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Over the past couple of weeks, the CW has been posting cast interviews as a part of their “The Truth Behind” Series. They now have up 4 videos, The Truth Behind Elena, Stefan, Damon and now Bonnie. You can watch the videos over at the CW web site, and the international fans can view the YouTube versions here courtesy of YouTuber, trojanas. Not that great of quality, but better than nothing. And we will post more as they are made available!

The Truth Behind Elena:

The Truth Behind Stefan:

More Videos after the cut!

The Truth Behind Damon:

The Truth Behind Bonnie:

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  1. I just love these “Truth Behind” clips–they’re not spoilers, and obviously were filmed before the actors had Season 2 scripts, but it’s really interesting to see where their heads are within the characters. They’re just a clueless as we are! What fun!

  2. Team stefan!!!! : )

    the dress that nina is wearing (I think) is sooo pretty!

  3. its a shame that there´s like 30 secs missing from each video… on the cwtv website they´re a bit longer… (but according to them, they´re not available for me to watch from my location… :-/ )

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