Digital Spy Talks to Paul Wesley PLUS Info on UK Vampire Diaries S4 Airdate!

Digital Spy has posted the first of a 3 part interview with Paul Wesley as a tie-in to the Season 3 DVD release in the UK, set for August 20th. Check it out below and also, thanks to Digital Spy we have a small bit of info in regards to when The Vampire Diaries Season 4 will air in the UK.

US fans will be reunited with Elena and the Salvatore brothers on October 11 Рthe lucky swines Рbut UK broadcaster ITV2 does have the rights to season four and has pencilled it into their schedule for this autumn.

No set premiere date yet, but hopefully we shouldn’t be too far behind our American cousins.

Paul Wesley Interview with Digital Spy

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  1. Sounds like Paul isn’t getting the writers’ “vision” either. I really don’t understand why they are so bent on personal choice trumping common sense. If Elena decided to committ suicide, by their logic, she should be allowed as it was her choice. And really, who would let the love of their life drown to save someone else? Stefan is a vampire, he should have been able to pull them both out at the same time. Much better if when he got there, Elena was already dead or if Elena wasn’t in the truck because she died, woke up and swam out taking Matt with her. Everyone would assume the current carried her body off until, surprise, she turned up a vampire.

  2. completely agree the writers totally shit the bed on this on this one, it was absurd. I totally agree with Paul

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