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Hey guys, our friends over at Mystic Falls Tours has a message for you guys!

Calling all Vampire Diaries and The Originals Fans! You are being given the chance to Stake your claim to join the Vampire Stalkers and tour the outside sets used on both shows! Mystic Falls Tours has been giving tours to the sets of TVD since season 1 and recently added a second tour to the sets used on The Originals. Why is this tour so much fun? Because Vampire Stalkers are fans too just like you…with the added bonus of knowing the cast of course. Cast Approved is a title they can add to the name because they have worked so hard to bring so many fans to see Mystic Falls and to make sure they all have a great time while visiting with them in Georgia. Just last week Julie Plec the creator of Vampire Diaries and The Originals was in the Vampire Stalkers store visiting with Jessica and some fans that were in the store. Joshua Butler the director of TVD and Originals stopped in this week as well as he prepares to direct episode 617. You never know whats gonna happen when you hang out with us on our tour or at the our store. Vampire Stalkers store has even turned an entire wall into art by having the cast and crew of the show sign the wall when they visit! Want your chance to hang out with Vampire Stalkers and see the sets from the show?

Here are your options:

Mystic Falls Tour: Our Mystic Falls tour is a 3 hour guided tour to the sets used for the outside of Mystic Falls.  The starting point for this tour is our Covington Visitor center and includes a photo op with the famous “Welcome to Mystic Falls sign” from season 5 and 6. MANY locations to choose from including the Lockwood Mansion Grounds and other homes used for TVD. The newest location being the site of the famous “Delena” rain scene from season 6. We are also adding a few more new locations this month….but shhhhhh we cant tell you where until it airs cause its a major spoiler alert! This tour also stops at the store so you can take your photos with the famous red wall, our stand ups of the cast and photograph all the cool set props we have. (Working on something extra cool for the month of March but we cant tell you the details yet)

The Originals Take 2 tour: Our take 2 tour is a guided 2 hour to the sets used on The Originals for both seasons as well as an episode of TVD. This tour is lots of fun and showcases the entire area that Originals made into Bourbon street for all the fairs and carnivals you are seeing on the show. The witches caldron area is here and Marcel’s bar from season 1 just to name a few spots. Favorite photo op on this tour is the Jardin Gris Voodoo Shop. (Not a real store just a set!)

Most days we offer both tours to the sets with a small break in between for you to enjoy lunch somewhere here in Mystic Falls. During the TVD tour we discuss all the local haunts for your favorite cast members so that when we finish the tour you have the chance to enjoy the same things that they do when they are here. Mystic Falls tours is a small family run company that works hard to make sure they are affordable to you guys year round. Tours are $55.00 per person. So come on and book your tour today!

We can also be found on social media at:

Twitter: @vampirestalkers
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vampirestalkersmysticfallstours
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