Vampire Diaries Music – Episode 6 – Lost Girls – Song List

Once again, we have our list of music featured on tonight’s Vampire Diaries episode “Lost Girls”.  Courtesy of Chris Mollere!  In order of appearance.

A Fine Frenzy – “Stood Up” – A Fine Frenzy - Bomb In a Birdcage (Bonus Track Version) - Stood Up or Amazon

Editors – “Weight Of The World”  – or Amazon

The Temper Trap – “Fader” – The Temper Trap - Conditions - Fader or Amazon

Anberlin – “Enjoy The Silence” – Anberlin - Lost Songs - Enjoy the Silence or Amazon

Green Day – “21 Guns” – Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown (Deluxe Version) - 21 Guns or Amazon

Jason Walker – “Down” – Jason Walker - Jason Walker - Down or Amazon


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  1. Man when they played Jason Walkers song, it was sooo sad, i cant believe Elena broke up with Stefan. :(

  2. yeah yeah!

    i agree cianna!
    feel like my heart wrench!!

    i bet is just for a while ..
    elena cant live without stefan so do STEFAN!


  3. !!!! i felt so bad at the end of the ep! cant believe she broke up with stefan….i rly hope its not for long…i felt the pain there!

  4. sooo, the song Anberlin – “Enjoy The Silence” is wronggggg
    “enjoy the silence” is sung by depeche mode
    just to let everyone know

    not unless anberlin remade it

  5. Hey Taylor! Yes, “Enjoy the Silence” was originally by Depeche Mode (love them…ahhh the memories), Anberlin definitely covered it. The music list is provided each week by The Vampire Diaries music supervisor Chris Mollere. It was definitely an awesome cover though! :)

  6. Hi, i’m from Brazil, my englih is very bad, but i want to tell, thanks for the musics. And,if somebody know what’s the name the song from the promo from ep. 6. Thank you.

  7. WHat is the name of the music that is played when Katherine first steps out of the chariot and sees Stephen for the first time???

  8. Stefan and Elena get back together and by the end Elena will be a vampire herself. Read the book.

  9. heya can anybody tell me the song that is playing whilst damon and vicky dance???? is it; Anberlin – “Enjoy The Silence”.

  10. I love anberlin; enjoy the silence!

    Also, you people should go read the books if you’re so worried about what’s going to happen. Of course Stefan and Elena can’t break up for long; the series is about them!


  11. omg i love the vampire diaries its amazing i literally count the days till its on and omg stefan and elena so cute together but i loveee himm (L) i wish it could be on more

  12. stefannn i lovee youu (L) xx
    and yes people im OBSESED

  13. i cant believe elena broke up with stefan… i was crying for like 2 hours…. to be honest i actually thought it was Katharine but then she was crying and everything and so i knew it was elena coz Katharine is a heartless bitch… they cant be over for long coz they are like the perfect couple and damon was so cut coz he thought it was his fault and tryed to appoligise but it wasnt and omg it was soooooo sad!!!!

  14. vampire diareis is amazing cant belive elena dead now its stupid coz there is now 2 katerines xx

  15. Wow…vampire diaries is such an educative movie for those who understand it.

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