Paul Wesley: In Next Flashback Episode Stefan is Very Damon-esque

Awesome interview from Paul Wesley and Zap2It. Paul Wesley talks about the upcoming flashback episode (Ep 2.15 “The Dinner Party”). We will get to see a glimpse of Stefan’s lustful and sinful side. Can’t wait! Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

In an upcoming episode, we’ll flash back to 1864 again — but this time, we’ll see just how Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan first adjusted to their new vampire instincts after they turned.

“I’m so excited,” Wesley tells us, his eyes lighting up. “We have a flashback, and Stefan is very Damon-esque. He’s lost; he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He’s living in guilt, so he’s just sinful, and lustful, and very Damon-like — times ten. It’s kind of fantastic.”

In the present, Stefan has found a temporary fix for his blood addiction, as Elena (Nina Dobrev) has been slowly feeding him her own to build up his tolerance and quell his cravings. Back in 1864, however, Stefan hadn’t yet learned the careful control that rules his life now.

Read the rest of the Paul Wesley interview at Zap2It.


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  1. This is very exciting! It will be interesting to see if they incorporate anything from Stefan’s Diaries into the show. The PW fans r gonna freak on these flashbacks!

  2. Thanks for the interview! Love PW, he is such a funny down to earth guy, and I cannot wait to see the flashback episode. Paul will def play Stefan’s dark side to perfection. And of course I can’t wait to see how Stefan and Elena’s “talk” about her being human goes, I have been waiting for that talk for a long time!….STELENA FTW!!!!

  3. finally we get to see nice sweet stefan being not so nice and sweet. we can finally see him as the imperfect guy i always knew he was. once we see him behaving like the damon in season 1 how can anyone use the argument that he’s any better or any more stable for elena than damon but i’m sure they’ll try.

  4. I love Paul Wesley being good Stefan, bad Stefan and being himself; I love everything about him that He as personally reveled about himself “he’s a hope less romantic, he adores his sisters, he likes beautiful eyes, and a girl that’s down to earth that doesn’t try too hard to be sexy.

    I cant wait for the Stelena “TALK” sounds like they both come to an understanding about the human-vampire-ageing issue, looking forward to the rest of the season I know it will be EPIC.

  5. @grace the argument can still def be made, bc stefan is no longer that person he was 145 years ago and has proven that time and time again…damon on the otherhand is still very unstable when it comes to his emotions and has a looooooong way to go before he can be worthy of elena, ian has even said this himself

  6. sarah for your information damon isnt who he use to be 145 years ago either and as for proving it time and time again the only thing stefan has proven is that he cant completely control himself when on human blood so i guess he has a problem with being unstable too. once again i spoke my opinion . sweet stefan aint so sweet and he sure as hell inst stable.but like i knew stelena fans would excuse stefan for being no better than damon with the that was him then crap and he’s different now. ah, not so much.

  7. oh my goodness. can’t we just watch the show without saying who’s better? they’re both (were) bad, they’re both (were) good. end of story. ps: this interview is real funny! both of the recent interviews with Paul and Ian were. Thanks for uploading!

  8. i agree with you in the sense there is good and bad in both of them.you’re right there. but i’m not gonna say that all the bad that was in damon is no longer there like is being said about stefan. like you have the right to post what you feel the same goes for everyone else. we obviously dont all agree but nobody should make us feel we dont have the right to express our opinions or should be afraid to post what is on our minds. so in that aspect its not the end of story. otherwise what are we all doing here. its obviously not to agree with everything everyone has to say. i welcome other opinions whether i agree or not. and when i dont i’ll explain why i feel how i do. some will agree some wont but no lives are being lost. a friendly debate among tvd fans on opposite sides never hurt anyone.as long as we dont make things too personal and take things that way all is good.

  9. grace, i agree damon has been changing for the better and has experienced great character growth but he isn’t there YET he is still emotionally unstable IMO(ie snapping jeremy’s neck) because of how bad he’s gotten screwed over by katherine so of course his wall is gonna be up….i think we all can agree that eventually elena will be the one to completely tear down those walls..and i never said stefan was better than damon, just more stable at this moment right now bc he is (even with the blood, he has been able to drink elenas under control at a controlled amount). i love both brothers though and like the person above said they both are good/bad with their own imperfections and thats what makes this show so great..anyways back to topic cant wait for the episode tom, and thanks again for posting the interview!

  10. see, friendly debate is possible. cant wait for 2morrow’s show either except i think its pre-empted here cause of some dumb ass mayoral debate. and i waited all these weeks. i guess i gotta watch it on line. so much for having it recorded to watch over and over. look forward to everyones opinions on 2morrows long awaited episode. hope it is worth the long wait we all had.

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