New Paul Wesley Feature in Mr. Porter “The Look”

Check out this adorable photoshoot and interview with Paul Wesley in the latest issue of Mr. Porter’s “The Look” feature. Here’s a sneak peek (above) and excerpt from the interview. View the rest of the story (scroll down) and photos over at Mr. Porter.

Naturally, for a show with a teenage target audience, there have been mall riots, including a particularly intense signing session in Atlanta, Georgia (where the show is filmed) in 2010. “They really love my character,” Mr Wesley says of his fans, and then laughs. “It’s overwhelming. I brought my little sisters to a signing. They know me as idiot Paul, brother, moron. When they saw all these girls getting really excited that I was there they couldn’t fathom why anyone would be interested.”

And what of his plans for the future? “We have six-year contracts. I hope the show will go on for that long but it’s such a peculiar business,” he says, adding that he would eventually like to get behind the camera. “I always thought The OCwould be on for years and then it got cancelled after the fourth season. We’re all looking at other things to do in the future and searching for different roles,” he continues. For Mr Wesley this looks set to be in Hollywood: we’ll see him next as a DEA agent in the upcoming Southern hit man action-comedy The Baytown Disco opposite Mr Billy Bob Thornton.


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  1. I worry about TVD next season if they plan to keep it at 9 like the ads say. Glee just moved to Thursdays at 9 and they have a similar audience age.

  2. Glee will definitively hurt TVD for sure. I love a lot of shows (and very different ones above that… from Scandal to Doctor Who to NCIS: LA) but given the choice between watching Glee vs TVD based on their latest season, Glee will be first. I love TVD obviously, but I must agree (like pretty much every time lol) with what Melissa said, I worry too about TVD, the CW shows had a hard time this year and going against a show like Glee will hurt for sure… Not cool for them. :(

  3. i think glee is boring and nothing interesting ever happens, i will watch TVD faithfully over all other shows until the day its over.

  4. Glee turned in to a movie just like sex and the city i hope this one won’t but i m gladd that your ok Melissa good luck in the future

  5. My interest in Glee is leaving with most of their main cast, so TvD will win my watch vote, Grey’s Anatomy gets the DvR vote if TVD stays at 9:00. Although I do think 9 Would be a better time slot for all the “dicks” that get thrown around on TVD, of not for the competition.

  6. @Melissa It was confirmed that even though they wouldn’t be back at school Kurt, Finn and Rachel would still be in the series… Anyway I do admit that the show could be very bad without 3/4 of the main cast, but I’m going to give it a chance and see where it goes… I’m so curious about where the will go with the show next season! But it will really depend on the new shows and stuff! :)

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