Win An Autographed Photo of Nina Dobrev!

This giveaway is closed winner announced HERE.

While The Vampire Diaries cast were in Australia, they were kind of enough to autograph some extra photos for Vampire Diaries Online to give away, and a huge thanks to Meg at Hub Productions for sending them to us in such a timely manner! We had them in a week! So over the next few days we will be giving away autographed photos of Nina, Paul and Ian. And today starting with Nina! The winner will win a beautiful glossy autographed 8×10 photo of Nina Dobrev. Here are the rules and the contest is open to everyone! I don’t care where you are, I’ll mail it to you! Good luck! There are 3 ways to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post! Tell me why you want to win!
  2. Follow us on Twitter at @tvdfansonline! Then post in the comments section that you did or if you already do!
  3. Tweet about the contest. Tweet the following phrase and link, “I wanna win an autographed photo of @NinaDobrev from Vampire Diaries Online http://bit.ly/c0U4MD” Only one tweet will count and then post a comment saying you tweeted it.
  4. Also you MUST provide a valid email address when leaving a comment, because that’s how you will be contacted. I won’t post your email during the announcement, I’ll just announce the name of the winner, then contact you shortly after!
  5. Winner will be chosen via random.org.

Don’t forget to leave a comment for each entry, because that’s the only way entries will be counted! The contest will be a quick one, starting today and closing Friday, July 23rd at 11:59pm CST.


Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 10 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever



  1. I’ve been following you for a long time, @sweetaboutme_x. :)

  2. I’m already following you on twitter (twitter username is PotentialRM)

  3. I follow @tvdfansonline on Twitter, And would like to win a nina dobrev autographed picture :)

  4. I’m also already following you. :)

    Why I want to win:
    I’ve seen all the Vampire Diaries episodes on the Dutch television and I’m completely addicted to it. I love vampires, but now I love them even more!
    I want to win the autographed photo, because Nina Dobrev is just amazing. She’s a very good actress and she looks great! She seems oh so nice. And I’d be so very honoured if I win the autographed photo of her.

  5. I’m already following you on twitter (BlackoutSun) and I tweeted the phrase just right now..I wanna win because I’m a huge Italian fan and I try to know everything about TVD even if all the news,every tweet is in english and I have to use very often the dictionary to understand everything.

  6. Hy I already follow you on Twitter too. (@waschal)
    Why i wanna win?
    Couse I’m a huge fan of TVD. In every free minute I try to see it ore do some artworks to show my love for the show.
    How I appreciate their work.

  7. I have followed for months now and I just tweeted about it! x

  8. i follow you @vane_lazo i am going to tweet it now…. And i want to win because i love the show and nina is hot

  9. I love the Vampire Diaries and especially Nina so it would be great to have a signed photo of her!

  10. I really want to win this because Nina is my idol! it would mean so much if I won this autograph!! I love TVD and Nina very much. I been a fan of nina since the beganing like I’ve watched american mall, all epps of degrassi with nina in it, and all of TVD. I would be happy and jumping up and down if I won this.

    PS. And I already followed you.

  11. I really want this autographed picture of Nina! XD could never meet her in person because I live so far away. If I won this autograph, this would be the greatest thing in my life! XD I hope I win! ^_^

  12. Already been following you guys for like ever. So freakin’ wanna win this ’cause I missed out on going to see the Vamp. Diaries in Sydney ’cause I had to have a freakin’ operation instead…SO I REALLY WANNA WIN THIS!

  13. I want to win this award because I am hyper fan of Nina. I follow it every day at twitter, work she has done is excellent, I am even one of the directors of a Brazilian fansite about her called Nina Dobrev Brazil.

  14. I want to win because I love Vampire Diaries sooooooooooo much and I think Nina Dobrev is amazing, she is so pretty and nice and an awesome actor! I WANT TO WIN THIS SOOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!

  15. i have been following you for a long time (i’m @pinkpuff20)

  16. I’d love to have Nina’s autographed photo. She’s young, beautiful, and a terrific actress. She has a good head on her shoulders, and a great future in television and film.

  17. I would like to win because I love the Vampire Diaries and think that Nina is an amazing actress

  18. I want to win because I love TVD so much, and have watched it non stop since it started. I have all ove the episodes downloaded, and will buy the DVD in August. I deserve to win, because I went to Australia with my mom, but had to leave THE day of the convention, and missed my chance to meet the cast. To top it off, I CAN”T GO TO SDCC this year:-( Please take pity on me, and let me win an autographed picture!!

  19. I have followed you FOREVER and i also want to win it because i have seen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of TVD about 3 times…i went to georgia (I live in CA BTW) to see the cast (THAT was the only reason i wanted to go) but they weren’t in Covington when i went :( I am a dedicated fan and made a website to honor TVD (www.thevdiariesonline.weebly.com) I am also Team Elena and I am in the video that @TVD_Tweets made for Nina. (I am the last person lol) So i reely think i deserve this :)

  20. Already follow you :) and i tweeted about it :)

  21. I’m already following you on twitter. (mario_gc)

    I want to win not only because I love the show, but because I think Nina Dobrev is awesome. She can act but it’s nice that she seems like such a nice person. and she’s also very pretty… and having this picture autographed would really be great because I’m a real fan. Thanks a lot for making this contest.

  22. I already followed you & tweeted about the contest :)

  23. I’m following you on Twitter @Mia_gilbert

    Hi! i want to win because i love Nina Dobrev since Degrassi the next generation when she was Mia Jones, I watch all her movies including american mall, never cry werewolf, too young to marry, cloe, the poet and fugitive pieces. AND BECAUSE I REED ALL THE BOOKS OF L J SMITH AND I HAVE SEEN THE VAMPIRE DIARIES WHEN I KNOW SHE WAS PLAY ELENA.

  24. I already follow you on Twitter @MizejSam

    I want to win because i’m a big fan og nina dobrev. she was my fav chracter in degrassi: the next generation, i have pictures of her all over my room and never stop looking her up on the internet. this would mean sooooooo much if i win this. she is one of my greatest inspirations and her acting is brilliant. When i found out she was in a new show (the vampire diaries) i wanted to watch it straight away because i new anything with her in it is GREAT!!!!!

  25. i tweeted it!!! :)

    i <3 <3 <3 vampire diaries :) best show ever!!!

  26. I really want to win this because TVD has been a big inspiration for me, and the cast has been really nice, proving that Hollywood is not all stuck-up people who only worry about their wardrobe: everyone in the TVD cast is so NICE. It’s amazing, and winning this photo would make me really happy.


  27. I would like to win because my daughter and I are die hard Vampire Diaries fans. I would love to give her an autographed picture of Nina Debrov for her b’day. TVD is fantastic and I always follow the blog for up to date information. :-)

  28. I already faithfully follow you on Twitter. :-)

  29. I tweeted the link about the contest.

  30. I want this because its the only show ( tvd) IM TRULLY HOOKED ON. the characters are great, and the writers are geniuses, they know how to keep you hangin! im a tue fan onf TVD..

  31. I want to win because I LOVEE VAMPIRE DIARIES SO MUCH!!! : ) ITS VERY COOL

  32. Why I want to win:
    Ever since the Vampire Diaries first aired I haven’t missed a show. I love this show and I’ve fallen in love with all of the character. The cast and crew do such an amazing job making such an amazing show. There’s never a dull moment and you’re always left wanting more. Even now, the second season is TOO far away. Anyway, I really love this show and the actors are extremely talented and amazing.

    I remember watching Nina Dobrev on Degrassi a couple years ago. I always thought she was amazing and beautiful and I would love to see her do well with acting. And now she’s on my favorite show EVER!

    Winning the photo would be amazing!

  33. I am following you on twitter from @natbear77 and I also tweeted the “I wanna win an autographed photo of @NinaDobrev from Vampire Diaries Online http://bit.ly/c0U4MD

    Also, I should win because as much as I’d like to see or meet the TVD cast in person, I likely won’t get the chance to because of where I live in Canada plus to travel to conventions w ould be way too costly.

    I’d happily take an autographed photo to add it to my growing collection, as a symbol of one of my favourite tv shows ever :)

  34. i want to win the autographed photo of nina dobrev because i love the vampire diaries so much, i’ve already rewatched twice and i can’t wait until season two. I followed you guys and tweeted about this contest on twitter ! hope i win :)

  35. I’ve already followed you and I also tweeted about the contest.

    I want to win because I love Vampire Diaries and I love seeing to Nina Dobrev when she acts with Ian…they’re so awesone…I really want to win an autographed photo of Nina Dobrev… :)

  36. I want to win the autographed photo because nina is my favorite actress and i am obsessed with how well she portrays Elena AND Katherine! She is by far the best actress ever and she will grow up to be an award winning actress! I am a huge fan of her and would love to have an autographed photo of her!

  37. Like most people, I’m an incredible fan of the show. I think Nina Dobrev is one of the most talented people in it and I greatly enjoy her portrayals of Elena and Katherine. I believe that she has a promising future and that she’s a good role model. Lastly, I was so disappointed to hear that I missed the cast in Australia! So, I hope I win, but if not, good luck to everyone else and I look forward to further competitions for photos (especially Ian Somerhalder!).

  38. I tweeted it! :D

    I wanna win b/c I an a huge VD fan! Me and my friends have VD parties just to watch the series and I’m a fan of the books too! :)

  39. I am following you, and I have posted the link on my twitter!

    (I just realized how long that was. I hope you don’t mind,)

    To most people this may sound a little weird but Nina Dobrev is my role model and I have changed because of her. I know a lot of people have said that but she honestly has helped me become a better person. I’ll admit, the first time I saw her was on The Vampire Diaries. I wish I could say I have been a fan from the beginning but I haven’t. However, from the very first episode of The Vampire Diaries I knew that she was incredibly talented and was different from other actresses. I began watching more of her work like, Degrassi, The American Mall, Never Cry Wolf, My Daughter’s Secret, and much much more. Then I started to watch her in interviews and read more about her. Unfortunately, I don’t know Nina, but she seems to be very driven, inspired, and positive person. All of those things I was not. I was lazy, rude, negative, and not even trying in life. I have always wanted to be an actress but I never even tried. After watching and reading her positive interviews and hearing how she got started I finally got out of bed and went out to an audition for a play. When I didn’t get a part I was devastated. I made it a bigger deal then it actually was. I felt like giving up already. But then I remembered that Nina has gone through the same things. She has been rejected, but still manages to stay positive. So I keep on trying, and I refuse to give up. I want to be as driven and inspired as she is. That’s just one of the ways she has helped me. She inspires me to be healthy, strong, and nicer to everyone. I can go on forever about the changes I have made because of her. This may seem like a lot for an autograph, but to me it’s much more. I hope to win but if not I congratulate who did!
    I hope I can thank Nina for helping as much as she has. She may not know it, but she changed my life.

  40. I was already following you :) [@liisamyts]

    Why do I want to win? It’s because, I’ve never met the cast, but it’s like my dream, and I’ve dreamt of an autographed picture of Nina, and she is just so sweet and an amazing actress, the whole cast is just so amazing,
    I just know I can never meet any of them , because I live in Estonia…
    And if I – by any chance – won the picture, I’d feel closer to them, and I… – I can’t express myself well.. – I don’t say I deserve it, but I would really love to have it, since there’s no other way to get an autographed picture…..

  41. Heyy its me @almirajoyx I’m already following you on twitter a long time ago….
    Why do I want to win?? Its because I’m a HUGE fan of Nina Dobrev and I MEAN HUGE.. and also because there is only 1% possibility of the cast going to our country here in the Philippines and I would love to have at least one of the cast’s photo with autograph… I’m a die-hard fan of the vampire diaries!! Nina Dobrev is also my role-model and she is the best actress.. ever since the first promo of tvd i’ve been in love with it and i’m hoping to meet the cast one day!! I don’t know if that will ever happen, but I’m really hoping… There is only a little chance that I will get to see them in RL bc of where I live and were not rich enough to like buy a plane ticket and go abroad just to see the cast…
    I really do hope I win (:

  42. Hi, I’ve already followed you and tweeted the thing you asked (@VampDiariesArmy)
    I want to win the photo sooo bad, why u ask? Cause I’m Nina’s #1 fan. I’ve been her biggest fan since I started watching TVD. If I live somewhere in the US or Canada, I would’ve come and get the autograph myself. I live in Indonesia, a far away country. So it’s impossible, all I could do is watching her in TV shows or interviews. If you give me the photo, I’ll be the happiest girl alive…XOXO

  43. I’ve already followed you on Twitter :)

    And I want to win this autographed picture, because I LOVE Nina and her adorableness. She’s so funny in interviews and she’s got the most pretty hair :P.

    In all seriousness, she has impressed me SO much with her improvement during the first season of TVD and her flawless portrayal of two completely different characters, Elena and Katherine. She’s so positive, sweet and she seems so genuine. I love reading her tweets and news about her and her interviews are fun to watch.
    I live in Denmark, SOOOO far away from ANY fan-event like comic con or any cast signing, so I believe I will never have the chance to meet any of them even though I would LOVE to.

    I’m @MissDK04 on twitter.

  44. I want to win because Europeans (and Belgians particularly) never wins at great contest !!!! and I will participate at the three contests and hope win 1 of the 3 or the three who’s knows (dreaming is the best LOL ) and also I’m soooo fan of the show!!!

  45. I really really really want to win this photo of Nine as first of all Vampire Diaries is like the best show everrr!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really wanted to go the Sydney Vampire Diaries convention but it was my brothers birthday and i wasn’t allowed to go. I had been wanting to gooo so much so i could a photo with her and then her autograph. If i got this then it would complete my dream because even though i’m not in the photo, she has signed it and it would make feel like i actually went!!!!

  46. I don’t know why i want to win cause to be honest i like more Ian Somerhlader but I see this post and say why not? Nina is a good actor and I would be good to have an autograph from her.:) Hope i will win.:D

  47. Just tweeted it and already following you. =) (@DanyMargy)

  48. I wanna win this photo.I’m a HUGE FAN of Vampire Diaries.I follow vampirediariesonline on twitter and I also tweeted the message…

  49. I’m already following you :)

    Why I want to win:
    I’ve always been a massive fan of The Vampire Diaries. I read the books then a while later someone came up to me and told me they were being made into a TV series! I was actually SO excited. I watched them as they were going in America, although I live in England, and I wondered who they’d chosen to portray each character. They did a fantastic job on all of them, but especially Elena. Nina Dobrev, to me, is an amazing actress and she is extremely talented. She’s so pretty and she seems like a really genuine person, unlike other actors she doesn’t let the fame get to her head. You can tell she’s dedicated to her work and to her fans and she’s grateful for each and every one of them. She’s an exceptional person and I would be extremely honoured to win a signed photo of her, it’d be one of the highlights of my life.

  50. I will follow you, and I sent this tweeted.
    I like The Vampire Diaries.

  51. I already follow you and you follow me :) So hopefully you remember who I am! I have posted the link because I really want to win this competition. Nina Dobrev is an inspiration to me and I have been following the cult series The Vampire Diaries like a maniac since I am a huge fan! Nina is even in my background on twitter (along with Ian… obviously!). I’m from the UK and had never read the books and expected to dislike the show when I heard about it… but Nina Dobrev turned it around for me… I almost always hate the human girl (Bella for example) but Nina portrays Elena perfectly and can hold the show on her own. She has the perfect mixture of self sacrifice, humour and sweetness. That is why I would love to win the picture :)

  52. Please, I’m Italian and I never win anything!!! TVD is my guilty pleasure, please I really wanna win!

  53. Hey, I follow @tvdfansonline and I tweeted the phrase. I’d love to win the picture because I love acting, filmmaking, film/sound editing – everything about the preproduction/production/direction of tv/films. I admire Nina, I think she is awesome. To have her autograph would be priceless.

  54. I already follow you @tvdfansonline and i tweeted the phrase i’d love to win the picture because nina is such an inspiration to me and to everyone who watches the vampire diaries.

  55. I want to win. Would be cool to win. I never win any contests. Lopve the vampire diaries.

  56. Hi erhm… At this point in time i can smell Chinese!… < that's a bit random.org too ;-)
    I should win this very groovy autographed photo of Nina dobrev because im just an average every day girl who can sit down with the whole recordings (on my sky+ :) of the vampire diaries and watch them allll the way through the day and night until i get shouted at by my parents because its like 1-30 in the morning! I've also read the vampire diaries books, but i think that irrelevant cause its NINA<3 :-D
    I guess i would love to win because it would mean a lot knowing that Nina's hand has been on that piece of card/paper! She's just a great actress, i love Nina as Elena but i definitely prefer Nina as Katherine!
    It would also look very lovely on my BRIGHT PURPLE wall… :-D

    That is all. B-D xxx

  57. I’ve already followed you and I would like to win a Nina Dobrev pics because in Italy is so hard follow The Vampire Diaries and we don’t have any conventions or stuff like that.
    Whatever i really want this autographed pics and I hope that one day I could meet Nina!she’s so sweet and I really love her as actress and person…I’ve already tweeted the message and anyway….good look everyone!

  58. Ruthie im so sorry that i dont have twitter but i have facebook.
    I really want to win the autograph picture because nina is my inspiration person and i want to be just like her because she is suchan amazing actress when shes playing elena or katherine on the vampire diaries or when she is playing a teen mom mia jones on degrassi.
    I have never won any thing before i even entered to win the fallen movie which of course i didnt win and still havent seen. My brother thinks that i cant win anything on contests but i told him to to tell me that i cant and ill tell him i can. I want to go down to covington to meet her someday while they’re shooting the vampire diaries but my mom wont let me go with my grandpa so that dream probably wont happen i really hope u do pick me because im someone who has never one anything but wont give up hope.

  59. i wanna win this because ever since i was little, vampires have appealed to me. then i get a little older and i see the trailer for TVD. i knew right then and there that i would love very single miunte of it! and its true! im on a mission to read the books recurrently also. but when i saw the trailer, i spread the word around like it was a disease. i got one of my best friends to watch it with me and a guy friend of mine who hates anything with vampires (except TVD now ^.^) and another one of my good friends just started watching it too. all of us start these message threads on facebook and each person writes two pages or more about EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of the show and what happened, what it could mean, etc.

    to sum it all up, im a die-hard fan who really wants to win this! and id cherrish this as it was the most important thing in the world!

  60. Hey,

    I’m a huge fan of Vampire Diaries and vampires :-) from Hungary. In my country Vampire Diaries start to become popular now, but I love it for a long while. I like every actors: Ian, Nina, Paul, Malese…
    I’d like to win the autographd photo, because I don’t think she will come Hungary once. So I won’t have chance to get an autograph from Nina, only that.
    Thank you in anticipation.
    Have a nice day.

  61. Oh my Gooood ! *-*
    An autographed photo!! Fuckin amazing!
    I leave a comment here, ’cause I haven’t Twitter.
    Why I want to win ? ‘Cause I follow TVD from the first book, i’ve seen every episode too many time, and i also forced all my friends to follow TVD. Really ! :)
    So, I’d really like having this photo, this would be a dream ! Please :)

    My e-mail is: neyana16@yahoo.it

  62. I started a Twitter account just to follow TVD and cast members. In fact, I know very little about how toeven use Twitter. I think I must be your oldest fan. Grew up wqy before this technological age. That said, I’d love to win.

  63. i follow vampire diaries online and would lobe to win a picture on nina dobrev as i love it when she plays a katherine

  64. count me in!

    I’m a follower, @theaprilnichole

    I also tweeted the phrase.

  65. why i wanna win? i’m totally obsessed with vampire diaries, i watched 6 episodes in a row one night, i love nina, i think she’s perfect <3

  66. I follow you on Twitter :) [@_QueenOfDrama]
    I would win because… because I adore Nina!! Since I “knew” her on VD she began one of my favourite actress! She’s veru talented and, plus, she’s funny, humble and SO sweet!! She’s special!! I’m gonna be very happy if I could win her autographed photo!!!

  67. I follow you @tvdfansonline and I tweeted the phrase (I’m @SilviaPeyton)!

    I wanna win the autographed photo because I love TVD and the cast! It’s like my favourite show now! I live in Italy and I never had the chance to meet them and I don’t know if I ever will! Plus, Nina Dobrev is adorable and a great actress! I love Elena and Katherine, she’s doing an amazing job <3

  68. I want to win because I love vampire diaries . I watched the first 9 episodes in one day and then the rest on line every week and now that it’s finally on tv in new Zealand i’m watching it again on tv and I still love it :)

  69. I’m following you for now soon a year :) i tweet the link to enter the contest . I would like to win the autograph cause i’m a fan for years of Nina, i’ve been late way too many time to school to watch TVD after the episode aired in US,i was dyin everytime the Cast was near my Country i think i deserv it for every tear i had . I’m changing the design of my room and if i win it i Will take the pic and expose it on my wall :)

  70. vampire diaries is an awesome show, not just a knock-off like some people think.. i follow you guys on twitter and would love to win!

  71. I’m following you on Twitter and I just tweeted the phrase and link.
    Why I wanna win?
    Cause I’m a huge fan of TVD and I totally adore Nina,I think she’s really brilliant,she’s one of my favourite actresses!
    I Love her,and I hope I’ll win!

  72. I want to win because I looovee TVD!! Nina Dobrev is so talented, shes an amazing actress and soooo pretty! I love her character Elena and I think shes perfect for the role! Id really be honored to win her autograph.<3

  73. I wanna win an autographed photo of @NinaDobrev from Vampire Diaries Online.. Well what to say .. there are a thousand reasons for wanting to win the autographed Nina’s photo … because I like the show a mess .. because Nina is a good actress .. because I reflect the Elena’s character .. because I never won anything in my life and wow if I’d be the winner at least once …(^_^) hope is the last to die!!

    my e-mail: sirena19@inwind.it

  74. I want to win because Nina Dobrev is my role model, icon&favorite actress! I absolutelyyy love her and the show The Vampire Diaries. Please pick me!

  75. I followed you on Twitter&I tweeted the phrase!

  76. I want to win this for quite a few reasons. One, is that Nina Dobrev is my hero. And her personality is so like mine in that when she started working she felt like she had to try and stay pleasing everyone…and me trying to do that same thing (unfortunately without my dream acting job) caused me to collapse in the middle of my history exam (think I might have failed that one) because I was barely eating. But then, I read this interview with Nina and she talked about this book, and how it had helped her out. It sounded good so I checked it out. And it helped me a lot, helped me sort my life out. I hope one day I can meet her and thank her for that. :)
    Another is…well, I am obsessed with vampires, I have over 40 vampire books….but my mam thought it was a bad influence on her already mixed up teenage daughter, and kept on trying to convince me to stop. But, when Vampire Diaries (TV show) came out….she actually watched it…and fell in love with it! Now she buys me more vampire stuff so she can read it too!!!

  77. here .. I nearly fainted at the computer .. but I recover from the shock ..
    I have not twitter and write here .. I win because I love TVD more than anything else in the world, I also argued with some friends to defend it, I read all the books seen all the episodes LOVE Nina and Ian (as a fan XD) and I don’t have many chances to win I know .. but groped costs nothing and cry with joy if I won … for this remote possibility I leave my e-mail: ilaria_darkgemini@hotmail.it
    thanks ..

  78. I have Tweeted the phrase!
    Username = x_AnnaMaria_x could use some fellow vampire loving folowers to chat to!

  79. mmmmmmmmmmm..perchè dovrei vincere io????nn saprei…inizio col dire che ho scoperto di questa serie tv tramide dei amici su facebook poi mi sono un pò incuriosita così ho cercato info su internet ed eccomi che mi sono ritrovata a vedere le puntate..la mia voglia ogni giorno di seguirla diventava sempre di più come damon che non può fare a meno del sangue umano XD e così sono arrivata all’ultima puntata in pochissimi giorni e appena finito di vedere la serie ho iniziato a cercare gruppi e siti su questa serie e mi sono iscritta e poi che dire ho visto la serie in inglese e italiano e mi sa che la vedrò anche una terza volta,ecc…eh comunque vinca il migliore o la migliore…ora basta che ho già fatto un poema :)

  80. perchè dovrei vincere io??? adoro THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, sono completamente drogata di questa serie e tutto grazie a mia cugina che me l’ha fatta scoprire.. so tutte le puntate a memoria e sono innamorata dei fratelli salvatore….. e adoro nina… vinca la migliore, o il migliore ed visto ke sono un pò sfortuna nn credo vincerò io…

  81. I would love to win this autographed photo! Nina is wonderful and I love Vampire Diaries! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  82. I want to win because I TOTALLY didn’t know they were coming to Australia the day before it they were in Sydney! I would’ve ditched the horse show I’d been training for in a heart beat to go…if practically everything hadn’t been sold out! :( Not to mention I’m a huge fan of the show…haha, and Nina is one of the best role models out there.:D

    Emma :)


  83. I am also following on Twitter (not that I understand how Twitter works at all yet, hahaha!) @deltree192


  84. I already follow you and tweeted about the contest.

    Why I want to win: I am a huge fan of TVD and the cast. Nina is a great actress and very talented. I have read all the TVD books too. I would like to meet Nina and the rest the cast one day. I would love to win her autograph.

  85. I’d like to win because I love quell’autografo Nina Dobrev and it would be an honor for me, the door always with me and that picture would be the most precious thing that I would … would be like having the real Nina xD and I’d Stefan his sin but I’m a girl … xD I have seen all the episodes and read all the books the series is too good and would really say really wonderful to have his autograph, so that they are taken from this series tell everyone that I am a vampire xD fact not within the homes almenochè not xD Then I was asked my friend and we always replay the last episode because it was beautiful … I’d wholeheartedly quell’autografo win.

  86. I want to win autographed by Nina Dobrev is beautiful because it is also an honor, always carry with me, it would be like having the real Nina with him and I would be his Holy Stefan xD sin but that is a girl … xD I followed the entire first series and look forward to the second … hop read all the books … and are so into this series there say they are in fact a vampire when I go home at some point be invited to join xD It would be wonderful to have his autograph. =)

  87. “I wanna win an autographed photo of @NinaDobrev from Vampire Diaries Online http://bit.ly/c0U4MD”
    i would lov to win the autographed photo cauz i am i huge fan of vampire diaries nd of the book. i have been following the first season and hopefuly the second aswell. And i would like the picture of nina cauz i c her a type of role model for me and other girl out there. and i have readed all the books . Even my friends can tell you i am a realy big fans of the show cauz like itz all i talk about :) lol nd the teachers at school r even getting fed up with it caz it iz all i talk about realy .im a follower on twitter as well. And allway belive that there is something out there in the woods near my house . one of my friends even found me sleepwalkin out in the wood yellin out for damon . and i still cant belive i did that soo.
    i realy would like it if i had nina dobrev’s autograph :) <3 <3

  88. I would love to win that photo of Nina Dobrev because I love her so much because she is perfect, wonderful and beautiful would beautiful have her autographed photo … I love the cast, the series and books … Well that and are so taken with everyone I talk to say that I am a vampire xD … if you win that photo would be the greatest thing in the world because I never won anything … because I’m not very good at writing mostly in English because I’m Italian and I hate school I do not like studying but I’m writing the same way because at least I can say having tried to win that photo … and if I won the show for all to see him win and to win I had to write a text in English and more! my teacher told me that if I commit myself to write well … I hope I have now written well I hope so because I want that photo but it is impossible because as 30,000 other girls have written why would that photo … girls who are intelligent, English and have more chances to win … but at least I tried I got in the game to win and that photo would be wonderful to win.

  89. hello!oh..WOAH..cool contest :P
    well..I really like TVD..books and tv shows..I like they aren’t the same..two different stories but with the best caracters ever!
    WOAH..Elena is the best cuz she hasn’t the same mental problems from Bella..she’s cool,active,courageous,determined…and Nina is a good actress..and I really like how she play the rule of Katerin..I really like the way it seems a woman of another era with clothes of Katerin on!
    so..I wanna win her pic! :D

  90. im already follow you ;)

    why i want to win:I want to win because i truly Love Nina.im not saying that im her #1 fan because nobody is.im just a normal fan who adore her for her work and for being herself.
    and i tweeted the tweet =)

  91. Hi friends great contest. It’s a long time since I follow you on twitter and you’re beautiful. I also re-tweet your contest in my twitter account and in my website. I would love to win the autographed photo of nina. love her since I was a kid and I followed her in the serie “american mall”. The Vampire Diaries it’s my favorite series and I opened a site and a forum about it <3 . I never won anything in my life so I would love to win this contest.
    I'm @TVDita and sterud@hotmail.it
    cya xoxo
    good luck guys

  92. Well…I would love to win that photo of Nina Dobrev because I love this girl <3, I think she is wonderful and beautiful and i find her really amazing. Without her, The Vampire Diaries is not the same…she is a good actress and and I'd be really happy to win this opportunity that vampirediariesonline are giving us … I followed the entire first series and look forward to the second…would really be a great happiness for me to win this autographed by Nina..I love the whole cast, but I think Nina is a hero for me, is simple and different from other actresses worldwide..I never won anything in my life, I participated in many contests on various web-sites, but nothing. I consider myself a really unlucky guy ahahaaha is the truth. So here I am trying to participate in this opportunity we're offering to us..shortly there will be a convention on The Vampire Diaries .. but I could not participate because it costs a lot … so I'd be happy to win at least one autograph ahaha
    what else to say … I wish you all good luck guys
    I have tweeted
    my email ste-duff@hotmail.it

  93. I’m not the charming prince , i’m just the black knight , if I do the impossible is nothing compared with Nina , in any case I’ll do , because I’ll be here for here , I’ll be waiting here for here , because she is my blood dream , a photo is nothing compared with her love .

  94. I would like to win an autographed photo of Nina Dobrev because I know her in Montecarlo this year and I ask her an autograph but she was late and she sad “I can’t, sorry!”. I was so close to her autograph but nothing. Now I can fix the error! So please, help me to realize my dream! Thank you so much!

  95. Hi,I’m Desy.
    It’s hard for me to see The vampire diaries cast because I live in Italy. So,it’s hard to take an autographed from them too. I really want to win it *-* I think Nina is perfect for Elena’s role and she’s a perfect actress too.
    It could be a pleasure for me to have her autographed *-* It’s a dream which could become real only with this cause of my geographic position xD
    I follow you on twitter and tweet too (@LaDesy)

  96. I would like to win because Vampire Diaries is my favourite series. My favourite actress, though Nina Dobrev. :)

  97. Hello Nina! I’m from portugal. I love the vampire diaries series and I look forward to start the second season from VD! Wow ! You are an amazing actress (: . Go Nina! :D

  98. I really want to win the autograph not only because I red all the books, but also because I loved the way she was able to interpret at the same time Elena and Katherine. Nina is a fantastic actress, and I would be honored to win her autograph.

    My email: fdm6185@yahoo.it

  99. I really want to win the autograph not only because I red all the books, but also because I loved the way she was able to interpret at the same time Elena and Katherine. Nina is a fantastic actress, and I would be honored to win her autograph.

  100. I really really want to win the autograph,because i Adore Nina Dobrev.She’s really a good and beautiful actress and I can’t imagine another actress playing Elena and Katherine much as well as she does it..She’s very talented,i hope she will be a great actress in the future..And I don’t want to win only because i read all the books,i saw a lot of times the season 1 of vampire diaries but also because i’m not able to meet her in any event,any premiere or anything..i don’t live in USA like the others who posted here,i live in italy and it’s far away from the USA..so i would be very,very honored to win her autograph.i would be very happy!

  101. and i don’t know if i have to but i already follow @tvdfansonline on twitter, i just tweeted the link and my email is kairi7@hotmail.it

  102. I want to win an autograph because Nina is an amazing actress! I already follow you on twitter :) @haymel112 Thanks!

  103. I need to win it because I always wanted to be close to famous life and vampire diaries is one of my favorite shows. So if I have this photo I will feel that I am part of that actors world like Nina is my friend and it will make me feel on the top of the world.
    P.S. I am following you)

  104. via tweeter is how I found out that VD dvd will go on sale on AUGUST 31!!!

  105. Hello dear participants of the contest, I have also decided to participate in this great contest … Why do I want to win? Hmm … many answers, because they love Nina Dobrev, because it is cool and all that … But I will not … I really want to win, because I have great respect for creativity Nina Dobrev, her acting game is unbelievable. .. We all love her, simply because she is beautiful, plays very well and we like … but the man must be judged not by how he plays on screen, but it is in life … I am sure that Nina was a wonderful friend and will always help in trouble … I do not deny that she is beautiful, yes of course … But the beauty is the main thing? “I really want to get an autograph Nina Dobrev, but not because she is an actress from The Vampire Diaries, but because she is a very good girl … I would really like to be friends with her and know her closer …
    PSNina please forgive me, but I can not speak in English … Good luck to all participants … I hope you’re lucky!

  106. I want to sign it because it was never, even in foreign híreségtől signature.
    In addition, the Vampire Diaries, the best book, and series in the world !!!!!
    I really like, and why I want to win enough signatures. !

  107. Hey Ruthie, I’ve long been following you on Twitter :) I’m on @kinderlola :)

    I know everyone wants to win and I do too, simply because I adore and love Nina and it would be too awesome to receive her memorabilia as a gift :)

  108. I’m already subscribed to your blog.. I follow you on twitter.. and I’m a huge VD fan!

  109. hi,
    I am very, very fond of “The Vampire Diaries” I have always longed for a NINA DOBREV autograph. I am the biggest fan’s Vampire Diaries. Always follow the Vampire Diaries Hungary. Very good that one would be here to come to Hungary, but it will happen anyway but I am hopeful. Even such a thing had never won a series on the favorite, but I am hopeful that now. And to follow on Twitter too. The Vampire Diaries I think the world’s most fantastic series and best actor to play him, the actors fit their roles very well and can play. I really, really dislike having to win an autograph. E-mail address: racza96@citromail.hu
    I hope I will be more season out of the Vampire Diaries
    Thank you in advance: Andrea Rácz
    I wish a good decision.

  110. hi , well why do i want to win ? I want to win because i think autographs are all about memories and i want to own something that will remind me of this show and Nina Dobrev.
    I just want to remember myself as the 18 year old girl who got an autograph from her favorite actress…..

  111. I would like to win the autograph because of a few reasons. The Vampire Diaries has been my favorite TV serires ever since I’ve started watching it. It was not all just teenage vampire-human love story soap opera, there is definitely something more. And as I get more and more into the show, I love the whole story more. The scriptwriters and the crew, they really did a great job creating the story. And of course, those talented and beautiful actors/actresses of the show, they bring the whole story into life and their performance are impressive. I really love the show and Nina is absolutely one of the youngest and most amazing actresses I’ve ever seen, her portrayal of both Elena and Katherine are incredible. Great job, Nina <3 .

  112. I already follow u on Twitter and I want to win because Nina has been my favorite actress since degrassi and when i heard she was going to be on tvd I flipped out!!! So pleassse let me win this pic!!!!

  113. I’ve been following u guys for a long time, but I just saw the post about the contest, and I wanna win Nina’s photo ’cause I love TVD, her work and I never win anything, but I had to give it a try…u never know right lol
    I was lucky to hear about it today since is the deadline, so…

  114. I really want to win this!! I follow you on twitter and I am obsessed with all of the cast but especially Nina. I have seen all her movies. I love them!! In the past holidays I watched the American mall 9 times in 5 days. I posted about your competition on twitter and an entire News/Blog entry on my website Vampire Diaries Australia. I really want it!!! Please!! :)

  115. Hey :)
    I really want to win this!! I follow you on twitter pretty sure you were the 5th person I ever followed. I don’t really know what to say so I did all the things you said you could do to enter. I am obsessed with all of the cast but especially Nina. I have seen all her movies. I love them!! In the past holidays I watched the American mall 9 times in 5 days. I posted about your competition on twitter and an entire News/Blog entry on my website Vampire Diaries Australia. Check it out. I think Nina is beautiful and amzingly awsome. She is a Great actress. Oh and I wrote her name and the Vamppire diaries logo in texter on the concret floor in my bedroom. I scribble her, plus the rest of the casts name all over my school books. The Vampire diaries pictures are screen savers on my laptop, my phone and my ipod I have 184 photos of the Vampire diaries cast (mostly nina) On my ipod :) I really want to win!!! Please!!

  116. I want to win this because I’ve loved Nina since she was on Degrassi and was falling in love with JT! I follow you on Twitter and I tweeted about the contest

  117. I’ve been following you. :) I wanna win this thing cause I’m a big fan of Nina dobrev :)

  118. I want to win this because I wanna give this to my friend whose a mjor Nina Dobrev fan! She doesn’t have a twitter account and is in Jordan right now. I already received an autograph from the cast.

  119. HI! I follow u on twitter and I tweeted “I wanna win an autographed photo of @NinaDobrev from Vampire Diaries Online http://bit.ly/c0U4MD” !!! I would so love to win! That would b awesome. I DVR every epidsode of TVD and watch it over and over. My favorite so far is the first (pilot) and last episode of Season 1! Nina is so pretty! They do an incredible job with the script, the story line is brilliant. Of course, how can u NOT LOVE the cast. I don’t think they could have done a better job. Now only if they can find a way to bring back Anna. I love her character. BRING ANNA BACK!!!! This is an awesome website and is very informative. Thanks and keep up the great work. If I win the autograph, that would be wonderful. But I know something better, that would be if Vampire Diaries is renewed for several more seasons to come! ~Andrea

  120. I tweeted and was already following… my twitter is iLuVpopMOOsic

  121. I would like to win the autographed photograph of Nina Dobrev because I admire her versatility as an actress as well as her talent. She is a wonderful actress and it would mean a lot to me if I would win. Even if I do not win, I am still glad to be a fan of Nina’s.

    I now follow @tvdfansonline and I have re-tweeted the message.

    Good luck to everyone!

  122. I’m already following you on twitter and I tweeted the message @missandreajune.

  123. I would love to win the picture! I’d like to hang it in my office so people would know TVD is not just fir teens. It’s great writing & excellent acting & one of the best shows on TV! And I love Nina! She’s stylish & beautiful & a great role model for younger women.

  124. I’ve been following @tvdonline for along time. I’m @babiesbrown. Cheers! Love the photo!

  125. Whoops. It’s late. I left out the “fans” part of your handle! I’ve been following @tvdfansonline for a long time on Twitter. I’m @ babiesbrown. Just tweeter about the contest. Love you all & love the photo of nina. Cheers!

  126. Hi I tweeted about the contest! My twitter is twitter.com/hannahrodgers

    Thanks for the opportunity!

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