Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.12 – A View To A Kill – Episode Stills

Check it out! Bonnie & Kol get up close and personal in Episode 4.12 titled “A View To A Kill”. The episode airs January 31st.

A View to a Kill


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  1. Is this a love moment between Bonnie and Kol? Or do you think he is pinning her up against the wall?
    I feel like it could be the second, but perhaps just charged with sexual tension.
    I wouldnt object to the two of them together to be honest!

  2. Will Kol die here?

    The next episode descriptions make it sound as Jeremy’s mark is complete.

    Does he kill Kol with the white oak stake to defend Bonnie? Kol + his line would probably finish his tattoo….

    Dumb unless he somehow lives (hopefully Klaus interrupts and daggers him?)
    or gets resurrected to star in the spinoff. I know Elijah and Klaus will be regulars but I want the whole family involved, at least in flashbacks through the series.

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