Vampire Diaries Photoshoot from Tyler Shields coming soon

According to his blog and twitter, photographer Tyler Shields has just wrapped up a photoshoot with someone from The Vampire Diaries.  He’s not telling who so we’ll have to be patient until they surface.

I’m betting it’s Ian.



  1. Maybe it will be both Ian and Paul…our gorgeous and dangerous vampire brothers…mmmm…

  2. @ Allison…

    I’m so with you..*lol*

    I bet it’s Ian. I know we will let us dying with his look. I can’t wait to see a new shooting of him…

    But Ian and Paul will be also very interessting. I hope we’ll see it very soon!!

    Can’t wait!! *smile*

  3. wowowow! pictures!, lol sorry bit dramatic, na’www Nina is sooo pretty I know everyone like says that but she is, she’s like airbrushed :| lol, and ooh, yeah paul wesley is actuelly quite good-looking….something about him :/ lol, Ian’s quite good-looking toooooo i spose, I’m only like 17! and there like really old…well older :| aha.! but i do <3 Vampire diaries woowowow! :D xx

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