PopSugar’s Top 10 Vampires & Werewolves Featuring Nina, Ian and Paul

Check out PopSugar’s Top 10 Vampires & Werewolves featuring Nina, Ian and Paul. Check out what Lindsay, Lauren and Karli have to say about our sexy vamps and see who topped the list at number one!


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  1. Its about time, although they are all very hot. TVD & cast should be up for Emmy’s as there are some fantastic actor’s in this show; and they are not getting there due recognition, through silly prejudice

  2. hell yes ian is the hottest vampire!!! great actor and great show. they don’t get the credit their due especially ian’s portral of damon. he really should be recognized for his great acting as well as the rest of the cast. twilight is totally over-rated and the acting is really laughable. let’s see kristin plat 2 characters as well as nina. she can barely play one but to each his own i guess. i’ll stick with tvd.

  3. OMG, YEESSSSSS!! ian somerhalder is like the hottest vampire/guy alive. I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH! & his acting is also great)) luv u,ian)

  4. YES IAN SOMERHALDER DESERVED TO WIN … he is HOT and just over all AWESOME i love him BEST ACTOR ALIFE and i love the Vampire Diaries <3 BIGGEST FAN OF IAN <3

  5. oh absolutely!!! ian is perfect for #1 also that paul and nina should be in top 5 nina is way better actor than kistren (bella) and she is way prettier!!! so is paul hes sooo talented!!!

  6. The actors and actresses in VD are 100 times more talented than in Twilight. And Ian definitely deserves number 1 :-)

  7. Omg i so agree with the results even though i would of thought that Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley would of been lower down like 4 or 3 but Ian Somerhalder I agree he’s well fit !!

  8. I have to agree with #1 pick. Ian is hot and a fantastic actor on TVD. Truly deserved. Although I love the cast of Twilight as well, TVD cast is hot hot hot. I can’t get enough if this show.

  9. hahaha beat out Robert, nice. I’m glad. Would’ve liked to see Paul a tad higher, at least past Kellan– can’t stand him.. Oh well!

  10. OH YEAH! Damon is soooo hott! Ian totally deserved this! I ♥♥♥ the Vampire Diaries & can’t wait for Season 3 (:

  11. agree entirely with no.1 . Can’t quite understand how Kristen Stewart made it on this list because so far in the film series she doesn’t meet either requirement of vampire or werewolf. silly! Also, how is she higher than Nina Dobrev?
    Overall The Vampire Diaries is soo much better than boring twilight.

  12. WTF? Kristen Stewart shouldn’t of even been in the top 10 or on the list at all, she’s not a vampire in the movies, yet. Her acting sucks ass and her personality is the equivalent of a blank sheet of paper. I’ll be so glad when the twilight saga is over. I definitely agree with Emily, the actors of VD are way better. smh. And Paul Wesley definitely should of been in the top 5! hmmph! lol

  13. I absolutely agree that Damon should take the number 1 spot! Edward rightfully takes the second spot. I think both Ian and Robert are fantastic actors, but I think Damon’s character is much more open about the mix of bad boy with a good heart.

  14. absolutly ,undeniably, without a doubt Ian should get number one….there is no contest……as for kristen ..who…what the …. Nina all the way what up with people….kristen can’t act ..she needs to find another day job..Nina has alot more class and the smarts all the way…..actors in Twilight do not compare to the acting in the Vampire diaries….VD way more style no one is a robot..natural acting flows great… where Twilight it’s so scripted uggggg….

  15. I love twilight i really do buuuuutttt i have to agree with the choice they made for the number 1 spot. Ian Somerhalder is totally hot, not to mention he is the biggest activist for animals and the environment around. And he is always on tweeting on twitter. Way to go Ian. Great choice

  16. Absolutely!!! Ian…..the best vampire ever. Love him and love the show. Best show ever!

  17. Of course Ian is number one he is too hot for tv.. lol and way hotter than that ugly Twilight Vampire guy, ugh he’s not cute at all to me, plus he’s way too nice, Ian is the perfect mix of sexy and evil with a splash of good guy. I’m glad he made it number one, he deserves it.

  18. o damn straight ppl i would love to take a bite out of him…..mmmm delicious!!! i love all of the vampire shoes on tv but hell yea Ian has the sexiest look so far!!! yummy :)

  19. NINA’S WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER THAN KRISTEN! Nina and Paul should totally be way above than those Twilight so-called actors! YAY FOR IAN THO! *dance*

  20. Im so glad ian won number 1 he is an amazing actor and is super hot but I think nina dobrev should of beat out kristen stewart, nina is a way better actress and I think shes prettier then kristen and ashley

  21. TOTALLY AGREE !!!!! I adore Ian Somerhalder. Yeah.. he rocks !

  22. @dottie You’re right ! Nina is better than Kristen. I used to love Bella, but now.. Sorry Kristen :D

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