Nina Dobrev Talks to New York Post PopWrap

Jarett of PopWrap caught up with Nina Dobrev and she spills quite a bit about tonight’s episode and talks about her recent injury.

PW: I’ll say — watching you pull double duty this season. Has it been fun playing two characters full time?
Nina: It’s been really intense but in a good way. Every single day is a constant challenge and I’m never bored or just sitting around. I’m always being stimulated and these characters are so much fun. Going through all the different shades of playing sweet Elena while also being so ambiguous, spontaneous and crazy as Katherine – it’s really, really cool.

PW: Everyone seems really amped about tonight’s flashback — are you?
Nina: I’m so excited for everyone to see it – it’s one of my favorite episodes so far. It’s very Elena/Katherine heavy. It’s all the elements of everything I love in one episode. We worked so hard and you’ll see that episode kind of leads up to my injury – there are two scenes I’m not in.

PW: So we can expect some Nina stunts tonight then?
Nina: It’s a lot of harness work. This year they’ve let me be suspended in midair and there’s animal work. I’ve been interacting with wild dangerous animals, which is cool. And it’s funny because they expect me to be squeamish because I’m a girl but I promise you there were crew men cowering and running away while I’m playing with these animals.

PW: What can you tease about tonight’s episode?
Nina: It seems like every time we go back to the 1864, we learn more from someone else’s perspective – and now it’s Katherine’s turn to tell the story. What she did, how she did it, why she did it and how it affected everything. It’s interesting to see how things can be misconstrued and twist your whole world. It’s going to change every character’s world once they find out. It’s also interesting to see Katherine toy with everyone. This episode is all about that. She’s working all the angles and blindsiding everyone. She’s got the upper hand.

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