Be a Cloud Applications Administrator with Microsoft MCSE: Office 365 Certification 70-347 Exam

Microsoft being a large company has gained its popularity in the world not only by its Windows operating systems, Office software, hardware, online services but also for the IT certification it provides. Thus, Microsoft offers a variety of certification programs designed for IT professionals. The credentials offered by these programs serve as a proof of an individual’s competency in the field of IT and are globally recognized. Speaking about the variety of Microsoft certifications it should be mentioned that they are designed for candidates of any skill level:

  • MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) proves that you possess fundamental skills to work with Databases, Development and IT Infrastructure
  • MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) certification for candidates who are looking for entry level positions in IT
  • MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) credential for software developers to demonstrate their ability to construct solutions in the cloud and on-premises technologies.
  • MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) designed for system engineers to validate their skills to work with Microsoft Servers (SQL Server, Windows, Exchange Server, Lync and others).

Having any credential by Microsoft in your CV means that you are a qualified worker, able to complete the given tasks successfully. In addition, it means that you are on the track with wide career prospects.

Along with levels, Microsoft certifications cover various areas such as cloud, data, mobility, app builder, business applications and productivity. The certification discussed in this article refers to productivity areas, which is related to such productivity offerings as SharePoint Server, Exchange Server, Skype for Business, Office 365 identities and services etc.

Here the main focus is given to Microsoft MCSE: Office 365 certification 70-347 exam which is aimed at SaaS (software as a service) or cloud application administrators. The certification testifies that you possess the required skills to provide Office 365 services, especially to transition and administer cloud-hosted business applications with such services. To get this credential you should pass two exams 70-346 and 70-347. The last one will be discussed in details in this article.  

70-346 exam deals with managing Office 365 identities and requirements. The test is for professionals that are experienced in working with Office 365 Admin Center, Office 365 ProPlus, Microsoft Exchange Online, Skype for Business Online and Azure Active Directory.

70-347 exam is devoted to enabling Office 365 services. The exam requires from candidates a deep understanding of Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office 365 ProPlus and Azure Active Directory, Skype for Business Online.

In this article, we will take a closer look at 70-347 exam and how to be prepared for it properly. So, let’s start.

Microsoft 70-347 is one of the IT-based exams developed Microsoft. The course focuses mainly on the Office 365 technology. Therefore, it measures an individual’s capability in carrying out several technical assignments using the required technology. The exam always leads the successful candidates towards two major certifications. Microsoft adequately prepares its candidates so that they are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge.

General information about Microsoft 70-347

Microsoft 70-347 is a screening tool used to determine whether the IT professionals can perform in various areas related to Office 365 technologies and other supporting technologies. The successful candidates always earn either the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) credential or the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSE) certificate.

The exam checks the candidate’s proficiency in specific areas, including management of end-user devices, configuration of online exchange, using Skype for online businesses, planning online exchange, and configuration and securing services for Office 365. The exam questions always have certain predetermined percentages that reflect their likelihood of appearing in the test. The exam is always available in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish languages.

Microsoft offers training options for the potential test takers which include the following: online training, instructor-led training, preparation videos, self-preparation, practice tests, and study books. Even though you can find enough preparation materials that exhaustively cover every single exam topic, you will not be allowed to take the test if you do not have any practical IT experience. Therefore, it goes without saying that the course is actually meant for the individuals who already achieved a certain professional level in the IT field.

How to qualify for Microsoft 70-347?

IT professionals dealing with tasks, such as evaluation, planning, deployment and operation of the Office 365 services with the inclusive of dependent and supporting technologies, are the best candidates for this course.

The students are expected to be experienced in the use of Office 365 Admin center. They should also have a good comprehension of Microsoft Exchange Online, Shared Point Online, Office 365 Pro Plus, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. The experiences are inclusive of the description of service provisions and options for configuration and combining services with present identity management and infrastructure on- premises to aid the business-related needs of a firm.

Main skills tested

The Microsoft 70-347 exam is composed of areas that equip the individual with the relevant skills needed for the Office 365 technology and its associated disciplines. The topics tested are presented with their equivalent percentages in relation to their appearance in the exam. They include:

  • Management of client and end-user devices (20-25%). This section entails management of user-controlled client deployments, management of IT deployments involving Office 365 ProPlus, and planning for Office clients.
  • Provision Share Point Online Site collections (20-25%). It involves external user sharing configuration, creation of SharePoint site collections and planning a collaboration solution.
  • Configuration of Online Exchange and Skype for Business (20-25%) includes the following topics: creation and management of external contacts, resources and groups, configuration of personal archive policies, etc.
  • Plan for Online Exchange and Skype for Online Business (20-25%). This section includes the following activities: planning for exchange online, recommending a mailbox migration strategy, etc.
  • Configuration and Securing Office 365 services (20-25%). It involves implementation of Microsoft Teams and other areas.

Exam policies

The exam policies are clearly formulated to help the administration in making the whole process of taking the test smooth and easy-to-understand for the candidates. Microsoft is well-known in the IT industry for its quality provisions. For the sake of maintaining the reputation, the exam policies have been implemented as an aid to attaining the expected achievements.                                                                                                                  

There are certain policies that cover the security aspect of the exam. For example, the candidate will automatically fail the test if he or she is found cheating, using prohibited materials, communicating with other exam takers, and presenting a false score as opposed to the records, etc. The students involved in such forms of misconduct may be banned from taking any future certification exams provided by Microsoft, and their test results will be nullified.

When it comes to the question of exam retakes, the official policy states that the first retake can be done 24 hours after the first failure. The second and all subsequent retakes are allowed only after 14 days. However, it should be noted that one cannot attempt to pass the same certification test more than five times a year. If this occurs, the involved individual has to get a special permission from Microsoft. Any candidate who successfully passed the exam is allowed to retake it only if he or she needs to update it due to the development of technology.

You can visit the official certification page and easily check other policies, such as beta exams, test pricing, non-disclosure-agreement, Microsoft Certification Program agreement, and special accommodation during exams.

Study and revision resources

Microsoft provides an official preparation guide for the test takers. The content of the guide may be altered at any time without any prior notice. The company does not have a regular format for their questions, but the candidates are still encouraged to make use of the official tutorial. Apart from the theoretical concepts, the students are advised to do practice tests using the valid exam dumps to check their knowledge and make their preparation efficient.

Career Prospects

After becoming MCSE Office 365 certified, you can broaden your skills aiming to get MCSE Productivity Solutions Expert certification. It moves company’s business to the cloud, increases data productivity and excels data security. This credential is the direct way for the position in network or systems administration. To get it you need to pass 70-345 exam. The candidates should be proficient in working with Exchange Server (3 years minimum), Exchange Server 2016 messaging environment in the organization, and have skills to integrate Microsoft Exchange Server with Office 365 and Skype for Business.


The holders of any Microsoft credentials are obviously competent and sought-after individuals in the IT industry. Narrowing down to the certifications earned by passing the Microsoft 70-346, 70-347 and 70-345 exams, their holders are well-equipped to exhaustively manage any task related to Office 365. The certifications they gain prove that the candidates have enough experience in the IT field build successful career of Cloud Applications Administrator. This is evident from the skills tested.


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