Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.14 – Down the Rabbit Hole – Episode Stills

Thanks to The CW we have the episode stills for the February 14th episode 4.14 “Down the Rabbit Hole”. Spoilers ahead!

Down the Rabbit Hole


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  1. Okay seriously If Damon dies I quiet this show!! Damon and Elena were meant to be together <3

  2. Stefan, Elena and Damon will all survive until the last season if not the last episode or else the show is over. Not saying they all will still be alive when the final credits air, but they are the show. So no worried. Even if they Kill Damon off I suspect Silas will resurrect him (and Kol for the spinoff should Kol die).

    Damon does look best up and bitten.

  3. Mel do not be alarmed they have her best friend of Elena (Bonnie) who has her ultimate powers and Shane who is Hepling Bonnie so no worries Shane is an inmortal one and shane he want’s to help and protect bonnie and bonnie could be cure for now one for better or for worse Damon so no worries bonnie is the key so no Worrie infact Stefan have him in that attic lock so its totaly control the damned show so FANS EVERYTHING IS UNDERCONTROL Bonnie and Shane is the powerful witches so no Worries the show is undercontroll that’s why i damned love the freaking show

  4. Damon is supposed to have a nasty run in with another vampie hunter I think. IA that none of them will die until the last few episodes they would lose way to many viewers for them to even think about it.

  5. I agree I’m sure Damon will be on the show til the end – he might die so they can kill the sire bond but they’ll find a way to bring him back to life like they always do…but can’t the writers let him be happy for once? This torture is getting a little boring and sad

  6. I’m sure they will keep Damon on the show until the end of it.

    Elena and Damon soo deserve each other.

  7. Someone on Instagram just said that damon will die for some episodes and Elenawill lose all her humanity because of this. She’ll go crazy. But when Silas being raised, he’ll bring back Damon with him…

    dunno if that’s true, but anyway… I don’t wanna deal with Damon missing in more than 2 episodes!! :(

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