Vampire Diaries extra blogs about her experience.

This lucky blogger writes about her day as an extra on the set of the Vampire Diaries pilot. Sounds like she had a long but fun day. I’ve experienced being an extra before and it mostly a lot of “hurry up and wait”.

Below is an excerpt from her post.

so there was this scene that I was very close to the actresses and actors. I didn’t know who they were other than “oh they’re the main people!” One of the actresses I thought was pretty! I later found out her name is Nina Dobrev (playing Elena, the main character). The other cast were Paul Wesley (playing Stefan), Katerina Graham (playing Bonnie) Candice Accola, (playing Caroline), Steven R. McQueen (playing Jermey, Elena’s brother) and I didn’t get to see Ian Somerhalder (should be playing Damon and the reason why I wanna see him because he was in LOST) though. It was cool to know that I was standing right next to them, well I didn’t really know until I got home and did my researches online :P haha!

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  1. Can you say Lucky!! Like seriously I want to be an extra now!! Shoot I dont even care if I have to lean against a wall the whole entire day, if it gets me close to the cast,*Damon*, then I wold totally do it!! Such a very, very lucky girl!!

  2. That does sound like so much fun!

    Patty, it sounds as if you are a *Damon* fan… ;-)

  3. I think I am Sass. LOL. Since knowing who will be playing Damon, I became his number #1 fan! lol.

  4. I wish I could be an extra! I still cannot stand Katarina for Bonnie. I know it’s really old news, and I’m probably annoying ya’ll, but I just will never get over that. You just can’t change a charecter’s ethnicity like that, it’s just not right… but otherwise, cool!

  5. Oh my god, I can’t believe that my blog is actually found by someone and put up on vampirediariesonline.com!! WOW it’s totally cool!

  6. Welcome RC! It sounds like you had a blast with your experience on the set!

    And Allison is good…she finds it all…;-)

  7. RC, I think I found your blog from your Twitter account. Or maybe it popped up on Google Alerts. Heck, I can’t remember now. lol Thanks for blogging about your experience and giving me something to write about!

  8. WOW cool now I see the power of social networking and Twitter! Haha!
    Thanks for writing it out too! I was surprised! I should be writing details about the interaction me/others had with the actors/actresses later! :) Thanks guys!

  9. I watched them film lastnight,, it was pretty fun! I stood about 12ft away from Damon so that was pretty cool. I plan on going back down there sun,mon,&tues while they are shooting a parade.

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