Nina Dobrev Tweets Gorgeous Sneak Peeks of Photoshoot

Check out these really cool shots that Nina Dobrev tweeted today from a photoshoot that she, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder had done recently. I normally don’t post pics that the cast tweets, but these are just too awesome not to share! So if you’re not on Twitter, you need to join now and follow all of the cast, you might be missing out! Oh and btw, follow us too while you’re at it @tvdfansonline.


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  1. so…much…pretty…*faints*
    they are so beautiful, no, that is not a strong enough word… they are…
    that is what they are…
    okay, taylor, time to turn away from the pictures, you’re drooling now.
    look away from ian’s eyes goddammit!
    ah… oh god so pretty.
    i give up. I just give it all up.

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