Vampire Diaries Season 2 Starts Tonight with “The Return”

Well, it’s finally here. After waiting 4 long, grueling months, the wait is over. The Vampire Diaries Season 2 opener “The Return” airs tonight! So to celebrate here’s a clip from tonight’s episode, you can view it here on Blood Falls. Also, to keep you busy until tonight’s premiere, take a look at the following round-up of the latest interviews and reviews!

E!Online has posted what we can expect from tonight’s episode!

Now, for you diehard fans, a taste of what is in store:

  1. The first five minutes alone will have you gasping. It picks up exactly where we left off—with a certain someone giving someone else a five-finger discount.
  2. I honestly can”t count the number of surprises I did not see coming…There are that many.
  3. Whether you like it or not, you diehard Damon (Ian Somerhalder) fans are gonna be more drawn to Stefan (Paul Wesley) than ever. Let’s just say he’s not taking kindly to any threats to his precious Elena (of the kissing kind or otherwise), and you’ll see him protect her in a way that is both ridonkulously hot and notably Damon-esque. (Paul Wesley, you are so owning the role of “Ste-fuh” in this episode, my friend. Kudos.)
  4. Nina Dobrev knocks it out of the park as Katherine, giving the role just the right amount of edge, while not overdoing it, and as a testament to her acting ability: I want to punch Katherine in the face. Yay!

Read the rest at E!Online.

Interview with Kat Graham via TV Fanatic (she wants YouTube reactions of fans watching the premiere!):

Does season two push the bar even more than the first season?

Just the first episode alone raises the bar. It’s very, very rare in TV for the second season of any show to overtake the first one. But the first episode back just… I read it and I was shocked. This is my job, and I shouldn’t be shocked [laughs]. I read it just like a fan. When I get a new script I sit down and I can’t stop reading. It’s not a script to me, it’s an amazing story and I have to know what happens next…

People need to film themselves watching the Vampire Diaries first episode, and seeing their reactions. I would like nothing more than to see the fans YouTube their reactions and them talking about it. I’m dying to know what they think. Fans, Tweet me the link to your YouTube reaction!

Read the rest of the interview.

Another Kat Graham interview with BuzzSugar:

Buzz: Are we going to see Bonnie kicking ass this season?

KG: Oh, yeah, from the jump she’s kicking ass. She’s going to try — although she might not succeed sometimes, she’s going to be trying to kick ass. She’s going to be doing her thing.

Buzz: How will the addition of werewolves affect the show?

KG: It completely affects the show, it alters everything that you might have thought the show was gong to be. Werewolves are going to play such an important part this season. I know that notoriously vampires and werewolves don’t get along, so that creates a whole other conflict for everyone to deal with, and then Katherine’s back, that’s a whole other thing. It’s so interesting to see how they’re all playing with each other. And I don’t think any of them are going to play nice.

Buzz: Will Bonnie be discovering more of her powers?

KG: Absolutely. She also discovers things she can do easily and certain things she’s learning and still developing. Over time we’ll discover more of her abilities, which is always fun for the fans to see.

Read the rest of the interview.

Interview with Ian Somerhalder via TV Squad:

It was quite a finale for Damon last season … we’ve never seen him like that!

[Laughs] Yeah, he is being humbled. It’s interesting, the ups and downs, art imitating life, which is kind of fun to watch, but there are a couple dynamics that are going to start to change. At the beginning of Season 1, Damon’s sort of this almighty, powerful, sadistic, kind of funny individual … and then he just gets leveled. [Laughs] Over and over and over again.

Well on one hand it was nice to see Damon vulnerable, because it proved he still has a hint of humanity, but on the other hand, he can’t stay like that for long, can he?

No, I hope not. You know, Season 2, you start to understand that there are certain elements that’ve come to town that sort of force Damon to shift his focus quite a bit and actually ask himself what’s important to him. I think throughout this first year, he’s forged these relationships. He initially came to town … like Damon said in the finale, “I came here wanting to destroy it, now I find myself wanting to protect it. How the hell has that happened?” And I think that it has happened. Any time you forge relationships with people and you have a vested interest in their safety and well-being, you essentially raise the stakes. You pretty much do anything to protect that. I think he’s found himself, for the first time in 150 years, actually caring about something.

Read the rest of the interview.

Interview with Ian Somerhalder via Zap2It:

“Love makes you stupid,” Somerhalder tells me, by way of explanation, during Zap2it‘s exclusive visit to the show’s Atlanta set.  “Just like wars, famine, the BP oil spill, we have the attention spans of a mosquito, and we don’t remember what made us unhappy in history.”

Dobrev says that despite Elena’s involuntary thoughts about Damon, she still loves Stefan. “It’s always been Stefan,” she tells me. If that’s the case, Damon might be in for some serious heartbreak… again.

“It may be harder the second time around by virtue of the fact that you already know what it feels like for this to happen to you,” Somerhalder muses. “When you’re in love for the first time it’s the most unbelievable feeling, and the second time you get your heart broken you become a little more guarded. You become a little more sensible about how you throw your emotions around. But here’s the kicker… you do it again, and you do it again, and you do it again.”

Read and watch the video interview at Zap2it.

Interview with Julie Plec and Nina Dobrev via TV Guide:

Katherine’s arrival is the worst-kept secret in Mystic Falls, as one by one our protagonists are first briefly duped by Elena’s doppelgänger. The effect is disorienting at first, but Plec points to subtle shifts in Dobrev’s performances that make it clear who’s back in town. “It’s all told in her big brown eyes; her portrayal of Katherine, it’s like the life, the good, the humanity has been stripped out of them. And then you add a couple of curly hair pieces and some mascara and you’re good to go,” she says.

Dobrev agrees. “It shows in the eyes, but before you get to the eyes, you’ve got to think differently. I’m not thinking the same things when I play Elena when I play Katherine.” Her different posture and wardrobe also help complete the illusion.”There’s a way that I carry myself when I put high heels on that I don’t when I’m in Converse.”

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  1. i´m so excited !!!! but i have to wait a bit longer because i live in germany..
    i love love looveeee the vampire diaries
    have fun tonight, i envy you guys…

    … so sorry for my english, i tried my best haha

  2. I am more excited than ever. So looking forward to Stefan stepping up to the plate! I think Paul has done such a great job playing Stefan that I think he will surprise us all this season!! Thanks for all the great new articles.

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