Nina Dobrev Shares BTS Photos After Shooting Final Scenes with Co-Stars

After Nina Dobrev’s announcement last week that season 6 of The Vampire Diaries will be her last, the entire fandom has been in mourning. Well this week, she has been sharing behind-the-scenes photos via Social Media with her co-stars after finishing her final scenes with them. I’ve embedded the posts below. But if you don’t already, you can follow Nina over on WhoSay for all of her posts, as well as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget to break out the tissues!

“Shooting my last scene with my good friend Matt Davis aka @ernestoriley
Gonna miss this goofball….” – Nina Dobrev

“Behind The Scenes – shooting a Damon&Elena scene w Smolderhalder aka @IanSomerhalder
#TVDFamily” – Nina Dobrev

“Just finished filming my last Stefan and Elena scene with the amazing @paulvedere /@paulwesley
#Stelena #TVDFamily” – Nina Dobrev

“Ok. Officially a mess. No hiding it anymore. Today has been a day filled with farewells.. I still have 2 more days of shooting before I wrap TVD. But it’s officially a wrap on Caroline&Elena&Bonnie. Finished filming with these two beautiful, funny, sweet, sassy, amazingly talented and lovely ladies…. @candiceaccola @katgrahampics .
Love you with all my heart and soul forever and always… #TVDFamily” – Nina Dobrev

“I feel like a blow fish, so puffy and bloated from crying all day. Tears of joy&sadness. Bittersweet. So many memories. What a fun ride…” – Nina Dobrev

Kat Graham joined it today by sharing a photos on her Instagram, via director Chris Grismer


“Coping. The truth behind acting… Is truth. Thank you @chrisgrismer for this pic.” – Kat Graham


“I have spent the past six years of my life with these two women. So many life changes so many milestones. To shoot our final scene as a trio yesterday was one of the most heartbreaking and beautiful things I’ve ever experienced. I am grateful for them as well as Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson for bringing us strangers together…there will never be another cast as close as us. PHOTO BY @chrisgrismer #TVD” – Kat Graham


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  1. OMG OMG OMG my mind is spinning like a top trying to figure out how she will exit! Its exciting yet very sad I can’t believe its almost over for dobrev this is crazy! I see that her last scene with Ric seems to be in the woods, Damon’s looks like their in an ally he’s talking passionately about something (I’m thinking the cure) in his hand maybe, stefans on the Lockwoods property maybe, and the girls are inside Caroline or Bonnie’s house not sure which one though.I have a feeling its gonna revolve around the cure, whatever the storyline shall be I know @Julieplec @CarolineDries and whoever else helps write #TVD WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!

  2. If you look at these photos and photos on Nina’s Instagram, she is clearly dressed in Elena clothing- yet she isn’t wearing a daylight ring. She recently posted a video on her Instagram of her and Trevino saying goodbye with helium voices- and she is in her Elena costume, but no daylight ring- she it seems to me that she did indeed take the cure, but it seems unlike human Elena to just up and leave her friends for a better life?
    Maybe one of the brothers compels her to forget vampires and all supernaturals

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