Will Nina Dobrev Ever Get the Chance to Play a 3rd Character?

Fancast‘s Sara Bibel brings up that very question in this interview with Nina. Plus she talks about who loves Stefan more – Elena or Katherine? And Elena’s feelings for Damon.

If Katherine and Elena are both Petrova doppelgangers, are we going to meet the original Petrova this season? Would you like to play a third character?

Playing a third character would be wild! I feel up to just about anything now though.

Who loves Stefan more: Elena or Katherine?  Why?

I’d have to say that their loves come from two very different places. Elena loves Stefan (Paul Wesley) because she feels a deep connection with him that surpasses all the common emotions of high school life. Katherine loves Stefan because her history with him ties back further than most mortals could ever understand. And its like a game of cat and mouse. He’s playing hard to get. It’s exciting for her.

Will Elena ever reciprocate Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) feelings for her?

Although it seems like an adventurous opportunity, it’s a bit precarious to go along with Damon, so I doubt she would put herself in the line of danger. Plus, she is known for her loyalty so it would definitely be surprising.

Read the rest of the interview at Fancast.


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  1. Well, it sums up a lot of already discussed issues. Sure there is coherence here.Anticipating Delena is unlikely to happen though is not very encouraging to keep part of the fans thrilled to tune in, in April :(

  2. That would be INSANE to make her play THREE characters!! Lol, thought they are similar to me… PS: I would LOVE the writers to have another flashback where she can speak Bulgarian.. or she speaks it now, that’d be awesome!! I love the language and country.. so fascinating :)

  3. I dont understand why Delena is so unlikely. So many fans enjoy the chemistry that these characters have between eachother. I will simply not enjoy the show if the writers don’t explore this path. It seems like a crime for them not to! This is very disappointing

  4. Didnt the original Petrova have to be sacrificed to bind the sun and moon curse?
    How would they Nina play that character?

  5. I don’t think they will ever put Delena like Stelena on the TV Show, in the books (I know it’s not the same) Elena and Damon kiss, and she have strong feelings for him, but even there, so far, her man is still Stefan. This is probably the worst thing to say, but to me Delena is like Jacob/Bella pairing. Lots of people wants it, some stuff happen, but in the end the girl goes back to her first love. Looking at the TV Show, it feels like they are more likely to tease fan with Delena with key moments instead of giving them a romantic relationship.

    I guess only time will tell.

    Though I must admit that having a flashback to see the curse being put on the Vampires and werewolves would be amazing!

  6. Three characters?! Love Nina, but I’d rather see more of the cast they don’t have on, than more of the ones they do.

    I agree Elena is loyal, it’s the quality we most admire in our girl. Being with the other brother, goes against everything she stands for. I’d hate to see it happen. Mainly ’cause it would destroy Defan (Ninas word for the bromance!) which is the true lovestory imho of Vampire Diaries.

    I’d love to see more of the witches (Bonnie especially) and the connection to the moonstone, Klaus and the original curse.

  7. @mary&sinka
    I agree Elena is loyal and straight and perfect and so on; anyone has a wild side though, even the sweetest person in the world can get mad and violent on certain extremely stressful occasions.We already saw Elena capable to stab herself. What about showing her dealing with reactions she did not even know she had in her, like upsetting aggressivity or some unexpected act towards Damon? ( sometimes you may not know you need something until you taste it…).
    Stef&Damon have beeing showing their double sides and keep on growing , it would not be ruining Elena’s character, in my opinion, if she turned out to be like she is and ALSO different somehow.She would only get some more complicated and probably more interesting.Being a one way character can ruin her much more on long terms, no growth and twist and internal conflict makes her being flat and boring.

  8. to me s/e are the bella and jacob of tvd. stefan is the (safe) one the(good) one. the better choice for her. but she loves edward the one that has more of the issues. the one who would complicate her life more.but edward makes it more unpredictable exciting and full of passion for her. thats why d/e are so much more interesting for me. and if she does fall in love with damon too that doesnt mean she is not loyal she’s just human. and if she does i dont think she should go back to her ( 1st love) stefan cause your 1st love isnt always your best love or meant to be love cause like another d/e fan said if your supposedly in love with one person and then fall in love with someone else too, choose the second one cause if you were truely and completely in love with the 1st you would have never fallin in love with the 2nd. for me d/e are the true love story of tvd and this is just part of the long journey they need to go through to falling in love with all the ups and downs and being in love with other people and obstacles that d/e go through to reach the point of being in love and having a love worthy of being called epic.

  9. another thing, your loyalty should be first and always to yourself and what your heart tells you. if she does happen to fall in love with damon she shouldnt stay with stefan out of loyalty or because she is a “loyal” person. how unromantic. be loyal to your dog but be truthful to yourself and your heart. thats staying with someone for all the wrong reasons. stefan and damon fell in love with someone other than their 1st love so why cant she or why shouldnt she cause thats not the loyal thing to do. oh please. i’m sure we all thought at that age our love was epic and forever then we grew up and discovered the difference between “puppy love- your so perfect” and real more “mature love- your not perfect but knowing this makes me love you anyway”. i hope as the show goes on this is how her character grows. i’d like her discover not everyone is exactly like she thought they were not even herself and discovers more of her true self comes out with damon. they can be their true selves with each other with no fear of judgement cause real love is accepting flaws in other and yourself.

  10. Elena does kiss Damon in one of the books and want to at the point they did. I’m not saying they are getting together I’m just saying that Delena fans have something to look forward too. Personally I think Stefan and elena are good together and I think may be a new character like meradith for Damon. It has been said they are bringing a character like meradith from the books in might not have the same name but the same role will apply. If they did show the 3rd character it would have to be a flash back because what we have heard is that katherine was what he wanted till she was a vampire and then it was elena is there any point in him going after kathrine unless the third is dead but I suppose the possability of vampire is still there but wouldn’t we have already heard about it.

  11. Elena is nothing like bella. Elena is a caring person that cares about her friends and family she is a good role model confident and nice but bella just thinks of herself about her and Edward being together she is willing to give up her family and friends and get them in danger. We no that elena deffenatly cares for othes before her and stefan she broke up with him at one point. Elena is also strong on her own as we saw but bells fell apart when she wasn’t with Edward.

  12. @grace
    Exciting is one thing, but unrepentantly cruel, rash and dangerous to everyone she loves is another. Lest we forget Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy. Jenna. Vicki. Elena may care for him, but she cannot trust him – that’s the difference. Damon can be everyones crush, but the power of her love for Stefan is unshakable. The producers called them soulmates. That’s not to say, she can’t care for Damon, and does. But given what we KNOW Elena is, can she betray herself, everything she’s ever stood for, by flinging herself at Damon to get ‘a taste’? Would he accept being second best yet again? Katherine did that, and he went on a rampage that was 145years long. It would destroy his relationship with his brother, and Ian said that Damon could not live without Stefan. Let Damon have someone that chooses him first and is free to do so. Rose did. DE would be selfish at this point.. but you never know what the future holds. :)

  13. wahinetoa i wasnt the one who thought she she get a taste of damon. those are not my words or my thoughts so you can direct that to who ever said them. as for her love for stefan being unshakable thats a matter of opinion not fact. how many times have they broken up and gotten back together so there must be some cracks in that unbrakable relationship. as for the writers producers saying they were soulmates kevin also said you dont always end up with your soulmate so calling them that means jack to me or any other d/e fan. the same as d/e being referred to as twin flames means jack to s/e fans. nothing is set in stone not even s/e’s lame ass less than exciting so called epic love. and she has obviously forgiven damon cause thats what love and friendship is about. yes damon used caroline but he didny kill her. his blood helped make her better and katherine killed her and made her a vampire. he did turn vicki but stefan had to kill her cause she couldnt control it like caroline. as for jenna she was stabbed because stefan and elena were trying to fool katherine. they were thinking of themselves not their loved ones. that was the fault of their selfish behavior. and how exactly is it that elena is betraying herself.if she falls in love with damon. how is listening to your heart betraying yourself. is she only allowed to love one person in her life. oh yeah, stefan is her soulmate. she can trust him. he’s never lied about his past who he was how he killed without a second thought, who she looked exactly like before he slept with. yes he never lied he just failed to mention. same shit to me. with all that why is it said that she cant ever trust damon like she can trust stefan. stefan is the one in the relationship and hasnt been upfront with her many times but she can always trust him. like i have said before if and when she falls for damon it wont be cause he’s second choice,the difference in the depth and passion of that love will make her realize he was the only choice and that could never be selfish. i dont know what the future holds but i know what chemistry is and d/e has it and s/e just dont. but thats just my opinion and i can only speak for myself and how i feel. to each his or her own. we see what we want to see and i see a future with d/e.

  14. it could happen… example Dawsons creek Joey loved dawson very much and for a long time for that matter but out of no where she grew these new feelings for pacey. Even though she loved dawson very much her love for pacey over time became greater.
    P.S in the end of the interview it says it could be “Surprising” isnt that what vampire diaries is always doing always surprise us with things that we would never expect them to do. So yes it is a very good chance something great could happen between Delena! Never loose hope people!

  15. Calm down. No one is attacking you. My apology for the misquote. Breaking up, sure, we all have fights especially because of the danger they’re placed in. They still end up in each others arms. That dedication is fact. As much as Stefans love and trust in Damon, and Damons in his bro. Yes, don’t always end up with your soulmate – this is tvd, not disney. :D The wheels are gonna fall off somewhere, my point being the same… ships aside – Damon wouldn’t betray his relationship with Stefan, or Elena. Nina basically said it here. Forgiven him? That’s reaching, isn’t it? He can murder his way through his family, and she’s a doormat of forgiveness? No way! She has enough respect than to dismiss such brutality of those she loves than that. You consider borderline raping and abusing care more acceptable because he didn’t kill her? Are you serious? It’s abhorrant. Jenna – part Elena/Stefan to fooling, but most of it was Damon bragging to Kat about killing her bf and costing her the moonstone. Again, you’re reaching with Elena listening to her heart falling for Damon. Not fact on any episode she’s been in. “Just you and me, Stefan. Always.” Betraying her words and loyalty, of course it is. She’s not a skank to sink to Kats tactics. se are soulmates, that’s fact. All the ship trash talk doesn’t undo that. Whether there’s de/se/be or not, I’d rather she kick the romance and go back to her true love/s Bon&Care 4 eva! :) They’re amazing! <3

  16. this is tvd not disney my point exactly so spare me the soulmate crap.you brought that up by saying thats what the producers said (kevin w) trying to say they are meant to be. i said the same person that said it also said you dont always end up with your soulmate so just cause it was said about them doesnt mean shit. its amazing how damon took the blame for jenna when katherine was getting all her info on how stefan and elena were ignoring her threat from jenna. katherine didnt give a rats ass about damon or the fact that mason was dead it was all about keeping elena away from stefan and they didnt take it seriuosly so put the blame where it belongs and as for damon killing his way through his family once again that was stefan that killed his father then sucked him dry not to mention good old stefan also killed his way through elena’s family back in the day but has the nerve to tell elena damon is the one with no humanity. ofcourse you can trust stefan. you can trust him to tell you the truth when its already come out and he has no choice but the fact is there was always a choice and he hasnt always made the right one either. and another thing i dont need to reach for shit. i’m stating MY opinion. yes she has forgiven him cause he is part of the people she ( cares) about and would sacrifice herself for. her words not me reaching. and the difference is whether you think so or not the difference with katherine and elena is elena actually cares about damon. she would sacrifice for him too but katherine showed she would sacrifice damons life for herself. me reaching. i dont think so. another fact we just witnessed. i never said elena is in love with damon but i do see feelings more than just friendship. am i reaching there? maybe maybe not. but for anyone who thinks i am, once again i dont give a shit. i’m not reaching anymore than anyone who thinks s/e are written in stone.

  17. and andie i completely agree with you. just cause elena said its always gonna be stefan it doesnt mean her feelings cant change too. amazing how elena would be a skank or wrong for falling in love with damon but its ok for stefan to fall in love with his 1st love’s twin. is it ok for elena to be 2nd choice cause basically she is. oh yeah, but they are the soulmates not stefan and katherine. stefan doesnt belong with his 1st love cause she wasnt completely honest with who she really was but elena belongs with her 1st love stefan forever cause he was really honest with who he really was. why is elena not considered 2nd choice but if elena ends up with damon he would be 2nd choice? who cares 1st or 2nd. reality not everone end up with the 1st person they love. should everyone who isnt that persons 1st love feel like 2nd choice. get real. just some more bs s/e fans say is the reason d/e shouldnt be together. well the same applies to elena too. shouldnt she think more of herself. atleast damon and stefan arent twins. being 2nd to a twin looking 1st girlfriend would be more disturbing for me. complete hypocrisy. with that logic i guess s/e shouldnt be together. on that we can agree.

  18. Errr guys, can I just remind everyone that this is only a TV Show?! You don’t need to go at each like that, really. Whatever we are Delena, Stelena, Bamon, etc. there is no need to turn aggressive like that. :(

    I know some stuff I said earlier with Twilight set off some of you(Should I’ve known better then to do that), but really whatever happens I’m just glad to see the series on TV. :D And I’m not a Stelena or Delena fan. I’m a Bamon fan LOL(But in won’t happen on the TV Show) But I’m just happy as long as the brothers stay close.

  19. Thanks Mary, I appreciate you saying that. I’ve warned before about this. And have had to go to the lengths of closing comments on the blog posts.

  20. @Ruthie
    Really?! You had to close it?! Oh dear… okay. Well it’s a pleasure then!

  21. my goodness you guys are taking this waaayy too deep and serious. I agree with @Mary.

  22. @Mary – Agreed. *blushing* Love the brothers and the besties – first ships above all. :) Another Bamon fan?! YAY! *smishes* Did you see the extended promo of ‘Know thy enemy?’

    @Ruthie – I’m sorry for my part in this.

    @Grace – Obviously we disagree on a fair few things, character wise and ship, but that’s okay. In this show; loving who we love is a battle enough sometimes, without either one of us being dictated too. I’ll leave it there.


  23. @Wahinetoa
    I did see it!! :D I was the first to comment on it too (I think) LoL Any Damon/Bonnie scene makes me happy. Whatever it’s bad or not. I just find them hilarious together… but having Jemery there too, I can already smell Damon and his INTENSIVE teasing!! It will be amazing no matter what!! :D

  24. @Mary
    <3 IKR? ;) Their snark, bark and challenging chemistry is honestly one of the best parts in their intense scenes. lol. Yeh, agreed, Damon teasing Bonnie, only surpasses his glee, if he can tick off the youngest gilbert in the process. :D LOVE seeing them on screen again, truce in place and working together for the ones they've sworn to protect. Honestly, Elena is a lucky girl!

  25. nothing personal towards you or any other s/e or b/d fan just passion towards my d/e ship. much respect to you any any tvd fan first and formost. atleast we all have that in common. everyone has the right to their opinion i think. my comments come from passion not hate. no hard feelings i hope.

  26. She kisses Damon up a tree in the book and wants too. But she loves stefan xx read the books

  27. @grace No hard feelings at all. Totally understand that passion. It’s all good! :)

  28. when is katherine coming back…and if the original Petrova comes back will she also fall in love with stefan like the other two did…

  29. and im hoping if Damon gets with Elena that Stefan will get with Katherine they belong together more than ever….

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