The Vampire Diaries plot summary

I was browsing around over at TVweek.com and found this nice plot summary for The Vampire Diaries posted…so I kinda stole it. ;-)

8:00-9:00 P.M.
Four months after the tragic car accident that killed their parents, 17-year-old Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev, “DeGrassi: The Next Generation”) and her 15-year-old brother, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen, “Everwood”) are still trying to cope with their grief and move on with their lives. Elena has always been the star student; beautiful, popular and involved with school and friends, but now she finds herself struggling to hide her sadness from the world. As the school year begins, Elena and her friends are fascinated by a handsome and mysterious new student, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley, “Army Wives”). Stefan and Elena are immediately drawn to one another, and Elena has no way of knowing that Stefan is a centuries-old vampire, struggling to live peacefully among humans, while his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder, “Lost”) is the embodiment of vampire violence and brutality. Now these two vampire brothers ─ one good, one evil ─ are at war for Elena’s soul and for the souls of her friends, family and all the residents of the small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. Based on the series of books by L. J. Smith, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is from Alloy Entertainment and Bonanza Productions Inc in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios with executive producers Kevin Williamson (“Dawson’s Creek,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer”), Julie Plec (“Kyle XY,” “Wasteland”), Leslie Morgenstein (“Gossip Girl,” “Privileged”) and Bob Levy (“Gossip Girl,” “Privileged”). Marcos Siega (“Dexter”) directed the pilot.

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  1. nicely stolen ;]
    but does anywhere know what channel it will be on yet?

  2. -doesn’t know how to find that but will try- :|

    plus I’m from England… does that change anything?

  3. Oh wow, Vicki, then I am sure you don’t get that channel in England. I am assuming that once the episode has aired here in the States, it will be available to watch on the CW website. I am not 100% sure on that, we will have to check that out once the show starts up!

  4. Vampire diaries is a very cool show. If ur the romantic type then ull love it. :)

  5. deffinetely …8-> Damon is the coolest:X:X ….but i wish that Elena could be with Damon not stefan :|….I mean the relationship of Dalena would me more interesting not only because Damon is the sexiest =p~….Does anybody knows wth who will Elena be at the end ? :o3

  6. damon is mine back off bitches and i dont care who elena ends up with it should be damon or stefan but katherine and jeremy are the best

  7. Damon and Elena belong 2gether… they wud b the cutest couple ever but it wud suck 4 stefan cause he is pretty damn HOT!! but Damon is so much, MUCH more SEXIER!!! TEAM DAMON 4 LIFE:))

  8. i think damon and elena are the best couples ever and i love em soo freaking much soo cute :D andd yh for bonnie i think she should take a break from all this unnecessary stress shes goin thru and have some fun..to damon and elena :*

  9. No doubt Damon is sexy…….but so is Stefan…n I’m damm sure elena is gonna end up wid Stefan

  10. I don’t care elena end up with who. i don’t really like her. i loved stefan.

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