Nina Dobrev Interview With MTV News

While Nina Dobrev was in New York City last week, she stopped by MTV News for an in depth interview, and Hollywood Crush has released the first 3 videos from that interview. What does Elena think of a possible budding romance between best friend Bonnie, and little bro, Jeremy? Is she ready for Elena to turn? And is Elena ready for romance with Damon? Find out what she says! And Hollywood Crush is promising more of their interview to come, so stay tuned!

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  1. Elena might not be ready for a Damon romance yet, but hopefully it is coming soon, slowly, but soon. One thing is for sure, Damon’s heart belongs to Elena, and only Elena. Anyone else will be second and will always take a backseat to Elena.
    I am such a Die-Hard Damon fan , and a Damon/Elena fan.

    Nina looks adorable as always! Good Interview,,,

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