Paul Wesley May Possibly Be Cast in Upcoming “Romeo and Juliet” Production

Via MTV’s Hollywood Crush:

With the gorgeous Douglas Booth already set to play Romeo, the role of his romantic rival needed to go to a serious hottie—and hoo boy, have they found one! The latest casting rumor to emerge from the upcoming production of “Romeo and Juliet“, Variety reports that Paul Wesley of “The Vampire Diaries” has been offered the role of would-be Juliet suitor Count Paris. Not a bad choice for the guy described by another female character as a “man of wax,” which is Shakespearean-speak for “stone cold sexcake.”

Read more of the original story over at Variety.

Thanks to @Shirarose1 for the heads up!


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  1. man ov wax paul eager 2 c yew on d big screen. Pls dis b quick, he is olwas d right choice. Dat hot bdy ov urs romance hailee. hmm gsh curiouse

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