Nina Dobrev Talks Graduation and More with Wetpaint!


Wetpaint caught up with Nina Dobrev recently…and here’s what she had to say about the upcoming graduation episode.

For any high school series, the graduation episode is always an emotional milestone for the cast, and for Nina, the Season 4 finale episode (appropriately titled “Graduation”) was no different.

“The good thing is that we still have more time together. We’re not finishing, so that’s always a consolation. But at the same time, it feels like an era has ended. We were able to really look back, and the creator, Julie Plec, and Kevin [Williamson] made a yearbook for the entire cast and crew with all of these pictures of the crew and cast over the last four years. It really felt like, ‘Wow. We’ve grown up, and we’ve changed so much.’ It’s been very surreal.”

Read more from the interview over at Wetpaint.


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  1. I have no clue if anyone will read my comment or think my opinion valid…but I need to send my thoughts out into the cyber universe.

    They say a vamp will get the cure but not one we might expect – my guess? Katherine…wouldn’t that make for an interesting story – maybe she will finally find her humanity…pun intended.
    I also think Elena will opt not to date wither of the brothers…she will decide to start a clean slate…maybe (if we delena fans are lucky) she will find her way back by end of season 5 – but that would put a somewhat fresh twist on the triangle.

    As for klauroline…this TVD fan wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to explore this “relationship” further….or maybe Rebecca will entice Matt to bourbon street….

  2. and totally random – does anyone else think emannuaelle Chriqui would make a decent doppelganger for Nina Dobrev?

  3. haha funny you mention that, the photogs at the red carpet events used to get confused and would tag Nina’s picture as Emmanuelle Chriqui. :) That’s before they knew who Nina Dobrev was…

  4. @ronbon- I totally agree that Elena is going to start season 5 with neither of the brothers. And I am a Delena fan too but right now the whole show has been so wrapped around the triangle it would be great for there to be a fresh start for the 3 of them and see where the chips fall.
    As for the cure I haven’t decided who I think is going to take it.
    Whoever does take it can just become a vampire again if they want to so I can’t quite figure out who is going to get it because the only one who really seems to want it is Rebekah.
    At the same time, doesn’t Silas have the cure right now? How the hell are they going to get it away from him?
    so many questions so few weeks left.

  5. HAHAH Ruthie I did NOT know that :) Kate you brought up some interesting questions…but since the writers love pulling the rug out from under us…I guess giving Rebecca what she wants would be just as surprising as making Catherine the root of all evil human again.

    And whose up for a little stefan and caroline action? sometimes best buds can become best luvs….

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