Win An Autographed Photo of Paul Wesley

This giveaway is now closed. Winner announced HERE.

As our giveaway for Nina’s autographed photo is winding down, I thought I would go ahead and get Paul Wesley’s started. Again, Hub Productions generously obtained autographed photos from the cast when they were in Australia for Vampire Diaries Online to give away. This time a beautiful glossy 8×10 autographed photo of Paul Wesley. Check it out, and the rules follow.

  1. Leave a comment on this post! Tell me why you want to win!
  2. Follow us on Twitter at @tvdfansonline! Then post in the comments section that you did or if you already do!
  3. Tweet about the contest. Tweet the following phrase and link, “I wanna win an autographed photo of Paul Wesley from Vampire Diaries Online http://bit.ly/9RrV1J” Only one tweet will count and then post a comment saying you tweeted it.
  4. Also you MUST provide a valid email address when leaving a comment, because that’s how you will be contacted. I won’t post your email during the announcement, I’ll just announce the name of the winner, then contact you shortly after!
  5. Winner will be chosen via random.org.

Don’t forget to leave a comment for each entry, because that’s the only way entries will be counted! The contest will be a quick one, starting today and closing Sunday, July 25th at 11:59pm CST and is open to everyone. Good luck!


Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 10 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever


  1. I want to win the autograph picture of Paul, because he’s hot, and I have been a fan for years. Besides, I never win anything! LOL!

  2. Following you. I want to win because Paul Wesley is a great actor and I will never have a chance to see him in real life, so this is the only chance.

  3. I LOVE PAUL WESLEY SO MUCH! He is my absolute favourite and I want to win this sooooo much! He’s such an amazing, hot, sexy actor! I am following you on twitter :)

  4. I’m following you on Twitter. I want to win Paul Wesley’s autograph, because he’s soooooooooooo hot and talented!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I want to win this autographed photo of paul wesley because: i will never get the chance to meet him and get his autograph and i am a huge fan of him and he is just so sexy. i do follow u on twitter:)

  6. Yes I do follow you guys on Twitter already and I want to win the autographed picture of Paul wesly because I love his character on vampire diaries and that he is an extremly good actor and I have to say that he is super hot!!!
    Oh and yes I tweeted about this and the link.
    I love TVD!!

  7. I want to win the Autograph because my mums birthday is coming up and she would love me forever :-p And i could drool over it too.

    been following on twitter for a while now and i tweeted.

  8. I want to win this because Paul’s a great actor and to be honest, I’m thinking of giving it to a friend who’s been so good to me and to other people. She’s a bigger Paul Wesley fan than I am and I’d love to surprise her with this! =)

    Already follow. And I tweeted without the Nina Dobrev @. =)

  9. I’d like to win the autographed picture of Paul because I’m actually starting a wall of Paul. Yes, seriously. It’s going to be a very artistic montage of his face that when viewed from a distance resembles a close up of that perfection but is in fact comprised of many smaller autographed images.

    This picture is an integral piece of that vision. :]

  10. I want to win this because I absolute adore and admire Paul Wesley. He is handsome, amazingly talented, a cool and sweet person. He’s always bringing his best to his work, as evidence on The Vampire Diaries. Also, I am a follower of tvdfansonline. Have been since last fall.

  11. Also, I just tweeted the message and I’m @JLMadridFederer.

  12. My Twitter is @keishalolx3
    i tweeted about the contest and posted the link

  13. I do follow you [@ursha007] ;) And one mistake you made…Under number 3 rule it’s written I want to win an autographed photo of NINA and not Paul. Just thought you might want to correct this :)
    So why do I want to win this? First I wanted to say just because he is amazing. But I have more reasons…I have been a fan of him even since I have seen the first episode of TVD. He is such a great actor and he is so caring as a person as well. He cares a lot of his fans. I have been trying to get his autograph since TVD started but have always been unsuccessful.
    Have a nice day.

  14. Hey, I tweeted it and followed you ;D
    I hope I win because I love Paul and i’m dying to have his autograph.

  15. following you :) wanna win it because i love the vampire diaries and im a big fan of ian, nina, and paul :) i tweeted it already.

  16. Hey! I follow you on twitter and I posted the phrase (@LNessaTinuviel). I want to win this photo, because:
    1) Paul is a great actor
    2) he’s hot and cool and talented
    3) I dont have a chance to meet him myself
    4) I never win anything? Lol

  17. I tweeted the message…My twitter is twitter.com/hannahrodgers

  18. I want to win an autographed Photo of Paul Wesley because, I’m a big TVD and Paul Wesley fan. And I’ve been wanting to get something autographed by a cast member for a long time…but I have almost given up all hope that any of them will ever come to Chicago.

  19. I would like to win this autographed photo of Paul Wesley so I can torture Jacqui with it. Then send it to her out of guilt. ;-)
    Of course I already follow, girl! I follow the awesomeness!
    And I’ll tweet about this sweet sweet contest right now. :-)

    -Tara xo

  20. Here it goes again… lol: I want to win this pic, because
    1) Paul is a great actor
    2) he’s hot and cool and talented
    3) I dont have a chance to meet him myself
    4) I never win anything? Lol

  21. i want to win because once i first saw the vampire diaries i knew that i would want to continue on with it . by that meaning is to stick with it for my whole life. winning this could be a chance that i could bring it to my grave with me. thats how much i love it.

  22. I want to win an autograph of paul because he’s such a good actor and I love everything I’ve ever seen him in lol

  23. I follow u on Twitter and would luv to win autograph from Paul Wesley!!!

  24. I would love to win an autograph from Paul Wesley because I love Vampire Diaries TV series, the books and Paul Wesley. He is the PERFECT Stefan, they couldn’t have picked a better person to play Stefan. I read the Vampire Diaries before it was a series on TV. Therefore, to watch it come alive on TV has been such an experience. Seeing Paul breathe life into Stefan the way he has is just priceless. They discovered the perfect actor to play Stefan when they picked him. Also, this is one of the few shows my Husban and I enjoy watching TOGETHER!!! Therefore, I deserve to win!

  25. So in 3 comments that would be…

    I do follow you [@ursha007]

  26. And why do I want to win this…First I wanted to say just because he is amazing. But I have more reasons…I have been a fan of him even since I have seen the first episode of TVD. He is such a great actor and he is so caring as a person as well. He cares a lot of his fans. I have been trying to get his autograph since TVD started but have always been unsuccessful.
    Have a nice day.

  27. I would like to win this autographed pic of Paul Wesley because, quite frankly – he is the sweetest, sexiest, most huggable vamp in my eyes ;)

    Nothing beats a wall of Paul though Jacqui!! Love it!

    I already follow & will tweet now!!

  28. Aaaand will tweet now (I’m a bit slow on the procedure of it all…LMAO)

  29. ☮♥ Vampire Diaries….I wanna win an autograph of Paul Wesley because I luv Vampire Diaries, Ian, Nina and Paul!! Ok, I admit, I love vampires. LOL

  30. Hey, I’d really like to win an autographed photo from Paul, because I really like him. I saw him first in Fallen, and then in Vampire Diaries and I think he is one of the most talented actors in our generation. And anyway he is a very good looking man. So I’ll be glad if “he is hanging” on my wall. :-)
    I hope I manage to win. Thanx for the game.

  31. I want this autographed photo of Paul Wesley sooo much!!!!!! He’s amazing and hot i know exactly where it would go on my wall in a frame! He is just the best character on Vampire Diaries and i really wanted to got the Hub Production event but i couldn’t :(

  32. I follow you :-) (@wachal)

    Why I wanna win :-) you saw his abs, his talent and his sweet smile? :-D
    He is amazing

  33. I wanna win because I love the vampire diaries!!! :D and i’ve gotten all my friends addicted to the series as well.

  34. I love everything Paul Wesley and would love to have his picture, he is my fav. Vampire i promis to frame it and put it above my bed. Hi Ruthie i follow & read your tweets everyday, love you too.

  35. Ive Been a Fan of Vampire diaries for yearrs and Paul Wesley is the best and he is soo Hot it would mean alot to win because ive never won a thing before lol ! :P

  36. I already follow you on twitter :)

    I have been a paul wesley fan for ages. since i saw him in the O.C. and for years i’ve loved the vampire diaries. when i found out paul wesley was going to be in the tv series i loved it even more. i dont have a job so i didn’t have the money to go to the hub production sydney tvd convention. It would of made my dream come true if i got to go and see paul wesley but i didnt fulfill that dream so this would mean soooooo much if i won the autograph, i’ve entered so many competition for something and never won but this one is the most important comp for me. :D

  37. Tweeted, was following you before. :)

    Again, I want to win this picture because
    -I’ll never have a chance to meet him myself, because i live so far away and there’s no way they’ll come to Estonia.
    – I’m a fan of his,
    – I’ve never won anything
    – It would make me feel as if I’d got the autograph myself

  38. well…I really like how Paul do his job on TVD..and I have to say that I love his hair-spicking..eheheh..unique! :D
    well..I wanna win his autographed pic cuz I’m sure I’ll never meet him and so thats my only way to have something autographed from Paul!I’ll be the happiest people in the world if I’ll win!(and for the records:I never won nothing in my whole life! :((( )

  39. Already following you on twitter :)

    I would REALLY absolutely adore to win this signed photo of Paul Wesley as it would honestly make my life. I am a HUGE fan of the Vampire Diaries and I think he portrays Stefan fabulously. Honestly, I had this image in my head of Stefan when I first read the books and AS SOON as I saw the programme, I knew that had made the right choice in putting Paul as Stefan. He plays him exactly how I imagined him. He is a fantastic actor and he deserves all the fans he gets. I adore him :)

    Thanks, and good luck!

  40. I want to win because I love Paul and I’m from Canada where we don’t get much TVD love!

  41. I wanna win an autographed pic of Paul because I live in Virginia, far away from Atlanta, New York or LA, where he would be. Plus, the TVD cast never comes to Virginia.

  42. I tweeted and I was already following you.
    but shouldn’t it say “I wanna win an autographed photo of PAUL WESLEY” not @ninadobrev ?

  43. First of all, I think I’ll never GET A CHANCE TO MEET HIM.
    Because I live in Montréal, QC. I know right, « never say never» but if I win this autograph, it will be really amazing.
    I mean, amazing, because I never got a celebrity autograph..
    Plus, the vampire diaries is my favourite show BECAUSE it’s really different and we CAN’T COMPARE THIS SHOW.
    So if I win this autograph, I will always remember that Paul signed this to VAMPIRE DIARIES ONLINE and that VAMPIRE DIARIES ONLINE made me happy FOR ETERNITY . :)

    I followed you on twitter (twitter.com/itsannaeveryone)
    And I tweeted about the CONTEST.

  44. Ok. I get it so we need to post a comment and the following status. Ok. I want this autograph pic because who doesn’t love Paul Wesley. He’s hot.. And.. Ruthie I’m already following you! :))

  45. i already follow you and i just posted it on twitter!!!!!:D

  46. i want to win an autograph picture of paul wesley because I am a huge fan of vampire diaries and he’s hot and a very good actor and i hope i can win his autograph :)

  47. i want to win cauze im a big fan of the vampire diaries show and books and honestly i love ian somerhalder more im practically obsessed with him as a matter fact but i think paul weasly is a pretty awesome stefan and i would be cool to win cauze i never win anything.

  48. I want to win this photo because I completely love Paul Wesley! :D

  49. i already follow you and just posted it and my twitter is @JeNnYaNnE96 plls let me win i love him so much!!!!!!!

  50. I’m already following you on Twitter! (@Mus1c_ )

    The reason why I would like to win? Because there’s barely no chance Paul will come in Belgium so that I can ask him an autograph.

  51. I would absolutely LOVE to win this photo. My little cousin somehow got a hold of my poster that the entire cast signed, and it’s a little torn up now. =( Just one autograph would be enough for me.

    I’m already following you guys, and I just tweeted the message. :D
    I’m @EmilyCown.

  52. I didn’t realise that you could enter three times by doing all three things! ^_^

    Well, obviously I want to win because I am in love with all things Vampire Diaries and Paul is awesome and totally smoking, so… :P

  53. Oops, I guess I’m supposed to leave three separate comments. xD
    Comment number two: I’m already following you guys.

  54. I want to win the Paul autograph because my cousin is such a huge fan and she has had a pretty difficult summer and I believe it would put a smile on her face to have this, and I love her to death and want to see her happy, that is why I want to win :)

  55. i already followed you and i just tweeted the link ;D
    i’m @Kaicchan

  56. i want to win the autograph photo of paul wesley because i absolutly adore him and i dont win anything contest i enter and i really wanna win this one!

  57. i want to win an autographed photo of paul wesley because as an older fan (ok i’m 22 not that old) but i remember watching him in shows that i watched when i was younger. plus he’s just adorable!

  58. I want to win an autograph because I loved the way Paul played the part of Stefan, making it more interesting than books. Also, loving the show very much, I’d love to win the autograph of one of the cast.

    My email: fdm61845@yahoo.it

  59. And comment number three: I tweeted the message. =]=]

  60. 1st comment: Where to begin, Ok So this boy…”Paul Wesley” is not just an “actor” or a “hottie” to me. He is a very special unique individual and I respect him alot not only for his amazing acting he has done in “the fallen” ” guiding light” even being on the regis and kelly show walking models down the aisle..way back when kelly wasn’t on it.. he’s just such an admiring person he makes my heart melt. Another reason is I haven’t got to meet him myself but I’ve seen the way he is with his fans and to me that means a whole HECK of alot for him to take time to take pictures and to jump off a stage and hug one..even kiss her on the cheek… there’s just things normal actors don’t ever do and they normally are “not approachable” if you know what I mean… But he totally is. So I guess what I’m trying to say is I would love a autograph photo of the fella who has touched my heart and brings a smile to my face every thurs night at 8 on the CW =] THanks!

  61. 2nd comment: OH I was following you guys WAY before this contest =]

  62. I am following you on twitter and have posted on my twitter i want to win the photo because i am a massive fan of P Wesley and dont feel i will ever get a chance to meet him and get his autograph in person therefore this comp gives me to get a little piece of P-Dub that i would be unable to get otherwise thsnks :)

  63. I tweeted it! And that’s all three entries for me. :)

  64. I tweeted and I was already following you. [@DhestroyerNik]

    I will be very happy if I could won the autographed photo, because I really like him and I’m his huge fan. He isn’t only a very-very good actor, he has a prepossessing personality, too. He is a perfect vampire. I live in Hungary, what is a fairly little country. So it has a very little chance, that Paul ever come here to Hungary and I can’t be able to travel abroad. It constitute my happiness, if I could have this high treasure in proper.

  65. I would like to win, because I live in Europe, so it wasn’t easy to follow the series week to week. But I didn’t give up, because this is my favourite sereis and Paul is my favourite actor and I would like a photo about him.

  66. Following you already. But the reason i want to win is because Paul Wesley is what a vampire should look like. They dont sparkle!TeamTVD Forever sorry twi-hards but TVD kicks your butt any day.

  67. I followed and I tweeted =)
    I wanna win this because Paul is amazing and I never ever win anything =(

  68. I would like to win because I adore Paul and enjoy watching him on TVD and the other shows and movies he has done.

  69. I just tweeted about the contest for Paul’s picture.

  70. I want to win because i think Paul is a phonomanol actor. He brings stefen to life from the books. He does an incredible job. AND he is dealing well with the stardom.

  71. Ruthie i’m so sorry but i don’t have twitter but i have facebook.
    i want to win the paul wesley autograph because he has always been my celebrity crush i respect him so much as an actor and my heart melts with joy every thursday night when i watch vampire diaries so this autograph is the closest ill ever get to meeting him.
    Ihave never one anything before in my life i had entered in two of your contests but of course i havent won any of them but like i said in the nina dobrev contests im not giving up hope no matter what i really hope u think of picking me.
    P.S keep up the good work your doingon Vampire Diaries Online!!! :)

  72. I want to win the autograph of Paul Wesley, because in my opinion he is a good actor and I never gonna meet him myself and that he’s doing his job great at playing Stefan in “The Vampire Diaries”. Oh, forget to mention that I like him ;)

  73. I want to win a autographed picture from Paul Wesely because he is hotttt, amazing, talented, a brooding, sexy vampire andddddd I love him <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    btwww I tweeted about the contest :)

  74. I am already following you guys on twitter!!! I want to win the autographed photo of Paul Wesley:

    1. He is an amazing actor! He takes his role as an actor seriously because he wants his friends, family, and fans to know he can take on any character that is given to him and make it his own.

    2. He seems to be a very cool, talented, & a humorous fellow.

    3. Lastly, I hope to meet him one day.

  75. I want to win this because Paul Wesley is the most amazing actor! I think he’s set to be the modern Cary Grant. He has the talent and he’s definitely good looking enough.
    I also missed out on meeting him because of an operation. My school went on a trip to Paris but I couldn’t go because of an operation due to a nerve disorder in my foot. My class met him in the Louvre and got pictures and autographs and I never got to…

  76. mmmmm perchè dovrei vincere io il suo autografo?!…allora appena ho iniziato a guardare la serie e ho visto lui mi ha affascinato per la sua storia e soprattutto per l’amore che dava e per la forza che aveva…ho subito cercato informazioni dell’attore e ho visto molti video di lui e per quello che ho visto posso dire che dopo tutto il successo avuto è rimasto sempre una persona umile che si ferma volentieri con i fans anche se sono molti,fa foto,autografi…eh spero di vincere io perchè lo ammiro…

  77. Hi there
    following already
    tweeted already too


    Why I wanna win? obvious…I just love Paul since he did an episode in Smallville (he did a Luthor lol fell in love with him) and the chances that I’m going to meet him someday are like 0, so having the autograph is enough to make me happy

  78. I followed you on twitter and posted it on twitter @JennylovesDC

    Why I wanna win: I really wanna win this cause itd be my dream to win it! So I hope I win

  79. Already following you guys on twitter from my @natbear77 account :)

    And Paul’s definitely my favourite vampire on the show ;) Would love to add his photo, signed by him, to my collection of autographs because I know I’ll likely never get the chance to get it in person myself.

  80. I follow all TVD stars that are on twitter, I don’t get to do much, so for fun I read tweets, watch season 1 of TVD and look for a job. I haven’t had much luck in the job department, so maybe I can get lucky enough to win this. I think Paul, Nina and Ian are great actors, I have much love for each one and what they do. Me having this would make all my friends who btw are huge TVD fans, and who left me home during the Hottopic tour oh so very jealous.

    I tweeted it @xmissknowitallx

  81. Hey. The reason I wanna win this is because I’ve been so into The Vampire Diaries ever since the start. I can definitely say it’s my favorite show atm! and I usually never win anything…AT ALL.

    I’ve started following you on twitter and tweeted the comment @f4yt022

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  82. I wish I had one of his autographed photo because I love Paul Wesley as well as Nina and Ian and it would be nice to win at least as that of Nina, who wanted the Institute with the heart, but I did not win … I leave the commentary to win this picture even though I know not win because if I did not win that Nina figured this xD but now I’ll tell you why the photo autographed by Paul why, why in the TV series he hit me more is sweet, cute, drinking animal blood and human and this is too sweet … and I like how he behaves with Elena in short he is perfect, beautiful and I would win that photo!! While other girls like me write these things because they are smarter and win more with me …

  83. I want to win this photo because I love Paul Wesley! Plus, entering gives me a chance;) Already following you and I tweeted it! –@KatGCanada

  84. I want to win the autograph because I love the TV show, love the crew and the cast who brought the story into life. They all did an impressive job and every episodes just left all of us fans amazed. Moreover, I have great respect for Paul because I think that he is a great actor and he is a very nice and down-to-earth person as well.

  85. I really adore Paul Wesley he is so cute, and if I was so lucky to win this signed photograph, then i would frame it and put it right next to my bed so I could wake up and fall asleep always looking at his gorgeous face :)

  86. I am following tvdfansonline on twitter and I also tweeted the phrase and link on my twitter!! :)

  87. I really love the show, and can’t wait for season two to start!!!!

  88. I already follow you, and I tweeted about the contest.

  89. uhm i want it, becouse this is so cool to have an autograph one of my favourite actors. And I’m Polish too. Just like Paul Wesley.

  90. I am a massive fan of the vampire diaries and love paul wesley!

  91. I want to win the signature, because I really like Paul and even excellent actor, and I’ve never won such a valuable signing.
    To tell you the truth, I never have anything nyeretem.
    I Love You Paul !!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. I already follow you and I would absolutely love to win the autograph! It would make me so happy :)

  93. JUST BECAUSE I LOVE HIM…an also because i live in greece and the possibility of meeting him is ZEROOOO ;p

  94. Hi I’m Sarah and I want to win this picture because I will be 16 on august 18! I would LOVE this as an early sweet sixteen present! Right now I am trying to win that jade jacket but there are very slim chances in me winning.I can NOT tell you HOW MUCH of a dream come true this would be for me! <3

    Win becasue: TOp three
    1) I <3 VAMPIRE DIARIES even before it came out I had read all the books and I thought they were SO good! I got all my friends in on it!

    2)I love all the actors! I watch all their films and shows, Paul welsey especially, and I support them to the fullest!

    3) Would be a treasure I owuld hold close to my heart Forever!

  95. I would like to win this picture because I am a HUGE fan of Paul and this would look so great hanging in my office!!

  96. I’m following you guys on twitter. I wanna win a Paul Wesley autographed photo because I am a huge Paul Wesley fan.

  97. I want to win this picture not for me but for my friend as a surprise birthday gift who’s a crazy VD fan. She’s honestly the sweetest girl I know and she loves this show. I’m off to uni next year and I didn’t get to sign her yearbook or vise versa at the end of this school year, so I think Paul Wesley’s signature would be a great substitute! :P

  98. wow, I didn’t read the instructions properly :S So I am now following on twitter and just tweeted about this contest.

    P.S. I love this picture! I may draw it later, or show it to an amazing artist on dA and ask them to draw it for a commission. :D Its too bad he signed over himself, especially when there’s that space next to him. Ah well :3

  99. I already follow you…

    I would like to win Paul Wesley’s autograph because is an amazing actor. He has such a beautiful smie and gorgeous eyes.

    I still do hope to meet him one day. God Bless him!

  100. I want to gain a photo autographed of Paul because I love to Paul Wesley and the most possible thing they are that this could never ask for a dedication he personally and I would be the person mas happy of the world if tubiera something that Paul done with his own hands ♥

  101. I would like to win an autograhed Paul Wesley picture because Paul is an idol to me. I’ve watched every movie and show he’s been in! It would be a dream come true if I won!

  102. Hello there. I want to win this soo badly because I know that the chance of meeting them on an american street is impossible ‘cuz I live a thousand miles away from the Cast. Hopefully I have my tv -lol-
    If I win this autographed photo my days will change because I know I will have a pretty picture of Paul W in my wall :) .


    -from Costa Rica, Nana Salvatore [jk but seriously]

  103. I like to win the photo of Paul because I think he is a great actor in vampire diaries and in fallen and everithing that he has done and one of my favorites actors. I have watch a million times ever episode of VD(L). Where I live I would never has the chance to meet him and ask him an autograph or anyother of the VD (best serie ever) actors myself because nothing of this would be posible wihouth them, that’s why I want it so badly. Paul Wesley es el mejor!!!!! XD =D
    I already follow you.

  104. I want to win, because I never get to meet Paul Wesley in person, got his autograph… Or win anything… xP

  105. I want this picture of Paul because he’s SUPER hot and I’m a big Vampire Diaries fan, so I want as much Vampire Diaries stuff as possible. Pkus this autograph can go with the 3 autographs I got from Paul, Nina and Ian when I mett them. I also want this because I didnt know about the Nina one and I’m sooooooooooooo so so so sad that I didn’t get the chance to try to win her autographed picture.

  106. I want to win this because Paul is a great actor and seems like a real sweetheart :)

  107. I would like to win because I admire Paul Wesley’s attitude and charisma off-screen and also his ability to portray Stefan in a great way that really fits into how I picture him in the book. Living in a poor to middle class family I doubt I will ever get the chance to go to a convention to meet the stars and get their autograph so you have no idea how much this means to me/how unbelievable excited I would be about it if I won. And also, I realize this was meant to be the first comment but I got confused.


  108. I tweeted it :D
    I bought an autograph from the hub convention from Ian Somerhalder, unfortunately I could only afford one so Paul’s autograph would look perfect on my wall next to Ians ;)

  109. I would love to win Paul’s Wesley autographed photo because I am addicted to Vampire Diaries…
    I would love to own a piece of Hollywoods best series ever to be made for my entertainment. I believe this is only the beginning of Paul’s long career and it would be a cherished momentum of his talent years from now when I’m old. it will hold treasured memories in this time of my young life. thank you for this opportunity S.J .

  110. I would like this picture because I love love love the show and all the characters. This would be an amazing surprise as I have never been lucky enough to win something as wonderful as this online. I have been following TVD online on twitter for about two months now and am going to tweet about this awesome opportunity as soon as I post this comment. Thanks so much! :)

  111. I want to win because I’m a giant fan of TVD and this would mean the world :)

  112. I tweeted it!
    Would LOVE to win this!
    Love The Vampire Diaries :D

  113. I would love to win the autographed picture of Paul Wesley because The Vampire Diaries is my favorite show. I’m absolutely addicted to it and I’m planning on taking a trip to GA to hopefully meet the cast next month. It would be a wonderful piece to add to my collection of TVD memorabilia.

  114. I want to win Paul Wesley’s autograph because I have been a total fan of the show since day one…I have flown all they way to Georgia to see the cast (I live in California) (Sadly they werent there) I walked 40 minutes to see the rock quarry (In “Blood Brothers”) but i was unsucessful, I made braclets for most of the cast, I made a website in honor of the show/cast, and I also came 6 hours early to The Vampire Diaries Mall tour (Hot Topic) I am a dedicated fan. <3

  115. I want to win this autographed photo of Paul Wesley because he is an amazing actor and I’m not sure when i’ll ever get to meet him so I thought i’d take advantage of this amazing opportunity and try to win this autograph :)

  116. oh yea and of course u kno ive been following you since day like one lol^^^

  117. following now, tweeted too.
    I would love to win as TVD is my latest Vamp obsession!!!

  118. I also posted the tweet and I would love to win the autographed picture cause I wont ever get the chance to meet him in real life and I think he’s an amazing actor and has brought the character to life completely

  119. i want to win this because, i love paul sooo much. and i would do anything for him. and i dont want to say i love him just because hes hot. because thats not the only. one reason i love him is because hes the best actor i have EVER seen! sometimes i forget im watching tv, because he makes it seem so real. also because everyday i think about him. not a day goes by and i dont. also my birthday is on the 29th and that would be the BEST birthday EVER if i won!! and whenever i have a bad day at school (which is ALOT) he makes my happy. i love paul with all my heart. thats why i want to win. <3

  120. i have been following you for abit now and also have never had any chnce to meet him because i live in nz and tvd only started here a few weeks ago but i have loved paul for ages i loved him on the fallen and never ever win anything!!!!!!!!! and was so jealous when they were in aussie because i only 3 hours away but it a really pricey flight and i was at school i really really want to win because all my friends and me are in love with paul all we do is talk about him at school it would be so awesome to win !!!!!!!

    i met paul at a comicon convention and it was the best day of my life. i wasnt able to stay for the autograph session so if i could get one of his autoraphs it would be AWESOME!

  122. i want to win this because i’m a big fan of vampire diaries and i’m team Stefan all the way ! :)

  123. i wanna win this autographed picture of paul because: i will never have the chance to meet him and to get his autograph and he is one of my faveorite actors so i would love to have this picture to myself and he is just so sexy lookin in the pic:) i also tweeted this:)

  124. I am already following on twitter and have tweeted the phrase/link. Whoo go Vampire Diaries. All the actors, actresses, and writers have done and amazing job. I will always be there fan!

  125. I already follow you guys & I tweeted it!
    I want to win because I’m a HUGE fan of the Vampire Diaries, read the whole series & seen every episode!
    I’m team stefan all the way….so the pic would be sooooo awesome!

  126. I now follow you guys & I tweeted it!
    I want to win because I love the vampire diaries and well I’m seriously obsessed! Also, I love Paul Wesley….he’s yummy! lol

  127. I want to win this autographed photo of Paul Wesley because I have never gotten an autograph from a celebrity and I love him :)

    Already following you & tweeted about this.

  128. I wanna win bc I love how he plays Stefan on TVD. He’s an amazing actor and is so committed to his job. Plus he’s hot so I wouldn’t mind having his picture lol. :). Already following!!!

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