Vampire Diaries Casting: Paul Wesley to play Stefan

Paul Wesley Vampire Diaries

Big scoop! Stefan has been cast! He will be played by Paul Wesley. What do you think about Paul as Stefan? Sound off in the comments!

Paul Wesley is set to star opposite Nina Dobrev in CW’s drama pilot “Vampire Diaries.”

Based on the Alloy novels, WBTV’s “Vampire” centers on Elena (Dobrev), a tragic heroine who is the object of passion for two vampire brothers, Stefan (Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

Stefan is described as “gloriously, amazingly, epically beautiful young man” who is actually a 200-year-old vampire who has a strong connection with Elena.

Wesley’s series credits include arcs on “24,” “Everwood,” “Army Wives” and “American Dreams.”

He is repped by ICM and Thruline.


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  1. What do I think? No offense to Mr. Wesley..but this is not who I compared all fictional romantic leads to since I read the books.

    What are they doing to this show? Every cast choice has been WRONG WRONG WRONG.

  2. umm… NO>> The guy cast for Matt should be Stephan.. This guy is more of a Matt..

  3. No. He is not Stefan. Not even freakin close. They are having ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said before, lets get together and demand re-casting!!!!! They must have NO idea what the f hell they’re doing… He just isn’t Stefan. I’m sorry.

  4. Wow, they’ve crapped out. If they don’t change some of these people, I’m not even going to bother watching the disgrace to the series.

  5. Alright, I’m the biggest VD freak out there but you guys are right, seriously WTF is up with this casting? So far the only ones who seem right are Caroline, Damon (drools) Matt and Tyler- everyone else is just ridicuolous I wonder if these people have even read the first four books? And what’s up with a brunette Elena? (shakes head) so disappointed


  7. Oh my god I cant believe what are they doing to this show. Are they trying to wreck it on purpose. I mean this is totally wrong. Do they even read our reviews. I think we should get together and demand a re-cast too. i mean this is wrong. Totaly wrong. I am not looking forward to this show now i am sorry.

  8. i don’t like him…
    he don’t look like stefan have to
    I don’t like the casting at all, except for Damon he is more close to the book i think

  9. First of all he for me he his not as handsome that the one playing his brother because the book said both brother are very handsome he his not. But i want the role stefan may drew fuller he look like the picture of Stefan and have green eyes. So hoope he do a good acting

  10. Oh so agree with michelle Drew Fuller would work very well as Stefan. The ONLY good casting is Damon. I seriously hope they rethink there casting. Only 1 character works really well for me and what they have done to the story it sounds like it isn’t even going to be close to what the books are about. If that is the way it is going to be they should just rename the whole series characters make just a few changes and it won’t even be vampire diaries anymore. If you make a book series into a tv series get it a lot closer than this because fans won’t go for it and it will fail.

  11. I think you guys just have to wait and see and give the guy a chance. I’ve seen him in stuff before, and he’s not ugly, and he’s a good actor. It’s pretty much impossible to match exactly the picture we have in our head, and plus it comes down to acting ability and availability, which trumps specific looks I think. Besides, pretty much no show or movie can stay completely accurate to the book it’s based on, and “based on” is the key phrase. Look at Twilight. There was so much upset over the casting, but it’s like bigger than anything now…. so don’t judge until you see the pilot.

  12. I think we should wait until we see the production photos… Getting all upset over photos that have nothing to do with the VD show is wasted energy! I mean hair color, length, style can ALWAYS be changed to match the character. Also actors gain or lose weight based on the role to so I say its too soon to cry about casting.

    I googled Paul Wesley and he seem to have many different looks. His photos on http://www.imdb.com are HOT!!!… I am not sure why the person posting this article choose the very bad picture above!

  13. I would give him a chance for another role. Chris Hemsworth is so hot and so perfect for stephen. Just die his hair a bit. if you dont know him watch the upcomming movie star trek, and he is hot. he would be perfect for the role.

  14. Hmmm…not digging this choice so far. I will have to see more pics and reserve proper judgement until I see him in action.

  15. I agree to what most are saying. I don’t dig him for Stefan’s character. Stefan is the leading man in this awaited tv series. And I really don’t like Paul Wesley as Stefan. :( Makes me sad. Wish they could still change the cast. All the other casts are okay with me, though.

  16. I dislike Paul for the part of Stefan so much my jaw is aching from grinding my teeth so hard. Paul is okay looking but he is too plain to play the part of the 500-year old stunningly gorgeous vampire lead. He is more like Tyler or Dick in the book, not Stefan. I would easily be able to walk past Paul without a second look, but Stefan is supposed to be so hot that girls stop in their tracks. This is not Paul! But who am I but a humble and loyal fan of L.J. Smith who has kept all her books since middle school (and I haven’t been there in almost 20 years).

  17. this guy looks way TOOOOOO old to play Stefan! i dont want him! i really dont! i want to scream to the top of my lungs because i dont, DONT want him to be stefan!!! ugh!!! WHY????????!!!!???? why him? does he look like a stefan!?!?….NOO! he doesnt. and i dont want to be mean but hes ugly….i dont think him and the Elena actor would look good together!! am i right?
    UGH! hate him for stefan! RECAST PLEASE! i beg of you people!!!


  19. he is not a stefan hes supposed to be hotter than that come on !!!!!!!!!!!
    even matts cuter then him on here and hes not supposed to be

  20. Almost all of the cast is disappointing. I know everyone has something a little different in mind when reading a book but it’s pretty sad when the actor playing Mr. Tanner is the most attractive person in the cast and the books never even said anything about him being attractive. Stefan is going to look like a total jock meat head, Elena isn’t even blonde and is rather plain looking(not to mention that the actress paying Caroline looks way prettier than her!!!), and Bonnie is somehow going to be an African-American of Celtic ancestory. It seems like they don’t even care what the fans think and aren’t even making an attempt to get the characters right. I mean how hard could it be to find an attractive blonde actress to play Elena or to even bleach the girl’s hair or to find an attractive guy of appropriate age to play Stefan?


  22. i think…. it’s totally okay with me… =) com’on, wanna see him acting like a vampire this time… he’s a fallen angel in the fallen tv series ryt… i’m so excited!=) don’t ever change paul. he’s okay as stefan! (grin) and to the other cast, i also think they are okay… i already read the book series ok. so they’re just fine.

  23. OMG i am soooooo upset about the casting….. it just erks me that some one would mess up this fantastic book series. I hope and pray that the CW does not pick it up, and if they do they need to totally recast it and change all the little stuff back to the way it is in the book the only similatries are the two vampire brothers are fighting over the girl. the girl cast to play elena is all wrong, stephan is not at all what he is supposed to be and i love stephan but now i dont. the only one that i do like is damon ” he sooo hot and perfect” but otherwise everything is all wrong. L.J. Smith should sew if she could but she doesnt have rights to her own books and that is sad. I WONT EVER WATCH IT if it is gonig to be like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Nina is adorable. Ian is perfect for the role of an evil vampire. Her little brother -okay, her best friend -okay, but her “rival” just isn’t pretty & the others look more like soap opera rejects than anything. This Paul Wesley guy? Seriously unattractive and unbelievable as a vampire. Maybe they can hook him up with equally unattractive “rival”.
    I agree they should have asked DREW FULLER because he’s gorgeous -but he probably would have passed on doing a lame teen show.
    I’m not likely to watch this,but I think Ian’s presence will bring young bored teen girls in hordes.

  25. I knew the script to this movie would end up being different from the books; it’s inevitable. It’s also inevitable that characters would change, but I’m disappointed that they got a ringer for Bella to play Elena, and a ringer for Angel to play Stefan. I always thought that a man who grew up as nobility in Renaissance Italy, and had 200 years of practice, would be a little… smoother. Not rough-shaven and emo-esque.
    Now, I’m not going to complain too loudly about the actors’ appearances; it’s impossible to cast characters from a book and make everybody happy, so you just have to hope the director has a good enough feel for the characters to make the right casting call. But, after watching the trailer, I am afraid that instead of seeing “Stefan”, I’m just going to see an Angel look-a-like acting like Edward. Please, please, please, just don’t lose the refinement that is supposed to be Stefan’s most identifiable feature.

  26. Ok, I read this series even before the new book covers came out re-released. Even back then when I was reading the series, I always imagined what it would be like as a t.v. series or even a movie. (Now this was sometime back in the early 90’s when I was a teenager and was very obsessed with the book series), so it is no wonder that I’m disappointed with the casting choices, especially Elena! Brunette??? Also are here eyes even blue, or at least green?

    I’m just saying that the way I always pictured Elena, as I read the books, was more like how Sarah Michelle Gellar even looked as Buffy. You know, with the blond hair and lighter eyes. Only taller actress though. It’s not even just the fact that this actress is brunette, but she’s not even interesting looking. She is kind of plain like someone here said earlier. Plus, by the way she’s described in the book, she does have paler skin too!

  27. he was okay looking but he would be better suited for playing damon

  28. Wow, this is one Series I will NOT BE watching. I’ve been a fan of the book for a long time now, and when I found out they were making a TV show I was stoked, till the other day when I saw a preview for it on The CW……..

    I love the characters so much in the book, Bonnie was my favorite, the actress they picked to play her looks NOTHING like Bonnie.

    Elena is suppose to have blonde hair, blue eyes. And it is a big deal, because it’s such a big part in the book. Plus, I hated the girl they picked to play her since Degrassi.

    Ugh, what were they thinking casting these people?

    I pictured Stefan to be so much cuter? This dude just looks old….

  29. he is so damn ugly. did they read the book omg i am so pissed ….. why in the hell ok they just ruind the movie or whatever

  30. The casting for The Vampire Diaries is all wrong. Even before reading the books I don’t these characters are believeable. These people are to old to play high school aged teenagers. I can not see Wesley having a dark complicated side. Nor can I see him creating the almost helpless Stephen. Nope, I don’t think I will be watching.

  31. Personally even though he’s not like people imagined i still like it. I was never that into those books but i’ve read the first 2 and i think paul is a pretty good choice. This kind of reminds me of when they showed who was going to play edward in twilight, but in the end the movie still did well.

  32. OMG, Tisi is it, My girl you are so right. Paul is ugly. And I too think that they made the wrong choices in actors for the series. I mean I just started reading the book, good so far. But after seeing the cast choices I might not watch the series.

  33. I wouldn’t mind a brunette…if she was someone who was beautiful. I mean Nina is really pretty but not someone that I would be jealous of. Elena in the book is supposed to be drop dead gorgeous…someone who everyone wants to be and every guy wants to be with. Plus Nina looks like a nice girl, I pictured Elena to look on vain and kinda snobby!

    As for their casting for Stefan…he’s cute, but I’m totally not seeing vampire…he just doesn’t read Stefan to me. I mean Hell Damon, I’d be like f u stefan, Damon is fing hot and I don’t care if he’s a bad boy!!!

    I will still watch it…maybe they would grow on me. At first I wasn’t too sure about Robert Pattionson as Edward, and now I’m like okay he did it well. These people could just have the essence of the characters. We might not see it now…but when we watch it we might be like DAMN she totally nailed her personality…the role…whatever. I’m going to at least give it a chance.

  34. Seriously? He is so hot. And if you watch the CW Extended Preview on YouTube you can see that he is Stefan. He plays the character well. As for Damon. Whew! He is perfect and gorgeous. Elena is not right but because of all of the changes they made it only seems fitting to change her. You should just be happy that the books are coming to life. Just suck it up, watch it, and be happy. <3333

  35. I don’t think just because the chracters are “hot” they are great chracters. Millions of people have read these books and for them this is the book coming to life. People will appreciate a series that is for the most part similar to the book. I’m not saying it has to be fitting to the T, I’m saying make them believeable. Make this series for the aduience that read this series way before it became a hit. Make it for the people who love vampire liturature.

  36. What the hell is wrong with everyone (besides Kim)????!!!! Paul Wesley is absolutely gorgeous!! He’s so classically beautiful. He looks like he could be from another time. I thought he was Italian when I first saw him (mixed). Too bad they changed the Salvatore storyline or else they’d have to change Ian because he just looks white and it’d be sad b/c he’s sexy as hell!!

    I think that many of the girls on here are young (early teens) and like boyish guys (the feminine one as Nikki Reed said—like Robert Pattinson). As you get older, you’ll like more masculine men. Paul Wesley is a manly-man. A real man. He has those broad shoulders, gorgeous jawline and bone structure. He’s also the quietest one too it seems…..he has a sadness to him. Hmmm : )

    I envy his fiancée.

  37. Ok, I have to say for the record I did have Stefan pictured differently while reading the books; however you must understand that this is based on the book (not a replica of the book) that means the producers took the idea of the show from the book, but for sake of keeping the show ongoing and changing they can and have to add in many things. My guess is that they changed the characters to make the show a little more there own. I was disappointed seeing the cast at first, but like everything Hollywood I think we have a 50/50 shot at liking this Stefan just as much as the ones we have all pictured in our own minds. Maybe this actor has a hidden killer persona we haven’t seen yet. I say give him a shot.

  38. Taylor Hanson would make a better 200-year old vampire than this Paul Wesley guy.
    I’ll give this show a chance, but seriously this guy is all wrong for the role. Nina, yet to be seen. She seems cute but I’m not sure that she has the classic beauty look.

  39. ok that guy is frickin ugly @$$ why the heck did u guys pik im? i mean, he dont look like no vamp to me n hes butt face ugly as pooop. aint romantic lookin neither. wtf???
    n yeah, i rally dont care whose feelings i hurt but… GET THAT UGLY @$$ OFFA THERE!!!!!

  40. I disagree with everyone! I think that the cast is perfect! Elena is beautiful and althought she is supposed to be blonde, I think that she fits the character perfectly. I totally agree with Sandra’s post, Paul Wesley is totally hot and masculine. I am 25 and I got to say he is so sexy and to me he is the hottest man on TV! He makes a perfect vampire. I have watched the first episode over and over and can get over how gorgeous he is. There is no way this guy is ugly…and I think he is a great actor. All the people wrting post saying he is ugly should look at themselves first, I bet you are all ugly! Well my opinion is this will be a great show. And I will be watching every single episode just so I can see Paul Wesley! Paul, if you get to read this, dont listen to all these people, you are a great actor and so gorgeous..Im your #1 fan

  41. I honestly cannot believe all the crap comments about the casting!!!! And I bet EVERY one of you that complained did the same when they casted Twilight.. And look how that turned out!!
    That is an aweful picture of Paul, but in pale makeup, and eyeliner he’s DAM HOT!!! Give people a chance before u start running your mouths saying thier ugly, and a bad choice!!!!!! Friggen grow up!!!

  42. I am a very big fan of the books and i was so looking forward for the tv series. I watch the pilot and i am very dissappointed with the cast especially stephen… i fell in love with stephen in the book but i am not with Paul.. Paul is not ugly but he is just not stephen … not even close…

    As for twilight star Robert Pattionson, the dude is cute even before the movie and in the movie, he is handsome … After watching twilight, i falling in love with Robert … I can’t say the same with Paul … i’m very sad :(

  43. When I read who was going to portray the characters of the books, I was so very dissapointed. I watched the premiere online the other day, and I loved it, though, of course, it was not very loyal to the books – as I would loved it to be. I am not thoroughly pleased, of course, with the cast. Paul does not look much like Stefan, but he is kind of cute, though it seems as if they were trying to copy Robert Pattinson´s look as Edward. As for the twilight movie: The book and the film is a totally different thing to me. Maybe this is going to turn out the same way for me. But I really got excited! I am so dying to watch the next episode, though still the series is not airing here in Mexico…I will watch it online (:

  44. I don’t agree with you guys. Paul is HOT! Have you even seen the show? The picture of him on this website isn’t very flattering. But he is smoking hot on the show. I could eat him up. I want him to make me a vampire. Mmmm. I’m 24 years old, and I know the show isn’t following the books, but I think it’s really, really good. The story’s changed, the character’s have too. I still watch it every Thursday. And I like dark haired Elena. She’s very pretty. So, Paul, I think you make an awesome Stefan. Keep being sexy as hell. And if you get a chance to come my way, Please bite me! And he is so much sexier than Robert. I’m loving this new show.

  45. Well, I am not a teenager. I am a 25-year old woman, and no, I haven’t read the books (sorry guys; I did read all of the Twilight series)… However, I’ve been on a vampire kick ever since True Blood came out, so I decided to give VD a chance – and all I have to say is the casting for this show is such a turn off for me. Mr. Wesley is far far from attractive; in fact, I don’t even find his acting all that good… and who are you kidding – he will not pass for a high school kid in a million years!!!!!!! Paul (no offense to the actor) looks like a typical jock type – big square jaw, tiny nose, close-set eyes, low forehead, thick neck, big shoulders, narrow hips… a dreamy high school boy – not so much?! a manly man – hmmm… not for me… if you want to see a sexy manly guy, then watch Eric in True Blood or Bill, for that matter. I like manly men, don’t get me wrong, but this guy kills my sex drive every time I see him… Henry Cavill is manly, but not in a dumb jock way (of course, he wouldn’t pass for a high school kid either). The casting should’ve been closer to the Gossip Girl casting, where the actors actually pass for their characters’ ages. Chase Crawford and Zach Efron would be better choices for Stefan considering ages of the primary audience and the actual ages of book’s characters. HORRIBLE CASTING!!!!

  46. im nt sure who dis paul wesley guy is bt i av no probs wit him…hes hot n i enjoy watchin di show!!….di show is jus so addictive!! n i luv it n di actors r gud…neways hes doin a nice job in da show n i enjoy watchin it!!!!!:)

  47. Awww come on people! Am I the only one who thinks Paul Wesley is gorgous! Quit hateing! he’s hot and you are all ugly anyways! elaina is a pretty girl and if anyone thinks other wise then I would just love to see a picture of what you look like!

  48. awsome hahahahahahaha beutiful ahahahahahahahaa moi hahaha lol me silly awsome show awsome characters and awsome guys!:)

  49. I think paul is awsome hot and more awsome. great actor i wish i could be an actor and be in the same show as him and so does my friend sarah lol hottie(paul)

  50. I think paul is awsome hot and more awsome. great actor i wish i could be an actor and be in the same show as him and so does my friend sarah lol hottie(paul) sorry mest up! for the first try

  51. I loooooove Paul Wesley! Ive only seen him in TVD and hes amazing! hes good looking, i mean really HOT, and hes a great actor. cant wait for more shows. Love ya! <333 Lots of love from Norway!

  52. + hes got the perfect lips, just like its discribed in the books! :P veeeeery kissable *thud*

  53. Omg i love Stefan. I want him to bang me. =] aha
    hes so hot, i dont even know how u guys cant think hes hot.


  54. uh well i can say that paul ttly does not look attractive in this pic however he is friggin’ HOT in the show!! and i think rob pattinson is ugly!!

  55. i agree with the ones who are saying to give Paul a chance…It really does come down to good acting and none of you guys would have agreed on one single person because the book character stefan is going to be completely different in everyone’s mind. I personally think that Paul is very sexy and i look forward to watching every week :)

  56. OMG… Paul is the ultimate gorgeous, sensual, caring, and everything else I can think of! Did not like the idea at first that Paul was going to be Stefan, but now… I can’t see anyone else playing this role… This picture is not the best one… Does not do him justice at all…. I prefer him over Rob Pattinson any day! He is so yummy! He is smoking hot…

    To the ladies who are going goo goo gaga over the Rob (Edward) in Twillight Sagas, this is the real deal… Paul Is a lot better in every which way!

  57. This is not a very good pic of Paul… But OMG… He is absolutly eye candy! ANd much much more!

    I agree with Angela…. ROB WHO? Keep it real… Paul is the absolute vampire persona…. Misterious, sensual, and OMG the serious looks! Just melts you!

  58. This is Stefan! I just recently read the books and the whole time i could just picture Paul as Stefan. Hes beautiful!!! I know that Elena really has blonde hair but Nina is the best Elena out there, blonde or brown headed! And Ian is plays Damons part so well.
    This is most diffently my FAVORITE tv show!!!


  59. You people are crazy! Paul Wesley could not be more gorgeous and perfect as a reluctant Vampire with those soulful eyes and that delectable mouth….OMG! When he looks deeply into Elena’s eyes you can feel the intensity of his love for her. What girl could resist that!? And his brother Damon is just too delicious for words and Ian Sommerhalder plays the bad boy sooooooo well. Still my heart still belongs to Stefan because you can feel his pain. I’ve been having daydreams about him since I discovered the show a few weeks ago. I was thrilled that the network decided to run a marathon this week. The love scene between Elena and Stefan (the 2nd show I saw) was so perfect that I can’t bare to delete it from my dvr. The music that is being used for their scenes is incredible! I can’t wait for the new season to begin in January.

  60. ok most of u, he is cute and in vampire diaries he is a great stefan i wouldn’t want the charcters to change i like paul wesley being stefan salvatore, i proabbly wouldn’t watch it if they changed. and no saying he’s ugly cause really he’s not. and right now episode 10 is my fav cause they get back together and yah but ill see when episode 11 comes out and all the others

  61. The could have not cast anyone better (or cuter) to play Stefan. When i was reading the books i pictured him almost exactly like Paul Wesley. He has the dangers look to him as well as the power to make girls mouths drop open at the same time.
    I think you probably couldn’t have picked a better actor to play Stefan. There are not many pale, hot and dangers looking guys out there so i think they did a good casting job for the tv series

  62. Idiots!! I read the books and Paul and everyone else are amazing, ya so Elena’s hair and eyes are not right but her face is! God, i think Paul Wesley is the freaking BEST!! I love him for stefan!

  63. I could lick chocolate off Stefan AND Damon, I want both just like Katherine (But my heart truly belongs to Paul Weasley…I mean Stefan Salvatore…opps) ;)

  64. I think they made a good choice in casting Paul Wesley is so hot and so is Ian!!!

  65. Casting on this show really does suck… all the way around. And what’s up with Elena suddenly having a brother and no longer having a sister???

  66. paul is awsome, he has the best set of abs I have ever seen!! Also, he has a really cool and mysterious look…me like :P

  67. Damn! The show just started two weeks ago here. Seen him before….think he has what it takes.

    And ehm…..i’m sorry but he’s hot!

  68. When i saw all three of the actors for Elena, Stefan and Damon I thought the guy for Damon was Stefan…isn’t Stefan meant to have sort of wavy hair?

  69. omg i think paul is pefect, he is sexy a good actor and did i mention sexxxxxy, ur all mad if u think he is not worthy of the job! i love u paul…. xxxx

  70. Me encanta este actor es hermoso y sutil es stefan es divino me enloquece adoro la seri.Daiana de argentina Rio Negro.

  71. wow u all nuts or what do u see that pic up there hes perfect a dream man for any woman….. yes paul does very well as stefan hes one hot lad. go paul xxxxx

  72. i lovee the characters from the vampire diaries. oh my god there soo FINE and there romantic scenes makee me goooo INSANE.

    ahhhhhhh wish to see them actorss.
    don’t worry im not an obssesed fann i just think there reallyy good looking guys.

  73. I think Paul Wesley is was a fantastic choice for stefan
    He is really good looking and a amazing actor and this part was done for him he made me fall for him as this character so im sure there is many more people out there that feel the same.
    All the characters fit the show perfectly which makes it more watchable for anyone.

  74. ii luvv this show !! it’s sooo . . . amazing !! :D but ii hatee how it’s SO nasasasasewwwqs342rADSerdserdrreerererererre3r23421!234d4rdx0

  75. Wow werent all of you at the beginning wrong!! I think Paul Wesley is the hottest man I have ever seen. I would love to be elana!! I would do very naughty things to him!! damon and jermey are pretty hot as well, but steffan takes the cake!! And I find NOTHING ugly about the picture above or him. He is a wonderful actor! Honestly, they should have used him in twilight because he blows edward out of the want!! By Far Sexiest Guy I Have Ever Seen!!!

  76. And I am not a little teenager miss 25 year old… Im 23. You are insane!! and obviously have a horrible taste in men! Paul is sexy! Just wish real men actually were as sweet and nice and devoted as stefan is in the show, but i guess thats what makes it so likable!!

  77. I read the books and watch the show and Stefan has felt wrong to me from the beginning. I am a MUCH older woman, but this guy doesn’t look like a teen or boy or hot. He is attractive, but this character should be much more than that and Paul just is not it. His character is not hot and boring as can be. I keep rooting for Damon cause that is one HOT vampire. TV Stefan just leaves me cold and wondering why Elena wants to be with him.

  78. I personally think that all the men on TVD are beyond sexy.
    I never read the books because the name “Vampire Diaries” sounded incredibly cheesy. But finally, I decided to give the TV show a try, and I loved it!
    Usually movie or TV representations ruin its book/book series counterpart. I would know, I’ve had many good books ruined. But (MY FIRST TIME) from a viewpoint from someone who hasn’t read the books, I love the show! <3

  79. Ok, so from my point of view, now at the end of the second season, he PEES ME OFF! And no offense to all the people that liked the books, but the books are pure loads of sh#t, yes I’ve read them and they are so lame and badly written and ridiculous. And I’m glad they replaced Elena with a brunette. At least people with brown hair get a chance, blonds are too widely advertised.
    I hate the books but love knowing they exist so that if people say TVD copied Twilight I can say TVD is 20 years older than TVD!
    I think the things that most irritates me about Stefan/Paul Wesley are: his eyes, his bushy eyebrows and his nose, and how he growls or yells in TVD+how he thinks hes cool in certain parts.

  80. ookkkk so is everyone crazy or what??? paul wesley is HAWTT, gorgeous! i love him and his vampire acting is so real and good… please if ur not a fan dont dome hating of TVD’s characters cuz they are all amazing

  81. BTW i find this way better than twilight, like ive seen all the movies and they’re not that great, a friend told me the books are better though :/ anyways VD is so much better than twilight

  82. It’s soo funny looking through the comments from before thesis began.. Now that it’s half way into the third season I see all those comments are ridiculous! Paul Wesley is gorgeous and freaking perfect for Stephan!

  83. Coming from someone who’s never read the books, (made that mistake with Twilight, hated the movies) I think that this is a fantastic show! And Paul is gorgeous, and I feel like it’s perfect.
    I just hope him and Elena get back together, ughh.
    This show tares at my emotions and keeps me going from episode to episode. love it. xx :)
    I notice that I’m probably the most recent comment, got a late start into this show! hah.

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