

  5. We must make sure that we spread the word!!! Everyone must know VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!

  6. OOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGG!!!!!! It looks alot better than I thought it would. Cant wait to watch it !!!!!

  7. It will be on Thursdays at 8pm on the CW network…no word yet on what date it will first air.

  8. Ok this series looks good… but what about Katherine? She was the main part of all the books. None of the stuff would happen if it weren’t for Katherine… and Elena is supposed to be blond and pale with blue eyes

  9. I’ll watch this, only because I loved the books and Ian S. looks hot in it. But I will not be a happy camper if every fifteen seconds I go “When did THAT happen? That wasn’t even in the book!” because while I’m not looking for a scene by scene version, changing FACTS around (IE, Elena having a brother instead of her little sister) is extremely offensive and makes me feel sorry for the author who put hard time into creating these characters for their novel. While the vampire love thing isn’t anything new, if they’re going to change it around completely, why attract the people who are into the BOOKS? So, fingers crossing they don’t bitchslap it into the trashcan by being stupid, cuz I LOVE me some vampires.

  10. I’m curious about the show, but I read the books as a kid fifteen years ago before Twilight ever came into being. As a Twilight fan, and an original VD fan, I have to admit I’m pissed at how much they are changing. Why even bother keeping the names the same if you are going to cut out main characters (like Meredith has been so far and possibly Katherine) and so completely alter the characters descriptions?? Elena- blond hair blue eyes, Bonnie petite bubbly red-head…etc. At least Twilight put in the effort to keep character descriptions and the plot as close to the books as possible. CW isn’t even trying to follow the books. I would have rather them come up with their OWN idea then destroy a series of books that girls have loved for a long time. Any Twilight fan would be PISSED if the CW was treating that series with the same disrespect they are showing this one.

  11. this looks sooo retarted it is nuthin like the books at all i mean not one thing literally was like the book it was frigin stupid

  12. You know, it may not be exactly like the books (it’s definitely different), but I think it’s going to be really well done. Remember, though, that while Damon wasn’t the main bad guy in the books, he was still on the outs with Stefan. I can’t wait to see this!

  13. Does anyone know the date this show will come out? I want to see it SO bad!

  14. Oh my gawd shut the fuck up who gives a shit if youre pissed about the casting. I mean dam we got a really hot cast and anyway i am so tired of hearing about this blonde shit and honestly i knw shes blonde and pale in the book thank gawd she is in the show. P.s. Luv katerina as bonnie :)

  15. I also read this series 15yrs ago and LOVED IT (still have the original books)! It is sad that the show will be different than the story I cherished so much. The pilot trailer was good, and the cast is hot-looking, no doubt. But I hate being teased into thinking something will be what its not. Because this tv show is NOT the VD it keeps referring itself to.

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