Vampire Diaries Cast in Melbourne – Recap By Paul Wesley Australia

Here’s a portion of a great recap from Jacqui of Paul Wesley Australia! She was fortunate to attend the event in Mebourne. Also Jacqui was the winner in the video contest for Paul Wesley’s intro. Check out her photo opp pic with him below and how he signed it! So happy for her!

For Americans, yesterday was Independence Day — for the Australian fans of The Vampire Diaries in Melbourne — it was the day their wildest dreams came true.

Twitter is thriving today with tweets from fans who attended both the Sydney and Melbourne leg of the convention, there’s a thousand stories all running at once about moments with Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Michael Trevino and Paul Wesley and they all, however retold, share the same words; you hear them again and again:

Beautiful. Charming. Lovely. Gracious. Impossibly gorgeous.

And the thing of it is, with this cast, there’s not a word of it that isn’t the absolute truth. If I learned anything at all yesterday it’s that this is a bunch of actors who feel completely indebted to their fan-base for all the support they’ve given their show and those don’t come across as empty words from the likes of Damon Salvatore himself, Ian Somerhalder, ‘without you guys,’ he said during his Q & A session, ‘there wouldn’t be a show’.

Read the rest of the recap!


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