Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.07 – My Brother’s Keeper – Episode Stills *SPOILER*

OMG…check out these spoilery photos from The Vampire Diaries Episode 4.07 titled “My Brother’s Keeper”. The episode will air November 29th, when the show returns from Thanksgiving break. Thanks to TV Overmind for posting!

And thanks to @TheCW_PR for posting another little surprise from this episode last night before the show aired!

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  1. I believe Damon is perfect for Elena. He loves her human or vampire and strong enough to except her for who she is bad or good. Katherine is stronger and I feel better suited to deal with Stefan’s torture soul.

  2. Okay we knw that stephan is the man but how can he not love her as a vamp. Thats not kool, sounds a bit selfish to me, she love him as a vamp or human. About time they give them a chance because itnot a triangle if they other person gets no pay. Im not on any sides. But come on its about time they let them two get together for three or four episodes. he is sooooo sexy. Go elena and damon

  3. I just want to say FINALLY!!! It is Damon she belongs with and who loves her unconditionally!! I have been waiting to see them dig into D & E’s relationship!!

  4. I love to see Damon and Elena together because Damon is Elena’s soulmate.I hope they will be together forever.

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