Vampire Diaries Photoshoot from Tyler Shields coming soon

According to his blog and twitter, photographer Tyler Shields has just wrapped up a photoshoot with someone from The Vampire Diaries.  He’s not telling who so we’ll have to be patient until they surface.

I’m betting it’s Ian.

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  1. Maybe it will be both Ian and Paul…our gorgeous and dangerous vampire brothers…mmmm…

  2. @ Allison…

    I’m so with you..*lol*

    I bet it’s Ian. I know we will let us dying with his look. I can’t wait to see a new shooting of him…

    But Ian and Paul will be also very interessting. I hope we’ll see it very soon!!

    Can’t wait!! *smile*

  3. wowowow! pictures!, lol sorry bit dramatic, na’www Nina is sooo pretty I know everyone like says that but she is, she’s like airbrushed :| lol, and ooh, yeah paul wesley is actuelly quite good-looking….something about him :/ lol, Ian’s quite good-looking toooooo i spose, I’m only like 17! and there like really old…well older :| aha.! but i do <3 Vampire diaries woowowow! :D xx

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