The Vampire Diares Music – episode 3 – Friday Night Bites

Here is the music for tonight’s episode thanks to “taltos19” over at the Vampire Diaries Forum at Fanforum.com

“Slow Poison” by The Bravery – The Bravery - Slow Poison - Single - Slow Poison
“Blue Day” by Darker My Love – Darker My Love - 2 - Blue Day
“Starstrukk” by 3OH!3 – 3OH!3 - Want - Starstrukk
“Strange Times” by Black Keys – The Black Keys - Attack & Release - Strange Times
“Can’t Fight It” by Oh Mercy –
“You’re A Wolf” by Sea Wolf – Sea Wolf - Leaves In the River - You're a Wolf
“Papillon” by The Airborne Toxic Event – The Airborne Toxic Event - The Airborne Toxic Event (Bonus Track Version) - Papillon
“Temptation” by Moby –

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  1. does anyone know the song towards the end where stefan and elena are hugging and it flashes to stefan writing in his journal then damon watching elena sleep. i’m trying to search for it, but with no luck. it’s a woman’s voice and it’s kinda slow. something with the lyrics ‘up, down, turn around’…


  2. Tammi – that song is a cover of New Order’s “Temptation,” but I’m not sure who the artist is… I’m trying to find out, too! I searched all through itunes and couldn’t find it.

  3. Thanks gerry and bilal! :) I did see the “New Order” and “Moby” references, but didn’t think it sounded like either of them…

  4. The Black Keys – Strange Times was featured at about minute 15 (with commercials included). Not sure why it’s not on the list. It’s when Stefan first practices with the team.

  5. what was the song playing when stefan was holding his uncle in the cellar after he had been killed? on 10/06/09

  6. what’s the name of the song that’s playing when stefan and elena are making out in her room? it sounds like such a great song….

  7. :D i was looking for it and finally found it :D
    Temptation – Moby

    – Tammi

    i download it in 4shared.com ;P

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