Stefan – Season 3 Trailer – The Vampire Diaries (FAN MADE)

It’s been too long for some of us TVD fans. Okay let’s face it for all of us. However, I just saw something that will make everyone of you want to die next.

Yes, like for most of you, who ever FELT. WANTED. HOPED. DREAMED and IMAGINED the day when Stefan played by the utterly AMAZING and hilarious Paul Wesley (@paulwesley) would bring to life the other side of a bad-ass Vampire and its blood lust effect, should watch this fan video by (@karldeeds). Its crafted for one thing, to ask yourself.

Will. You. Be. Next?

Squeee Season 3 -BRING IT! – *with hands waving and neck exposed happily* – Enjoy!


Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 10 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever


  1. Just finished reading Vampire Diaries vol one two and three the Stefan’s diaries ………….and this is who Stefan really was and it’s going to
    be a wild ride…..if you think that Damon was nasty………shit …. you have not seen anything yet!!!!bring it on….

  2. @Cyber-x it’s a fan made video, DUH!!!!
    So excited for season 3, like omfg, I sound like a squealing teenage girl right now, but Bad Stefan is just so YUM! Loved this trailer, they did a good job on it.

  3. @cyber-x: It’s fanmade.
    OMGoodness.. Stefan, you sexybeast.. forget Damon, it’s Stefan that’s gonna make us all his beyotch. Can’t wait!! Paul.. you’re gonna have a blast!!

  4. I was so excited… until i saw the “fanmade” T-T , i want Real TVD

  5. Nice little teaser. Perfect choice of song. Heard it only the other day on the radio and actually thought of Stefan. Cannot wait to sink my teeth into season 3!

  6. It’s obviously ,girls loooove bad boys, with an wild Stephan I might forget Damon , yummy .

  7. Can’t wait to see Ripper Stefan! And I hope this journey takes ALL season.

  8. nothing will ever make me forget about damon but atleast stefan wont be such a one dimentional bore. i’m sure paul is happy about that. glad to see who really is who in s3 and that stefan’s halo gets tarnished and elena realizing she never really knew stefan like she thought. elena being elena will eventually 4give stefan’s bad ways just like she did 4 damon but i hope it takes all season and its after elena has already totally fallen for damon. will she still like stefan now…just the way he is like damon. i sure as hell hope not. well maybe like but as far as love that cant be the same cuz if u fell in love with damon something had to have been missing there with stefan. oh yes, it’s called chemistry.

  9. امر محزن جداً يا ستيفان

    واو ماقصة ( فيكي ) و ( آنــا) ؟؟؟

  10. oh my dear gooddddddddddd…….i cant wait to see itt…:( poor elenaa..first she was having to see damon who was killing peoples now stefan..:(

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