Vampire Diaries Music – Episode 4.17 – Because the Night – Song List

Check out the song list for last week’s episode 4.17 “Because the Night”. Loved all of the music! Thanks to Chris Mollere for the list, click the links to download from iTunes!

1. Talking Heads “Psycho Killer”

2. Harper Blynn “Psycho Killer”

3. New Cassettes “Bite Your Lip”

4. The Handys “Loudmouth”

5. Rookie “Shut Up And Dance”

6. The Young Werewolves “Evil Soul”

7. Dead Sara “Ask The Angels” – Unavailable for Download

8. Dead Sara “Lemon Scent”

9. The Godz “In Search Of An Audience” – Unavailable for download

10. The Ramones “Let’s Dance”

11. The Quiet Kind “Arms and Enemies”

12. Kopecky Family Band “Heartbeat”

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  1. @Britney idk but I gotta feeling its going to be like this for a while! Remember how long Stefan stayed a dick it was like the entire 3rd season. I hope they atleast bring her back to being herself again sometime sooner than next year!

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