Vampire Diaries Music – Episode 2.09 – Katerina – Song List

So sorry so late getting this posted. I think last week, I had so much on my mind, with everything going that weekend, I completely forgot to post this. So here it is, the song list for episode 2.09 “Katerina”. Be sure and follow Chris Mollere, the music supervisor on Twitter, if you want to be updated on the music from each episode. He posts them shortly after the episode airs on the West Coast in the US.

In Order of Appearance:

1. Atomic Tom “You Always Get What You Want” – You Always Get What You Want - The Moment

2. David Gray “A Moment Changes Everything” – A Moment Changes Everything - Foundling (Deluxe Edition)

3. Pete Yorn “Precious Stone” – Precious Stone - Pete Yorn

4. Matt Duncan “Puritan Heart” – Puritan Heart - Beacon

5. Free Energy “Light Love” – Light Love - Stuck On Nothing

6. The Pass “Trap of Mirrors” – Trap of Mirrors - Burst

7. Ben Harper “Amen Omen” – Amen Omen - Diamonds On the Inside

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