Vampire Diaries Music – Episode 2.12 – The Descent – Song List

Back to posting the music for each episode again! Thanks to The Vampire Diaries music supervisor, Chris Mollere for tweeting the music song list for episode 2.12 “The Descent”! You can follow him on Twitter here. Doesn’t he do an amazing job with the music selection? Be sure you follow him and tell him that, and he also doesn’t mind you making music suggestions, so shoot them his way!

In Order of Appearance:

1. Anberlin “Impossible” – Impossible - Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place

2. The Daylights “The Last Time” – The Last Time - The Daylights

3. Broken Bells “The Mall & Misery” – The Mall and Misery - Broken Bells

4. Stars “Take Me To The Riot” – Take Me to the Riot - In Our Bedroom After the War

5. Telekinesis “Country Lane” – Unavailable

6. Death Ships “I Like It A Lot” – I Like It Alot - Maybe Arkansas EP

7. TV On The Radio “DLZ” – DLZ - Dear Science (Bonus Track Version)


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  1. hola queria decirles que los amo,me encanta la serie lamejor ensugenero para mi gracias porestarbesosw

  2. what is the name of that tune that was playing by the high school band in a park opening scene, right before rose bit that cleanup man? @ the 24 min mark

  3. CORRECTION: the episode i was referring to was 12, the descent. at the 24 min mark.

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