Nina Dobrev Talks Klaus and Upcoming Episode (Video)

Thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net and @ninadobrevstuff for the heads up on this Associated Press interview with Nina Dobrev, where she discusses Klaus and what’s coming up in the next episodes.

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  1. I really absolutely do not like seeing Stefan Crying. i start crying it tears me completely apart.

  2. ohh men this can get very eseptional and very havy episode sorry for those ppl who feeling sorry for the next show

  3. On the pictures of the “as I lay here dying” episode which is the last episode of the year …..you see Damon Stefan Carolyn and Matt so that means tonights show will not kill off any of those characters yet they keep saying that its characters that are unexpected that will dye off…..that leaves the aunt the uncle the brother the sheriff the history teacher Elysha the warewolves take your pic…..

  4. I’m scared! I don’t want to know what’s going to happen I don’t think! And please, NO SPOILERS!

  5. my heart broke in that scene where elena goes with klaus, and she leaves stefan. that was so sad =(

    the last day episode was soo emotional, imagine what the last episodes have in store for us?

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